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Win Various Daily Instant Prizes with Maccas Daily Prize Alarm (iOS/Android App)



Closing Date 26/01/2016 11:59pm


Description Food Prizes, movie tix etc
No. of Prizes 4283360
Total Prize Pool $17,159,065.22

Entry Requirements

Open To Australia-wide
Entry Limit Once per day
Entry Methods Mobile App
Prerequisites Account/Membership

Look at that number of prizes and the prize pool! Good luck all!

1 entry per day, not per 24hrs

Requires App plus MyMaccas account

iTunes Link
Google Play Link

Food Prizes:

Product RRP (Avg) Quantity Total Value
Hash Brown $2.03 1297823 $2,632,583.78
Sausage McMuffin $3.25 166388 $540,713.69
Bacon and Egg McMuffin $3.89 133110 $518,180.12
Small McCafé Coffee $3.77 83194 $313,871.96
Buy one Sausage McMuffin and get one free $3.25 166388 $540,713.69
Buy one Bacon and Egg McMuffin and get one free $3.89 133110 $518,180.12
Buy one Small McCafé Coffee and get one free $3.77 83194 $313,871.96
Small Shake $3.68 66555 $244,995.34
Small Coke $2.55 732105 $1,868,384.66
Cheeseburger $2.65 66555 $176,139.66
Chicken McNuggets 3 Pack $2.94 66555 $195,858.98
Apple Pie $1.50 66555 $99,832.50
Small Fries $2.08 66555 $138,677.18
Big Mac $5.41 66555 $359,995.97
Quarter Pounder $5.48 66555 $364,875.51
McChicken $5.33 66555 $354,419.10
Total 3,327,752 $9,181,294.22

Non-Food Prizes:

Non-Food Prize RRP (AUD$) Quantity Total Value (AUD$)
Klipsch R6m In-Ear Headphones $159.00 5 $795.00
Shotbox S71 Camera $439 2 $878.00
Runtastic Orbit Activity Tracking Watch $120.00 5 $600.00
1 month Quickflix subscription and 1 Quickflix digital movie credit $12.99 100,000 $1,299,000.00
1 Universal Music Australia Single Track Download $2.15 50,000 $107,500.00
iChoose Prepaid Gift Card - $100 $100.00 3 $300.00
iChoose Prepaid Gift Card - $50 $50.00 20 1,000.00
iChoose Prepaid Gift Card - $20 $20.00 355 $7,100.00
Gold Class Indulgence Package $199.00 2 $398.00
Double Cinema Ticket e-Voucher $40.00 50 $2,000.00
Single Cinema Ticket e-Voucher $20.00 100 $2,000.00
$10 Hoyts Movie Voucher $10.00 5,000 $50,000.00
$5 Hoyts Movie Voucher $5.00 300,000 $1,500,000.00
Day Out Experience at a participating venue Up to $50 60 $3,000.00
Attraction Pass at a participating venue $10.00 400,000 $4,000,000.00
30 minute Helicopter Flight Up to $500.00 1 $500.00
FiiK Shortii Electric Skateboard $700.00 1 $700.00
SurfStitch $10 e-Voucher $10.00 100,000 $1,000,000.00
SurfStitch $500 e-Voucher $500.00 4 $2,000.00
Total 955,608 $7,977,771.00

Mod note: Codes for non food prizes do not expire (just write down the code from the app and keep it somewhere safe. See comment

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  • +2

    Won a sausage mcmuffin lol valid for 24hrs

    Now to set alarm time for tomorrow morning and see what I get every morning :)

    • Got an entry into the weekly prize draw.

      • Attraction pass this morning

        • Weekly prize draw

        • @Spackbace:


        • @Spackbace:

          $5 Hoyts voucher

        • @Spackbace:

          $10 off @ Surfstitch

          (Not valid on sale items)

        • @Spackbace:

          Weekly draw yesterday, free small coke today

        • @Spackbace:

          Hash brown

        • @Spackbace:

          1/4 Pounder :)

        • +1

          Just redeemed $10 on sale item at Surfstitch, further reduced with 40% off code :-)
          $3 sunnies (down from $30) delivered.

        • +1

          $10 off @ Surfstitch
          (Not valid on sale items)

          Confirming gift card can be applied to sale item ($30 reduced to $12). Also applied 40% discount code ‘box40' to that sale item bringing down to $7.19.

          Hopefully others will benefit, instead of giving their codes away. (Those sunnies were just an example. I didn't really want anything.)

          From dispatch email…
          Thank you for shopping at SurfStitch.com. Your order has been dispatched…

          QTY PRODUCT NAME COLOUR Size 3PCR Price Refund New Size? Return Code

          Promo Code : box40
          Total Items: 1
          Saving : A-$4.79
          Sub-Total : A$7.19
          Gift Card : A-$10.00
          Shipping : A$5.95
          Total : A$3.14
          Including GST : A$0.31

    • what app is it?

      • +1

        What do you mean? Did you click through the link?

        I've also directly linked to the apps in my post

        • +1

          oops my bad….found it…you are awesome Spackbace! :)

  • +2

    RIP windows phone again :( Ah well, bluestacks it is.

  • +1

    Free coke, thanks :p

  • free hashbrown, but only valid for 24 hours :(

  • Just redeemed Bacon and Egg McMuffin.

  • +3

    Small Coke here…

    • no need to upset about it…


  • Free hashbrown for me.

  • +5

    App seems to require a lot of permissions such as location, read accounts, log calls, see photos etc.

    • -1

      +1 super scary deleted the app.

  • I won a hashbrown! Thanks OP.

  • Cheese burger here.

  • +2

    This will go nicely with my hungry jacks shake and win app

  • Howdy, so I + this deal as I think it's a great concept for a competition. However, for some reason this morning my Macca's alarm did not go off. Noticed in reviews some other people have the same problem. Any suggestions?

    • +2

      Go back in, set it for 2 min from now, wait?

      • Thanks for the reply, it says: please allow us to send you useful notifications. Then it directs me to a screen which does not mention "allow notifications". (nor can I find anywhere in my iphone how to allow this app to send notifications).

        • On your iPhone the notifications settings are in Settings then Notifications. You scroll down to the Maccas App and choose what you want to allow.

        • @Hoju: macca's app is nowhere to be found; thanks anyway!

        • @b-hunterr:

          Sounds like it hasn't installed properly?

          Uninstall then reinstall might fix

        • +1

          @Hoju: apparently had to update latest ios which I am always hesitant with doing as sometimes the newer software is crappier. Ended up with a Hashbrown today haha, thanks!

  • 3pk nuggets here

  • +2

    Yesterday = buy 1 get one free coffee sigh yeah Nah thanks. Today was entry into a $1000 gift card draw nods slightly better

  • Free Cheeseburger.

  • Won an attraction pass this morning.. Got all excited coz I thought I could claim for the aquarium like the monopoly ones but then realised it's just a $10 voucher this time.. Oh well, the kid can have an extra $10 to spend at Timezone! Thanks OP! :)

  • 10 buck surfstitch voucher

  • I got problem logging in, anyone has the same problem? Even I reset my password, it doesn't work…

  • Entry for the weekly prize.

  • $5 Hoyts Movie Voucher if anyone wants it.

    • Still available.

      • Me please?

    • -2

      Non-Food Prizes cannot be gifted via the Application in the manner permitted for Food Prizes. How are you gonna transfer that? Just send him the code?

      • +1

        Yes he did

  • B&E McMuffin.
    Cheers OP

    • Hash brown

      • Weekly prize draw

        • Same 3 prizes as me.

        • @neil: I feel privileged :)

        • +1


        • @Food: Big Mac :)

  • Small coke

  • Small coke as well.

  • +1

    Won a big mac

    • Won an entry into the weekly prize draw

      • Won a quarter pounder

        • Music download

  • Won 1 month Quickflix 

  • Yeh I won an attraction pass too. The T&Cs are really vague on these. In one section they say it's a $10 eVoucher, in the other they say it entitles one adult or child to a free admission.
    Which is crazy because a 'Wild Ride' motorcycle tour is $130 but a flipout entry is $10.

    Anyway I hedged my bets on the pass being only worth $10 based on the non-food prize details listed by the OP and went for the Flipout pass.
    It says 'Free Admission' but given that admission is only $10 anyway, I assume the other ones are just a $10 off / value voucher.

  • Free small coffee … yay!

  • free Hash brown :)

  • Cheeeseee barrrgaarr.

  • Weekly draw

  • +1

    Free Mcchicken :)

  • +1

    Weekly draw too. In an ideal world this prize app would work every day of the year, usually despise alarms - not anymore!!

  • Nice app and only 11 MB!

    *Looks at Hungry Jack's…* :/

    • Yeah, bit better than the old MyMaccas abomination!

  • BOGOF McMuffin for me…

    • Won a small Coke today.. :)

      • Won a Hashbrown, another small Coke and a 1 month Quickflix over the past few days…

        • +1

          Yay… finally won a Quarter Pounder and a McChicken instead of the usual Hash browns! :D

        • @AbbyL: Won a Small Coffee and an Apple Pie… :)

        • +1

          @AbbyL: Ouch! Can't believe I hadn't plus voted this comp till now!

          Good Comp! Thanks OP! :)

  • Got a $5 Hoyts voucher. Anyone want it?

    • -1

      Sure I'd take it :)

    • Got a $5 Hoyts voucher.

      Can one buy candy with it or does it have to be put towards a (n overpriced) movie ticket?

      • +1

        "Each movie voucher can be exchanged for $5 off a full priced cinema ticket at selected Hoyts cinemas, excluding after 5pm on Saturdays"

    • -3

      Non-Food Prizes cannot be gifted via the Application in the manner permitted for Food Prizes. How are you gonna transfer that? Just send him the code?

  • 1 month quickflix

  • $5 Hoyts Movie Voucher

  • Apple Pie

    • +1

      That'll go with your hack :P

  • +1

    Won a $5 Hoyts movie voucher, but only valid for 6 more days. I won't get a chance to use it, so please PM me if you'd like it and can actually use it in the next 6 days :)

    • -3

      Non-Food Prizes cannot be gifted via the Application in the manner permitted for Food Prizes. How are you gonna transfer that? Just send him the code?

      • Yeah it's just a code so am happy to PM it to anyone who can use it.

        According to the T&Cs: "To claim $5.00 Movie Voucher prizes, winners must enter their Unique Prize code on the Promotional Website www.mytlcrewards.com/msa5discount "

  • +1

    Thanks for the post OP :)

    I've set my alarm for each day since you posted it and so far have won a Hash Brown, Small coke, A buy 1 get 1 free Sausage McMuffin and entry into the weekly draw.

  • Entry into weekly draw 2.

    • Universal Music Download

      • free small coffee and sausage mcmuffin

  • I've had
    BOGOF Sausage McMuffin
    Weekly prize draw
    BOGOF coffee
    Free small fries

  • Hash Brown

  • Hash Brown
    Small Coffee
    Apple Pie

    Thanks Maccas! That battery drain though..

  • I have an attraction pass code that I started the redeem process on, but found out all the local stuff is rubbish. Can anyone else use the code or is it now blocked from someone else using it?

  • Won a $5 off Hoyts voucher, feel free to PM me if you want it.
    Btw, you need to pay $15 upfront to receive the voucher so not so good.

    • I wonder if you can stack the codes? I have one that's expiring in 20 hours if anyone wants to try.

  • I keep winning entries into the weekly draw

  • Won an attraction code…k

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