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Pizza Hut - $7 Large Favourites Pickup, 3 Pizzas + 2 Garlic Bread + 1.25l Drink Delivered $29.95


Got this pamphlet when I went to pick up my $7 Chicken Hawaiin last night.

Large Favorites $7 pickup - ALFPP8 (No chicken surcharge add $3 for prawn)


3 Pizzas + 2 Garlic Bread + 1.25L Drink delivered $29.95 - ALFBD29
OR Any 2 Pizzas + Garlic Bread + 1.25L Drink delivered $26.95 - AL2SD26

Choice of pizzas include Classics, Loaded Classics and Favourites (add $3 for prawn range pizzas)

No mention of which states are included/discluded sorry

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  • Haven't seen Pizza Hut $7 favourites vouchers for ages!

  • Any idea when the Large Favorites $7 pickup expires? The other two deals look like they expire 31/10/15, but am more interested in the former.

  • Had Pizza Hut for the first time in years the other day and it's nowhere near the quality of Domino's (and that's saying something). Can't believe they're still in business.

    • what do you mean by quality?

      What makes them less better than dominos?

      I haven't had pizza hut for a while either, but it is cos they don't have as much good voucher deals unlike dominos.

      • Dominos introduce pulled beef with chimichurri drizzle pizza, as well as a chicken breast, bacon, camembert and hollandaise pizza.

        Pizza Hut put corn chips, vegemite and fake meat pies on pizzas. They're just interested in doing gimmicky crap.

      • For example, Pizza Hut uses tasteless 'circular' olive cuts like the ones you get at Subway. Domino's uses real olives cut in half which actually taste like olives.

        Also Pizza Hut seems to love drizzling sauce over their pizzas an an attempt to emulate a circa-2005 'gourmet pizza'. It just looks awful and doesn't work.

    • Yeah look even as the OP of this deal I gotta admit there is something decidedly wack about Pizza Hut, I really don't know who they are marketing to with their regular pricing and quality. The flavour of their barbeque sauce always raises my eyebrow, its like an attempt at a smokey take-away style sauce but then it tastes decidedly sweet sorta in the middle of it. There are other ways that their pizzas are a bit different to Domino's that I can't really put my finger on but ultimately I still go to them cause I get sick of Domino's due to the frequency of deals they have that I take them up on.

      I was pretty happy with the chicken hawaiin the other night. Perhaps just a bit too much pineapple and again the barbeque sauce is a little odd but I wouldn't say I don't like it. Easy to pick off a little pineapple to suit your desire though.

    • I had below average Pepperoni pizzas from my local but I wouldn't completely rule out Pizzahut.
      Ordered a chook pizza tonight with the coupon and it was delish.

  • Plus the bonus truck arse that is free with each deal. BONUS!

  • Sorry guys, I typo'd on the $7 code and it should be alfpp8. I've contacted the mods as it won't let me edit it. I tried the code with capital letters like on the pamphlet but it seems to only accept lower case

    • Thanks a lot champ, tonight's dinner sorted. Rare for them to issue $7 Favourites pizza codes these days.

  • Does the $7 code only apply to one pizza? I tried ordering 3 and it only applies to one. Is there a glitch?

    • I'll grab a scan of the other side of the pamphlet but it doesn't say anything about a limit. Its a little bit of a pain but what you could try doing is make separate orders and schedule them all for the same time. I've done that in the past for Pizza Hut when they had those Pizza Mia things for $2. "Yes I'm here to pick up these three orders…its for a party and people paid separately"

  • Can't get this deal to work
    "3 Pizzas + 2 Garlic Bread + 1.25L Drink delivered $29.95 - ALFBD29"

    It says "The conditions of the voucher have not been met. Please check your voucher’s qualifying conditions"

    What the hell? And the website design is horrible. It has turned me off. I think I will go to Dominoes instead

    • Double check you haven't still got pick up selected from when you tried the $7 code. If that fails try lower case on the letters.

      You're right about the website, it feels cheap and ugly to navigate.

  • $7 code alfpp8 for pickup doesn't work for me.

    It says "The conditions of the voucher have not been met. Please check your voucher’s qualifying conditions"
    Is anyone else facing the same issue?

  • This coupon code "AL2SD26" didn't work for me. in Qld.


    The coupons didn't work for me either and I'm in QLD too. My local PH guy told me that stores can create their own coupons and other stores don't have to accept the offer :(

  • They work but only in the ACT, that's what the A at the start of the code stands for, tobecontinued correctly stated above that stores can make their own codes. If you're gonna to post a code then you gotta also post the store it is from, otherwise you're wasting everyones time.

    • I will keep the mentioning the store they are sourced from in mind for next time.

      That said, how am I or anyone else supposed to know its ACT only? Even if I included that this was picked up in Holt, ACT do you think 95% of ozbargainers know the A at the start means that and wouldn't try the codes anyway? So many other posted codes begin with an l or a c - what are those supposed to indicate if anything?

      • The pickup one worked fine for me in NSW a month ago. Unfortunately, it no longer works now :(

        • no you heard the man and his un-cited source - they are ACT only. any discussion deviating from that is a waste of everyones time

        • @hetzjagd:

          Oops my bad, ACT ONLY EVERYONE.

          Sorry to waste everyone's time with my comment, as well as this comment apologising for the initial comment.

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