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Win Various Daily Instant Prizes with Maccas Daily Prize Alarm (iOS/Android App)



Closing Date 26/01/2016 11:59pm


Description Food Prizes, movie tix etc
No. of Prizes 4283360
Total Prize Pool $17,159,065.22

Entry Requirements

Open To Australia-wide
Entry Limit Once per day
Entry Methods Mobile App
Prerequisites Account/Membership

Look at that number of prizes and the prize pool! Good luck all!

1 entry per day, not per 24hrs

Requires App plus MyMaccas account

iTunes Link
Google Play Link

Food Prizes:

Product RRP (Avg) Quantity Total Value
Hash Brown $2.03 1297823 $2,632,583.78
Sausage McMuffin $3.25 166388 $540,713.69
Bacon and Egg McMuffin $3.89 133110 $518,180.12
Small McCafé Coffee $3.77 83194 $313,871.96
Buy one Sausage McMuffin and get one free $3.25 166388 $540,713.69
Buy one Bacon and Egg McMuffin and get one free $3.89 133110 $518,180.12
Buy one Small McCafé Coffee and get one free $3.77 83194 $313,871.96
Small Shake $3.68 66555 $244,995.34
Small Coke $2.55 732105 $1,868,384.66
Cheeseburger $2.65 66555 $176,139.66
Chicken McNuggets 3 Pack $2.94 66555 $195,858.98
Apple Pie $1.50 66555 $99,832.50
Small Fries $2.08 66555 $138,677.18
Big Mac $5.41 66555 $359,995.97
Quarter Pounder $5.48 66555 $364,875.51
McChicken $5.33 66555 $354,419.10
Total 3,327,752 $9,181,294.22

Non-Food Prizes:

Non-Food Prize RRP (AUD$) Quantity Total Value (AUD$)
Klipsch R6m In-Ear Headphones $159.00 5 $795.00
Shotbox S71 Camera $439 2 $878.00
Runtastic Orbit Activity Tracking Watch $120.00 5 $600.00
1 month Quickflix subscription and 1 Quickflix digital movie credit $12.99 100,000 $1,299,000.00
1 Universal Music Australia Single Track Download $2.15 50,000 $107,500.00
iChoose Prepaid Gift Card - $100 $100.00 3 $300.00
iChoose Prepaid Gift Card - $50 $50.00 20 1,000.00
iChoose Prepaid Gift Card - $20 $20.00 355 $7,100.00
Gold Class Indulgence Package $199.00 2 $398.00
Double Cinema Ticket e-Voucher $40.00 50 $2,000.00
Single Cinema Ticket e-Voucher $20.00 100 $2,000.00
$10 Hoyts Movie Voucher $10.00 5,000 $50,000.00
$5 Hoyts Movie Voucher $5.00 300,000 $1,500,000.00
Day Out Experience at a participating venue Up to $50 60 $3,000.00
Attraction Pass at a participating venue $10.00 400,000 $4,000,000.00
30 minute Helicopter Flight Up to $500.00 1 $500.00
FiiK Shortii Electric Skateboard $700.00 1 $700.00
SurfStitch $10 e-Voucher $10.00 100,000 $1,000,000.00
SurfStitch $500 e-Voucher $500.00 4 $2,000.00
Total 955,608 $7,977,771.00

Mod note: Codes for non food prizes do not expire (just write down the code from the app and keep it somewhere safe. See comment

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closed Comments

  • Can someone explain to me what makes the Quickflix a "prize" if you can sign up for a one month free trial?

    • +1

      Probably because you get another month regardless of If you had previous trials?

      I won a $10 surf stitch voucher that can't be used on sale items. And is less that the $20 email sign up voucher. Plus delivery charges for orders less than $50

      • Do you know if you can accumulate a bunch of vouchers and stack them to make better use of them?

        • I won one and a friend gave one; threw an error up. I couldn't see why you couldn't use it

        • @Food:

          Well I cant view the prizes from my PC as far as the attraction code is concerned I guess it gets your browser string and only allows mobile browers.

          And seems some of the attractions are already sold out:(

  • won an attraction code, sent it to my brother as you can put any email in and it says click link, no link so dodgy shouldnt have to call them, stupid

  • Won a Quickfix code. Will swap with anything or who ever wants it pm me…don't need it :)

    • do you still have it?

      • yeah the code is MD1548F2D1306
        Go to offers.quickflix.com.au/mcdonalds2015?redirectioncount=1

        • thank you!

  • Won a quarter pounder today and a small coke yesterday. Pretty happy with those freebies.

  • $5 Hoyts Movie Voucher if anyone wants it

  • Got a $10 Surfstitch voucher. PM me if you want it.

    • It has been claimed

  • 1 X Quickflix DVD & Blueray rental up for grabs

    • Has been claimed

  • Does everyone claim their freebies? I've had a couple of free drinks and hashbrowns so far but haven't been tempted going into maccas for a free hashbrown haha. If it was a burger though I probably would.

    • +1

      Ironically won on a Big Mac the next day so first time I claimed a prize!

  • If anyone has a surfstitch voucher they don't want I would gladly take it :)
    $10 Hoyts voucher or Attraction pass available to swap if wanted

    • I'd take attraction pass… I'll just have to win the surfstitch voucher first! I'll keep trying :) do you want music download for deposit? ;)

      • That's ok, it's yours if you're lucky enough :)

  • I have one universal music download code, first to comment gets it.

  • I am also looking for a Surfstitch voucher. If anyone has one and won't make use of it, I really appreciate a swap. Please PM me.

  • Two Hoyts voucher if anyone wants it

    • Vouchers have been claimed

  • Hey all, my attraction pass is saying free admission when I download it, the terms also mention free admission

    I got one for St Kilda Spinner which seems to be a fair bit more than $10

    Has anyone tried these to see if it is just $10 off or free admission?

    • The place I picked in Margaret River offer free admission… if you go with 3 full paying adults. Those details weren't anywhere on the site; I had to call and ask. A little misleading.

  • $5 off for Hoyts, first to comment gets it.

  • Anyone have any universal music downloads? From memory I can offer you an attraction pass or a $5 off hoyts ticket

    • Messaged you

  • i have a 10$ surfstitch voucher and a universal music download code. Any takers? Swap?

    • +1

      I'll like the surfstitch, however turn your pms on in the settings menu!

      • Turned on now! Sorry about that. Long time viewer finally made an account :)

        Just the music download code left.

        • I would love the music download code!

        • +1


          Send PM and it's yours

        • @Baller12: Thanks heaps just sent you a PM

        • all gone!

  • Won a bacon and egg muffin

  • Quickflix 1-month to swap

  • Won an attraction pass which needs to be redeemed by tomorrow. There's nothing interesting here in WA. I am happy to share it with someone who can use it. PM me if you want it.

  • Have 1mth Quickflix and hoyts $10 to swap for surfstitch :)

    • Still available!

  • Won a Cheeseburger, a small shake, 2 Big Macs, 3 small cokes, 3 hash browns, a $5 Hyots Movie Voucher and an Attraction Pass till now.

    Also willing to give the code to any ozbargainer for the movie voucher (redeem by 28th) and attraction pass (redeem by 26th) for free. Someone might as well use it.

  • Cheeseburger win :)

  • Universal music and surf stitch vouchers available here. Keen to swap for attraction pass if anyone is keen.

    PM me!

    • +1

      Sorry 'sold'!

  • For anyone who claimed the attraction pass, what was the website you went to to claim it? (I wrote down my code but now my pass has 'expired' so I can't click on the link to redeem).
    Also I have a Quickflix code for first person to PM me.

    • +1

      Maccasalarm.com.au should work

      • Thank you Hoju, I should have been able to work that out for myself but I couldn't find it anywhere :)

        • Yeh doesn't seem to be a googleAble address for some reason

  • +1

    G'day guys.
    I swapped a code from "baller12" who is now DisabledUser174960. Thought it was all good until I go to use it now and find it's a digit short. So he's taken my $10 Hoyts code and done a runner.
    Very pi$$ed off. Be VERY CAREFUL about new users

    • +1

      Hope you win some good prizes to make up for that bastardry.

      • Thanks mate :/
        First runner from my long run of swapping including the optus xmas comp last year

  • +1

    Thanks Spackbace.
    So many freebies so far.
    Plenty of Cokes, Small Shakes, McCafe coffees, hash browns, muffins, a McChicken, attraction pass, daily draws…

    A good time to cash in those Surfstitch $10 gift cards!

    Just redeemed Surfstitch $10 gift card on sale item, further reduced with 40% off code :-)
    $3.14 sunnies (down from $30) including delivery (less CashRewards 8% cashback).

    (Not as good as $30 sunnies for 98c ages ago from 1/2 price Sunglass Hut deal with $14 cashback with CashRewards. Still have an unused pair.)

  • I'm keen for any $10 Surfsitch gift cards surplus!

  • If anyone has an attraction voucher but isn't going to redeem it, would be super grateful to receive it.

  • Won a mcchicken burger

  • McChicken burger here .. Thanks

  • won a hashbrown.. have gotten 10+ hashbrowns since this started, couple of cokes, 1 coffee and 1 burger.

  • +1

    Thanks for posting spackbace! Just won an attraction pass. I can confirm that it was for the full attraction. I redeemed it for the St Kilda Spinner.

    • Hi imissbeans, have you actually used it yet? I tried via the booking email given and got no response

      • I emailed them too and have not had a response. Also their website is down!! Don't know what's happening there!

        • Hey imissbeans, I got in touch with maccasalarms and they have investigated and confirmed St Kilda Spinner is no longer operational :(
          I thought it was the only good thing on the list

          They replaced the codes I used on it

        • @NotBritishorUK: hey! Yes it was looking that way! The rest are pretty limiting. I think the gosurf tours in Torquay are also down! They don't have a website active right now.

  • $5 HOYTS code if anyone wants: 7WGVT3K8

  • Attraction Pass up for grabs. First to comment gets it. 24hrs left to redeem

    • +1

      24hrs left to redeem

      I think that only means you have 24hrs to get the code from your prize wallet
      P.S. Don't need the code :)

    • I'd love it if still available

      • PM sent :)

        • Thank you!! :)

  • Bacon and egg mcmuffin

  • +3

    Won a $20 iChoose card :) I assume it'll be posted to me

  • Have an attraction pass! Anyone got a surfstitch code for trade? :D

  • +1

    Small coke. C'mon Macca's…

  • +3

    I've won a few food/coffee items - some have been BOGOF. I live were there is no Hoyts or attractions and didn't realise until I read here that there are codes I could give away. I'll never use them. Here is what I have and the expiry dates:

    Hoyts $5 - expires today (midnight??)
    Hoyts $10 - expires 2 Jan 16
    Free Attraction Pass - expires 3 Jan 16

    I've had others that expired sorry - I will come back and post them if I win more. If anyone wants the current codes let me know - I don't need anything in return.

    • Just got another $5 Hoyts Voucher - expires 7 Jan 16

      • Hoyts vouchers have been claimed but I still have the Free Attraction Pass

        • +1

          Free Attraction Pass has been claimed. Happy new year everyone.

  • +2

    2x free attraction passes to give away, one per person only. First person will get the one that expires on 1 Jan 16 (around 13 hours left to redeem at the time of posting this comment), the second 7 Jan 16.

    Edit 1: First one (expiring 1 Jan 16) given away.

  • +1

    Woke me up during my hangover stage. But I got an entry to the $1000 weekly draw.

  • +1

    Giving away one attraction pass. It's yours if you comment first.

    • Yes Please.

      • PMed you

  • Anyone know how to change the alarm clock at the minute level? I can only change it at the hour level, i.e. Can only do 10:54 to 11:54, but not 10:54 to 11.15, etc.

    I have $5 Hoyts Movie Voucher that's expiring 7 January 2015. I'm unlikely to use it.

    Also have a Surfstitch $10 voucher, but I'm waiting for a free shipping offer….?

    • +1

      Tap the seconds when you set the alarm :)

      • +1

        Haha! How simple. Thanks!

        • Yes ha-ha.
          Also if you aren't going to use the surfstitch I'll love to swap it with you :)
          Free shipping is at $50, was at $25 pre xmas

        • I just re-checked my Prize Wallet and it appears that my Surfstitch voucher expires in 17 hours! It appears there's a minimum spend for using this code and there's nothing I really want that much. I'm happy to just give the code to you. I can PM you.

        • +1

          @tanoshiiki: Just so you know the code doesn't expire yet but rather the link on the app. Just write down the code somewhere. Also the $10 surfstitch code actually works on anything, without a minimum spend and with promo codes.

        • +1

          @replay4: Maybe we should get that in the OP? Lots of people think it expires dead

        • @replay4: I tried to do a test purchase and an error message of a minimum spend is connected with the code came up. My test purchase was just under $10 including shipping. Anyway, the code's been given away.

        • @Food: Yeah that would definitely benefit a lot of people who think they need to quickly use up vouchers!

        • @tanoshiiki: Maybe there actually is a minimum spend of $10 after discounts and including shipping then? Anyway since you've already given it away I guess it doesn't really matter!

        • +1

          I bought $30 sunglasses on special for $7+ after promo code, added $6 shipping, applied $10 surfstitch voucher = $3.14 less CashRewards rebate. Already delivered. Posted above

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