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Ok, let's have a general place to discuss anything and everything on the Competition side of this page. Sure, each comp has it's own comment section, but this is for getting more general. So, we'll try to have shopping lists for those Purchase comps, and whatever else needs/wants to be brought up/highlighted :)


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    I have a serious problem when it comes to these purchase competitions. I will buy almost anything, and convince myself that I need it or will use it.

    Has anyone else entered the Gatorade one yet? I have entered 3 times and won twice, both AFL double passes. When you sign up you need to select which games you would like to win tickets to, so chances are probably good at the moment when the promo has just started, not many people may have signed up yet or skipped the step where you select games.

    Also, there seem to be limited numbers of the promotional bottles around at the moment. So get in early!

  • Thank you for the shopping list. I asked mods ages ago if we could get a filter when looking for comps for purchase ones and they did that for me, but this is way easier. Can open just one page when I am at the shops instead of many now.

  • Haha just got an email from Hogs Breath. If I went in-store with my email printout, which had a QR code, once I had lunch/dinner I could get the staff to scan it to tell me if I won a TV.

    I scanned it myself and got told I wasn't a winner.

    Apparently they didn't think this competition through! lol

    Woolworths - smiths chips and doritos

  • Well today I won a 3L bottle of vodka! Thanks Thirsty Camel! Might try to trade it for something better and smaller lol

    Oh and a beer can chicken cooker thing from Lenards.

    Sorry folks, didn't post them up!

  • I saw this on my Suggested Pages tonight on facebook:


    • Compers(serial or not) bring in the masses, it's up to the page owner to convert those masses into sales.

      I don't see an issue with it myself, some of the more popular NZ compers have hundreds of friends and their reach is huge when you think about it, all in return for the same odds as any other entrant the page owner may prefer.

  • I'm sure most of you already saw this but just in case. We have updated the comps page so that it shows competitions with 5 or more votes. To view all comps just go to the All Competitions page. Hopefully, this should make the comp area similar to the front page of OzBargain with the deals.

    Welcome to the new front page for competitions, listing . Go to All Comps page for the new comps posted.

  • I don't bother entering competitions anymore as they are just a database so the vendors can forever spam you about buying their crappy products.

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    Just compiling the stats for the December Stats Post:

    Most amount of wins was probably the Maccas Prize Alarm.

    • Competition Pageviews: 224,981 | November: 239,191 (-5.94%)
    • Comps Posted: 315 | November: 373
    • Comps Won: 169 | November: 109

    Nice work everyone!

  • i won a pair of gold class tickets in the "Acuvue 30 Places to See" comp..

  • Is there anywhere I can post a link to get votes for a photo competition?

  • I've just received preview tickets for Kung Fu Panda 3 from Fox RSVP. I don't remember signing up for it… does anyone know if there was a comp run for Kung Fu Panda 3? The only comp I can think of is maybe related to Optus Perks, but that comp is still running and the prizes are different?

  • I think the competition from Fox to win a Sony GoPro might have been a scam? Got an email the next day to say I had one a daily price and to provide a shipping address but nothing so far. Seems dodgy and I now wonder about what info I provided on the webform. Luckily I gave them my work address not home.

  • Scratch that. Go Pro turned up today….

  • I won a 1TB PS4 from JB Hi-Fi ( and was quite excited.
    They emailed me and asked for my details to send it. This was February 24th.

    A week later when I hadn't heard anything I wrote to ask if it'd been sent yet. They replied on Feb 26th that "The price pack will be being sent directly from Ubisoft so I will let you know as soon as they have informed me it has been sent."

    Another week went by and I'd not heard anything. I wrote again. They replied on March 4th that "It should arrive very shortly, unfortunately with the prize being sent out by Ubisoft an exact eta is unknown. I’ll contact them and see if they have any information."

    Another week has gone by and I've had no more word. Disappointing to say the least - wondering if anyone has any suggestions of what I could/should do?

  • Little help with the rules here. I thought referrals aren't allowed in comments???????

    • For deals/forum posts that is the case.

      Both referral and affiliate links are not allowed in comments.

      For competitions it doesn't apply.

      Competitions Posting Guidelines

      Post the direct link in the URL field. If you have a referral link (e.g. a link that gets you more entries), please put this at the end of the description only. Users can also add their own referral links to the comments (once only).


      Edit: I'll get that wiki edited to specify that it doesn't apply for competitions as that is probably the first place users would look.

      • So was this Just implement? I would've been able to get away with it before the rule is put into place

        • No this has always been the case.

          I was just saying I'll edit the wiki later on to specify the existing guideline of "Both referral and affiliate links are not allowed in comments" doesn't apply to competitions (to avoid confusion) :)

        • @hamza23:

          Oh i get it, cause i was reading the wiki and did get a little confused

  • What are the companies that you have won from? TBH, I doubt all the competitions r legitimate and if there's actually a price.

    I have won from Roadshow Entertainment, IGN, EB Games, Milo, Sip N Save and Visa Entertainment, The Messenger, Nova919 and Mindfood.

    What about you guys?

    • Not going through the stores, but just purely from OB comps entered (which don't include radio & newspaper comps I've won plenty of movie tickets etc from), currently 90 wins from 428 entries :)

  • Has anyone here won one of those airline or duty free shop sweepstakesI was reading about them in the Qatar in-flight mag in a flight to Europe. A my in-laws know a lady that won the $US Million after several attempts.The tickets are $2-300 each but there are only 5000 tickets sold. I don't know how legit these things are.

    One of the Dubai crash survivors allegedly won after 17 attempts at $USD 270 a ticket.

  • So I got a phone call at 4.30am yesterday morning (I'm in WA) from Smooth FM, to say I've won a holiday to Dubai staying at Atlantis in the Underwater Suite, valued at $42,000!!!!

    It was one I entered before becoming active on ozbargain and can't find the comp listed on here, it was in good health magazine.
    I only really started seriously comping earlier this year, I'm so excited to have won such an awesome prize!!

    I know it depends on the promoter….but has anyone won a trip before and been allowed to extend the return flight home? The trip is only for 3 nights and we would love to spend a bit longer if we can (obviously will have to pay for our own accom after - or maybe I can win some more haha!!)

    • awesome for you, i just got back from a compe trip i won to Rio. Talk to the promoters but some people on our trip extended theirs no problems

    • Wow huge congrats!

      I can't see it posted on OzBargain, but it was posted here, and everything you're saying checks out :) (Terms and conditions here)

      You're right, it normally depends on the promoter, but afaik they're normally ok with it (I've never won a holiday!)

      • Thanks for the link Spackbace! I tried to find the terms again on their website but couldn't get them anymore.

        • All good :) You gotta be over the moon about that one! $42k worth of holiday is certainly something none of us would willingly opt for out of our own pocket lol

        • @Spackbace: I think I'm still in shock actually! And pretty sure I sounded like an idiot on live radio :D

    • Congratulations!! I got a call on fri from Smooth Fm telling me I was one of the finalist and to stay by my ph in case they call on monday but unfortunately they didnt, but am so happy for you! What a fantastic once in a lifetime prize to win!

      • Oh no hollyky I'm sorry you didn't win also, there were apparently 2 prizes up for grabs!
        I didn't sleep all weekend with excitement, they definitely know how to drag it out and torture people, they called me friday too, then it took 2 more phone calls on monday morning and then placing me on hold for 5 minutes before they actually confirmed I was a winner……I was a nervous wreck!

  • Im not sure this is the right place…
    We need a place to discuss barcode winning numbers to see if they are unique or common.
    Eg free gril'd…

  • Is there an easier way to see when new competitions are posted?

  • I love these T&C's!
    The Stewards (those responsible for the draw) are allpowerful,
    they cannot be bribed (not even with cookies) and their decision is final.

  • Why is it that SA residents are able to enter in competitions more than once? Do they have some odd law in allowing this? E.g. in the Gumtree Giftmas T&Cs ( it states: There is a limit of one (1) Entry permitted per Entrant per Listing (i.e. per day) and a limit of one (1) Daily Prize per Entrant (excluding SA Entrants).

    This allows a real person in SA to enter and win multiple unique prizes… Think I might move to SA…

  • Getting very disheartened lately with the number of competitions that state in the T&C's they are a game of skill and entries will be judged, then when winners are announced it's very clear they were a random draw.
    Really puts me off putting the time and effort into my entries :(

  • Has anyone won a prize from Samsung before? Just wondering what sort of time frame for delivery.

  • Free $5 for those in VIC who entered the Broadmeadows Central comp in December last year
    Just a heads up for anyone who entered the Win 1 of 10 $100 Gift Cards for Broadmeadows Central[ VIC Residents Only]' competition.

    Check your emails for an email titled 'Bonus $5 Gift Card anyone?' (I received mine this morning).

    Present the email to the customer Service desk to receive a free $5 gift card (100 available per day, unclaimed cards roll over to subsequent days, up to max of 700 gift cards avail in total during offer period).

    Free $20 Credit for those who entered The Good Guys comp
    Also, it's the last day to complete the survey for $20 store credit for those who entered The Good Guys Comp.

  • Just wanted to update compers. We changed the default editing from 14 days to 60 days so you should be able to update all of your comps especially the long ones. Hopefully this should help things out. If there are any other suggestions, please let us know.

    • I wonder if comping posts could be exempt from comment closing or something? I know it can always be reported but that way it doesn't have to. Handy for the long running ones

      • Sorry for the delay. In the next rollout we will be changing comp comments to close if

        • is older then winner draw date + 30 days or
        • is older than closing date + 30 days

        Putting a comment in will extending opening for 14 days.

        Hopefully this should cover most comp situations.

        • Cool

          And it's ok, was just a minor delay 😂

          PS I think your keyboard is drunk lol that is some interesting ingrish

    • Thanks for the change Neil.

  • Guessing people just use a dedicated email for competitions?

  • I know a couple of you are already doing it but if you need to tag someone on Instagram or Facebook, feel free to use OzBargain and our other sites as well if you need more.

  • Wanted to share a big win with the OZB competitions community. I won a $43000 VW Golf alltrack today - a competition with the Sydney Swans and VW. I made my own car out of cardboard painted it in Sydney Swans colours with the VW logo as the wheels and headlights. Well they chose my entry and I am the winner.

  • Merged from Any Competition Winners

    Anyone won anything from one of the competitions posted on sidebar? How do you keep tab of all the end dates of competitions you entered?

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      Pretty sure this thread is going to be merged into the old thread.

  • Do you get a email if you have won something

    • It depends from company to company. Some will email you, some will call you, some won't contact you at all but will just send the prize to your postal address (if it was requested for on the entry form).

      If it's a competition through social media (Facebook, Instagram etc), some announce the winners on their page and then they give you a certain timeframe to contact them.

  • Hi everyone :)

    I just came across this post - Is there anyone I can add on Facebook? - and was wondering if there's a thread somewhere on here for people to add other OzBargainers on facebook (particularly those who just use Facebook for comping and may be looking at people to add for the 'Tag a Friend' comps)?

    I don't enter Facebook comps, but was hoping that there might be others on here who might be able to help out.

  • Hi all Last year there was a Scoot competition

    this then led me to enter another one that started in early Jan. I incorrectly assumed that it was on OZB.

    Well I won 2 tickets to anywhere that Scoot flies. Very excited.

  • Just a heads up for anyone who entered the Win $20,000 cash from Pedestrian TV competition from last year.

    There was an option to sign up to 'The Lott' for 25 bonus entries. If you did, check your email/account as you may have received a free $5 into your account as an anniversary gift.

    I received the promotion email today, with an expiry 10 days from today (it was in the junk folder).

    Full T&Cs are here

    Valid for residents of QLD, NSW, TAS, ACT, VIC & NT who have received a Lotteries Offer from the Promoter and is the intended recipient and eligible to use the Lotteries Offer.

    *If you signed up during the comps in April or May last year, keep an eye on your emails around the date of your sign-up anniversary.

  • Not sure if anyone will read this, as the thread appears to have died… Anywhoo.

    Does anyone know if promoters will contact you directly by mobile if you have won a comp? I am signed up to countless newsletters etc from companies. It is a hassle having to periodically check them and delete them all (yes, I do have a dedicated email account for comps). I am worried that one day I will win a competition, but I will accidentally delete the e-mail notifying me, because it will be hidden amongst all the rest of the e-mails. And a further question: if they do e-mail you, will it be a personalised, individual e-mail to me? Or will it be just the company's latest newsletter/mass e-mail, saying "The winners of our latest competition announced!"

    Any help is greatly appreciated. And any general tips on how best to organise e-mail subscriptions etc :)

    • This thread has 14 subscribers, a few people will see it.

      As for your question read this comment above.

    • The terms and conditions of each competition usually state how they’ll notify winners. If I’m desperate to win I make sure it says they’ll call, email and/or write to winners.
      There’s one competition I win every couple of months (they’re always offering a couple of hundred dvds or the like) who say they’ll email winners but they never do {they just send the prize in the post} so even terms and conditions aren’t a always 100% followed.
      The biggest wins I’ve had always call.

      • There’s one competition I win every couple of months (they’re always offering a couple of hundred dvds or the like)

        Ah yes, that one where a roo seems to be rented

    • Not sure if anyone will read this, as the thread appears to have died… Anywhoo.

      Any time this thread is replied to, it bumps it up to the top of the "General Discussion" sub-section, so it will get noticed :) as well as the subscribers as mentioned above

      • Since this thread is pinned so it is always at the top of General Discussion anyway, well that's what I see.

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