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SanDisk Extreme PRO 480GB With 10-Year Warranty $159.99 USD @ Amazon


SSD with top performance and 10 years global warranty.

Best price.

about 20 hours left.

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  • Compared to Samsung 850 EVO 500GB
    You're better off getting this deal

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      850 evo uses TLC, while extreme pro uses MLC which will last much longer.

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        On the other hand, this is 19nm. I've been rather iffy about it since the issues Samsung had with their 19nm TLC in the 840 EVO, but MLC might not (should not?) suffer the same issues.

        Datasheet: http://downloads.sandisk.com/downloads/qsg/extremepro-ssd-da...

        Rated for ">80 TBW"

        850 EVO datasheet: http://www.samsung.com/global/business/semiconductor/minisit...

        Rated for "150 TBW"

        Interesting that the 850 EVO has a much higher rated durability. I've heard that the NAND Sandisk uses is rated for ~500 P/E cycles while Samsung's NAND is rated for 1000 P/E cycles, so that might be it.

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          850 EVO uses 3D TLC NAND. 840 EVO uses 2D TLC NAND. My 840 died after 2 years with very little use.
          As for 840 EVO, the read bug is not fixed properly. Basically, the latest firmware/workaround is to re-write blocks within 3 months. And, what if you owned a Samsung 840 (non-EVO), well you don't even get a fix.

        • @netsurfer:

          I think the major difference is that the 850 EVO uses 40nm NAND (TLC), compared to the 19nm stuff found in both the 840 EVO (TLC) and the SanDisk Extreme Pro (MLC). (Various tech/review sites seem to agree.) Apparently the 850 EVO's NAND is rated for 2000 P/E cycles.

          How did your 840 die?

          And, yea, the data retention issues on the 840 (and EVO) series is nasty. I have two 840 EVO mSATA drives… wish I didn't go with that. Still, I'm willing to give the 850 EVO a shot.

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          @elusive: 850 EVO uses V-NAND / 3D TLC NAND. It is a newer technology so it is done on 40nm (in the future, it will be reduced).

          The issue with 840 & 840 EVO is 2D TLC on 19nm. It is TLC that's the issue because it has to store a lot more states compared to MLC. However, Sandisk also has a TLC range, and they have not suffered the same issue (touch wood).

          My 840 died the same way other SSDs normally die. Just all of the sudden, completely undetectable, unreadable. No warning sign. The RMA team replaced it with a Samsung 850 EVO.

          All the endurance rating, I wouldn't really worry that much coz. your SSD most likely will die before exhausting the write cycle. My 840 SSD died with less than 2TB of writes. It was a 250GB one.

        • @netsurfer: Unlucky, My 120GB 840EVO has 28TB written and its still going strong.

        • @netsurfer:

          Ah, most likely sudden controller death.

          As for exhausting writes - I've measured approx. 1TB/week before, so 80TB really isn't that much for me. I did mention in a comment below that it probably doesn't matter to most people.

      • You realise that even with the lowest quality NAND you are looking at 1500 cycles. To kill a SSD the way you suggest you would need to completely fill your SSD daily for four years.

        Most modern controllers load balance reducing the risk of wearing out individual cells early.

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    USD :(

    • It's roughly $230-$235 AUD delivered. Depending on your currency conversion method.

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        I think this should be compared with 850 pro 512g, which cost about $350 AUD.

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      No GST on self-imports under $1000.

  • The price is really good, but getting a Samsung 850 EVO isn't a bad purchase either. They're both running on a SATA 3 bus, so differences in speed is ever so marginal.

  • Bought 1, thx op.

    One of the best sata drive currently in the market.

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    Been holding out for a good deal, glad I held off as long as i did. Good drive. Personally I'd rate them in this order if you're going to compare samsung to Sandisk. Samsung 850 pro => Sandisk Extreme Pro > 850 Evo. Personally it's not worth it for me to pay the extra for the pro. Endurance also scales with the size of the hard drive, so it should last you well beyond the 80 TBW rating on the 480 gig extreme pro. Both the Pro and extreme pro are rated 4.8 on amazon, however if encryption is important for you then go for the evo.

  • 10 Year warranty sounds pretty bold!
    I heard ARC100 (under the new Toshiba-backed OCZ) is pretty reliable. How does this compare to ARC100?

  • Purchased, thanks OP. Been trying to convince myself that 120gb is all I need, how I was so wrong.

  • which currency to use with st. George VISA debit card USD or AUD?

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      USD. Always. Let St George do the conversion for you, not Amazon.

  • Thanks OP, just bought one! I was tossing up the 850 EVO deal and this one, but I decided for this one based on reviews, the comments in this thread, and the fact that I live in QLD and it would be a fair hassle to get a friend in Melbourne to reship it to me.

    The endurance of this drive (80 TBW) is sufficient for me over 10 years, I think. Although reviews show that it's more like 160 TBW.

  • one of my friends asked me about this, how long a ssd survives if bt approx 10gb per day? anybody?

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      this specific one is rated for 22GB per day for the next 10 years.

  • What do people do with over 256GB of storage on their main macbooks/PCs these days? I struggled to store everything including my apps and games on my 256GB now..

    • 256 Is pretty good amount right now, but most ends up needing more space eventually. On the up side, with nand storage the endurance increases the bigger capacity the drive is.

    • Music, Movies, TV Shows, Photos…

      These take up loads of space.

      • none of those are delayed access if on a HDD or NAS. No need for an ssd.

        • True, you can store them on an External Hard Drive or NAS - I do both.

          But there are advantages of keeping them locally as well for quicker access.

          If you're using a desktop external HDD, it's noisier and detracts from the experience of watching a movie. For the NAS option, you're relying on the network, so if you're away from home, you can't access those.

          Also, if you have hundreds of movies, having a smaller local selection helps to narrow down the choices.

          I have a 1TB 850 Pro and it's prefect. For longer term storage, I use a 6TB external (which is powered off most of the time). Keeping drives powered off means less wear/tear and lower chances of failure.

  • I had one of these in my 2012 Macbook Pro - was really fast, replaced a 750GB HDD and the difference was enormous. Booted up in 1 second and shut down in literally a flash.

    Apple replaced the computer under warranty with a 2015 rMBP and gave me a 1TB SSD upgrade and I swear the Extreme Pro still felt like the faster drive.

    • Curious as to what fault you had with your rMBP 2012 that warranted a replacement. Did they do a straight swap to the 2015 because the 2012 was outdated?

      • Sounds like maybeamacy didn't have a Retina MBP 2012, but a 15" 2012 non-retina MBP, because of the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) that was installed in it before. They no longer make 15" non-retina MacBook Pros anymore.

      • I actually had a 13" non-Retina. They gave me a 13" Retina replacement - I think the employee must have thought that the 13" non-retina wasn't made anymore like the 15".

        I had a history of repairs: failed optical drive, failed hard drive, failed keyboard then before my Applecare was up I took it into the store to get some loose screws and a loose aux fixed and they presented me with a bill of over $1000 because they were going to change the bottom case and the motherboard.

        I simply asked by any chance would it be possible to get a replacement and they approved. Think I just got super lucky haha.

        I had the top 13" non-retina with a 750GB HDD and i7 2.9GHz (didn't want to pay $500 more at the time for the base model Retina) which I paid roughly $1500 for. It was replaced with the current top spec 13" Retina with an upgraded SSD from 500 -> 1TB ($700 option) because the storage capacity had to match or be better than the replaced model, the standard i5 2.9GHz processor, even though it had the same clock speeds was upgraded to the 3.1Ghz i7 (extra $280) because my previous was an i7 and to top it off since the Retina doesn't have an optical drive they gave me the external superdrive ($120). Total replacement cost was just over $3500.

        I was over the moon - although I did call Apple later and asked if I could upgrade the 8GB RAM to 16GB by paying extra and the Applecare person said that I shouldn't have received that build as the non-retina is still being made but it still came through.

        A+ customer service from Apple.

  • Flippin' heck! 10 years warranty! :-o Even my Caviar Red NAS hard drives only came with 3 years warranty. I printed installation dates on all my drives, so I'll know when it's time to replace them. (I've had two hard drives fail, in the past.)

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    Hi there
    At this moment, HD coming out to be AUD $236.59 including postage if you select AUD payment currency. This price include AUD $7.99 postage.

    Order Summary
    Items: AUD 228.60
    Shipping & handling: AUD 7.99
    Total before tax: AUD 236.59
    Estimated tax to be collected: AUD 0.00
    Order total: AUD 236.59

    1 USD = 1.4288389209 AUD

  • Is this good for a 24/7 home server like N54L?

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    Got to love a 10-Year Warranty !

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    I've found Sandisk support to be quite good if you ever have any issues.

    Long story short , extreme drive was corrupting through my mistake of not setting the sata channel to AHCI in bios (overlooked this somehow until last week when I reused the old box for another job). Weird thing was, this only happened when I had the extra cpu cores unlocked. Running as dual core, no issue, unlock any combo of the extra cores + ssd -> bsod's galore.
    They RMA'd and sent me an extreme pro as replacement. Used it in my new build as I was due for an upgrade and very happy with the drive.

  • Where do you send the drive if you need RMA?

    • I sent mine to Mascot in NSW, it was purchased locally however.

      I've heard they are pretty good with international purchases as well, but whether that means they'd process locally, or whether you'd have to send back to the US, I couldn't say.

      Anyone else have experience with an international RMA?

    • You have to check with the local authorised Sandisk distributor.

  • I did the order yesterday using one click ordering
    And the seller tried to charge $110 Aud plus $43 Aud standard shipping

    I am cancelling the order

  • Damn, I'm broke….. Oh well, there's always next time….hopefully….

    2 hrs left and something minutes, by the way as of this comment….

  • These are still cheap, all in AU$

    Order Summary

    Items: $199.99
    Shipping & handling: $5.59
    Total before tax: $205.58
    Estimated tax to be collected: $0.00
    Order total: $205.58
    Change card currency from AUD

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    Amazon Sucks. Ordered one 3rd August.
    Advised 12th August it had shipped
    22nd August advised product " returned and Credit issued "

    WTF.. there doesnt appear anywhere where I can ask what has happened to the order

    • I think you can contact the customer service to place another order with same price, as this is their fault to return your order.

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