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MEElectronics M6 Pro IEM $64 Delivered (from US) @ MEElec


Thanks to @mikemeelec, he has just given me a coupon to share for the M6 Pro headphone. Once you add delivery to the purchase and apply the code, the total is equivalent to $64 AUD (at the time coupon is published).

I've owned three of the M6 models and has given one out as a gift to a friend. I play in a band and use them as my IEM earphone and it works like a charm. The PRO model is an improvement to an already great IEM and at a very affordable price. I haven't tried it yet (just placed the order), but I've read many good reviews about it.. placing them as good or even better than the expensive IEM earphone.

Again thanks to Mike, one of the best customer service I've seen in a while!

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    I'm still using it for my on-stage monitor :) still loving it! Would share my review here but I know the admins won't like it lol Guess you can always Google for one anyway

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      Why would the admins not like your review?

      • Sorry, was talking about my blog post URL [which surely a "spam"]

        Overall, however, I like the M6 PRO (we previously used the M6) but the M6 PRO sounds better, I can hear my Bass more, fits well on the ear, and comfortable to wear. And it comes with lots of extras, making it a great value for money (in my opinion)

        Saying that, obviously don't compare with a $200 earphone from Shure or something around that range

    • What instrument do you play? I'm bass and vox and am using some JTS Dual driver units but are looking for something with better bass response. And, being a muso, cheap!! :)

      • I'm playing the Bass and it definitely has a better bass response compared to the previous model from MEE (been using it almost every week for months)

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      Unless you are obviously sockpuppeting, I'm sure admins would love to have people to give feedback about products posted on OzB.

  • Cheapest place to get replacement comply foam tips?

    • Try messaging @mikemeelec. He may be able to help you.

  • +2

    Mike is absolutely brilliant.
    Dealt with him last week, wish all customer service was as good as his.

    My headphones will hopefully arrive today, assuming the product is as good as I'm lead to believe

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    Another John here that is very happy with these earphones and Mike's great service

  • Great price for awesome IEMs.

    Note that this price is USPS International. MEElectronics site states: "Shipping typically takes 14 to 30 days, but can take up to 45 days."

    For me this wasn't acceptable as I need them by September and that seems unlikely. Still pondering the AUD$40 FedEx Express…

    • Just buy them from noisy motel?

      • You may try asking for price match from Noisy Motel. This price match from Meelec was pretty much in reference to Noisy Motel's sale a few months back.

        I normally received mine in less than 2 weeks. But then again, there is still the possibility you could get it late.

        • +2

          What I meant was, br3ttles was thinking of buying them from meelec for $64 + $40 postage when he could just buy them from noisy motel for ~$80.

        • @Doge: Did just that, thanks mate.

    • I've order a few sets (m6 turned into earphone of choice after I gave a couple of pairs out from 2 for one type deals) and although that was a few years back they never took longer than 14 days at absolute worst.
      I will always give MEE a thumbs up for customer service too.

  • hows the bass on this? I love bassy IEM

    • Haven't tried the M6 Pro personally, but from reviews it seems that its a bit on the bright side. But if you let it burn for 30 hours or so, the brightness will smooth out and the bass will be more pronounced. Some reviews here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/749797/meelectronics-m6-pro-musicia...

    • Try vsonic. Much bossier, while still being balanced.

      • +5

        I don't know about you, but i'd rather not have my IEMs boss me around.

      • vsonics are far from balanced. Treble peaks left and right on the top, hard to eq out.

  • +1

    Anyone have experience using these for drumming? Do they offer good isolation?

    • +1

      That's my question too, they claim to and even show pictures of drum kits but i'd be interested to know if they are really useful for that purpose. A lot of attenuation required to use with a drum kit

  • Great headphone company, I have the M Duo's, awesome sound quality and good bass response. Been using them almost every day for over a year

    • +2

      What are you talking about. An earphone is an earphone. Shure is not the only one producing the type/model.

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    I've found meelecs are fine for the price, but not amazing sound (having owned three types, including their flagship at the time which was A161's IIRC).

    Believe anyone that says they are good value. But don't be fooled by anyone claiming they are as good as headphones that sell for 3 times more or whatever..

  • Got a pair of these last week, awesome how they come with 2 cables and that every part of them is replaceable. Mike is a legend and has helped me out on multiple occasions. I have been buying quite a few pairs of iems of late, I had the M-duos before these, which i found to be a bit too long and they didnt stay in very well. But these m6s are awesome.

    • What instrument(s) do you play while using these?

      • I don't play any instrument I just listen to my music with them. all day at work and to and from work as well.

  • Got these for $49 6 months ago. It wasn't delivered the first time around and their customer service via email was awesome. Had a second set sent and in my hands a week later.

    I'm no audiophile and bought them mainly for the isolation for drumming and long haul flights. Works quite awesomely and definitely above average for the price. Saves my ears from maxing the volume. The sound is on the brighter side but I'm used to bass thumping logitech speakers and cheap PC headsets so should suit most people just fine if you aren't looking for bass. The sound separation and clarity was great, but then again, bass does muffle everything and that's all I can really compare to.

  • +1

    Are the volume controls iOS compatible, i.e. volume up/down + RWD, FFWD and skip etc…

  • +1


    After adding 3 x M6 Pros, I was keen to add a M9 Classic. But the coupon seems to do a cart check - limited at 3 units in total.

    Can you fix this?


    EDIT: Seems fixed! Or maybe because I had only 1 M6 Pro in the cart when i applied the coupon, then added the M9, then updated the quantity of the M6 Pro to 3.


  • Are these suitable for everyday use? I was looking at the shure se 215s and thought they looked cool but were a bit and pricey

    • Depends on what you constitute as everyday use. If the model fits your use then I can't see why not.

    • Only issue I have for everyday use is sometimes annoying if you wear glasses.

  • Great sounding IEMs for the money. The band I play in has a stack of these in case our UM CIEMs go haywire last minute at a gig.

    Well worth it for $64.

  • I just started using some MEE Electronics in-ear phones last week, that I bought ages ago, to listen while I walk. Typically a pair lasts 6-12 months before the tiny wires fatigue and I get noise or dropouts. These one lasted less than a week. I'm only persisting with them because I'm stubborn and in denial.

    NOT my favourite brand.

  • Got these from noisy motel, love them. Do any of you guys who have them know of a place I can get extra cables cheap? I want some shorter ones, does the connector that plugs into the buds have a name I could google?

  • I would love a discount on their bluetooth range, maybe metro 2?
    I'm hanging for a great price on a set of BT earphones, that are worth buying.

  • +1

    Out of stock .. teaches me for hesitating :(

    • +1

      Just saw the deal this morning and now gutted that it's sold out

  • Anyone who ordered received their package yet? My status is stuck at:
    August 9, 2015 , 8:39 am
    Sydney, AUSTRALIA
    Your item departed a transfer airport in Kingsford Smith, Sydney, AUSTRALIA on August 9, 2015 at 8:39 am. The item is currently in transit to the destination.

    • +1

      Got mine today. I'm in WA

      • Damn it! I'm in Sydney CBD and still haven't got mine yet. Hopefully tomorrow… I was so excited when I saw the package has left the airport on a Sunday

        • Finally received mine as well! YAY!!!

  • Got mine today.