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[Price Error] SYD - BALI Return from Sydney from $262 with Virgin Australia

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SYD - BALI return from Sydney from $262, the travel dates as per Virgin are:

17AUG - 17SEP 15
3OCT - 18DEC 15
23APR - 21JUN 16

I've also found them in Late Jan/Feb/Early March.

Haven't had a chance to see if available from other cities yet.

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    • Thanks, I had no idea where DPS was

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        Fixed, sorry!

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    23APR - 21JUN 15
    I wouldn't mind $300 back to the past - time travel now with a Virgin -

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      Whoops, fixed!

    • Pretty cheap for time travel.

  • that's crazy cheap… for return!

  • What is the best time/month to travel to Bali?

  • how much is the lowest return price syd-bali in ozb history? with this post im getting $584 for TWO people. return incl tax

    • The downside is you will be Bali it's like schoolies with more stabbing

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        i get that, heard many bad stories but still ok if you know few good local friends there. basically avoid going around at night near big streets

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        ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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        If you hang around in Kuta, maybe… but why would anyone do that? The ONLY reason to stay in Kuta is to be close to the airport and even then it's barely worth it.

        • Kuta is a hole. Full of footy teams on tours etc and bogans everywhere.

          However there are some great parts of Bali. Ubud is lovely and has loads of cool shops and restaurants. Nusa Dua is very family friendly, beautiful and very safe. We have walked around late at night with the kids and never a hint of any problems. Sanur has a great beach and is a nice town. Jimbaran Bay for amazing sunsets and some cool places is you avoid the tourist trap beach fish restaurants.

          Happy for misinformed people to avoid Bali though. Will help make our next trip cheaper.

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      I got $171 return before with Jetstar melb-bali in January this year… assume the price from Sydney was not much different

    • got the $116 return from melb in feb this yr

    • There was a crazy Jetstar sale back in October. $121 per person with no upgrades. I added on 20 kg baggage return for one so that was an extra $62. $152 per person altogether. The flights were in February.

    • We got $1078 return for family of 2 adults and 2 kids from Melb to Bali via Jetstar price beat of Air Asia sale fare. This included 20kgs luggage per person and all taxes

      • brilliant deal!

    • $198 On Airasia last October

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    Think this sale is from Sydney and Brisbane only. There is a banner on the site stating $150 off return flights to Bali ($75 each way). Couldn't find anything for Melbourne with a quick search so don't think there's any spill over to other cities.

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    If you're happy to go without checked baggage and food, Jetstar will beat this by 10% making it $235.80.

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    In the process of booking and the prices changed from $317 return for dates 18th dec till 24th dec to $726

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    ^ Same as me - had booked for 2 of us return and as put payment details in it said "sorry no longer available" and doubled in price!

  • Looks like its sold out?

  • for all the days????
    there were prices avaliable for like 10 days all of a sudden the prices chanaged

  • I can't get anywhere near this price for one way, let alone return. Tried Syd and Bris departures for plenty of dates durin those periods. Are you seriously seeing under $300 return?

  • We were but the prices changed…

  • Damn! I should have been quicker.

  • Were there like 5 seats available at this price?

    In any case, I got some cheap $350 return flights with Jetstar a few months ago for October, so no big loss for me.

  • Could it be a pricing issue?

  • I think jetstar might give you checked baggage since it is included here .

    • Lol at everyone negging. They checked because it no longer worked https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/205481#comment-2948266 . Here I was admiring the new wave of ozbargain honesty in not exploiting price errors and contacting stores to notify them of errors before they got oz bargained. But it wasn't so

  • Got $401 one way listed in the Flight Specials section. Are you sure those prices are return, or was it a very, very quick flash sale?

  • lucky to those who bought Jetstar price beat before the error.

  • I managed to grab 4 tickets for $1200 dates are for Jan 19th-26th yesterday. I so love ozbargain =)

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