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[Qantas Frequent Flyer Members] Free Evening and Weekend Parking @ Secure Parking


The pitch:

If you're heading into the CBD for romantic dinner, night at the theatre or a day’s outing with the kids, Secure Parking is offering all Qantas Frequent Flyer members FREE Evening and Weekend Parking when you book your parking online with Secure-a-Spot.
Secure-a-Spot is Secure Parking’s online booking service that provides you with a stress-free way of securing a parking spot in the city whilst saving you money on the normal parking rate. And now Qantas Frequent Flyer Members can park for FREE on evenings and weekends until 31 October 2015.

All you have to do is select a car park that offers Weekend or Evening Parking via Secure-a-Spot click on the ‘BOOK NOW’ button which is located next to the product and rate you wish to select at that car park.
Once you click on the ‘BOOK NOW’ button, you’ll be taken to the Secure-a-Spot online booking service for your selected Secure Parking car park.
Follow these simple steps and using the Secure-a-Spot online booking service will be as easy as 1-2-3-4!
Secure-a-Spot Online Booking Parking CBDWhen you arrive at the Secure-a-Spot landing page, you’ll need to select the date you intend to use the car park and choose your arrival and departure time. The Secure-a-Spot system will provide you with a range of suitable products to choose from.
Secure-a-Spot Online Booking Parking CBDSimply select a Evening or Weekend Parking product that suits your requirements.
Secure-a-Spot Online Booking Parking CBDTo make a Secure-a-Spot booking, you will need to create a Users Profile which includes providing your Credit Card details. You will only incur a charge on your card if you stay in the car park beyond the selected product exit time.
Secure-a-Spot Online Booking Parking CBDTo ensure that you obtain the FREE Evening and Weekend Parking at your preferred Car Park be sure to enter the promotional code FREEQFF8 after you select the a Weekend or Evening product.

Valid for Evening and Weekend Parking only. Not valid for Early Bird or Casual Parking. Costs will be incurred for parking beyond the selected product exit time. Promotion code is valid until 31 Oct 2015. Subject to availability. Qantas Points will not be earned on this offer.

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  • Tried to choose 19 Sept, but could not pick a date past early Sept. They might only release a month or two at a time maybe?

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      You can only book thirty days ahead from the present day. If you try after August 20, then you'd be able to select September 19.

      • I booked a car park in Sydney just now for this weekend. Price reduced down to nil$. Where does it mention 30 days ahead booking?

        • For example, today is August 13. If you attempt to book parking for a date later than September 13 (give or take a day or two to make the period exactly 30 days) it'll return an error saying that 'you are trying to make a booking too far in advance'.

        • @KaptnKaos:

          Nope not for me. As mentioned, I've booked it for this weekend. King St Wharf.

          [EDIT] I should learn to read - you're saying LATER than… my bad

  • nice!

  • So anyone can just use the code, how do they know you are QFF member or not…..

    • +4

      everyone's a QFF member anyway…. or can sign up for one straight away

    • There is a box to input qff number but I'm not sure if they check.

      • Yeah, there is a bit where you put in your QFF number because you get points when you book with Secure. It will be interesting to see if they check. Remember people in VIC, there's this deal too…

    • Maybe they do a double check by if you've linked your QFF number to earn points on your park, plus putting in the code. Can't say for sure though.

      Edit: Put in the code and removed my QFF number and it still worked.

  • needs credit card details :(

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      Don't worry, you won't be charged a single cent unless you overstay your welcome (which is a pretty hard thing to do given that you must exit before 6am for evening and weekend parking bookings).

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    Bloody hell. Standard Adelaide. The only one available is only open till 7pm weekdays and closed on weekends haha.

    • +26

      Don't worry; you'll enjoy the arrival of electricity.

    • There's 3 to choose from in the city; one by Light Square, one on Hindley and one in Gawler Place. Not sure why the other 2 (Rundle Place and Waymouth) don't come up, I know I'd definitely be using Rundle Place if it was free.

      • Maybe they've removed them whilst the promotion is on?

    • The Terrace car park is available 24X7 and Plaza Car Park is available on weekends and evenings upto 10pm.

  • Hope they don't allow overbooking of spots like an airline would do.. then you'll have lots of 'booked' drivers turn up but and no available spots - like Wilson's Darling Quarter beauty.
    I wouldn't blame them for allowing it, though, since because it's free, everyone and their online-gaming-friend will book a spot and not care if their plans change - like ME! :)

    • They don't allow overbooking. Once a carpark has attained a number of bookings equal to the number of spaces available there, it will prevent you from booking a spot at that carpark.

  • Thanks so much for this. Going to come in very handy :)

  • +21

    Just in case someone needs a membership:
    Some links may be outdated, just try the next one available.

    Qantas Promo
    Qantas Events
    Qantas Red e-mail
    Diners Club
    Bank Mecu
    LJ Hooker

    • or you could enjoy expensive produce and free QFF membership at the same with a Woolies rewards card

      • +2

        expensive produce at woolworths? link?

        • +3

          no link; got legs though - it's called "shopping around". just a general statement that woolies sell expensive produce compared to, say, my local green grocer. get a free card tho!

      • +2


  • Perfect timing - got an event on in the city this weekend! Thanks OP!

  • This is great~!!!!! Thanks OP

  • Where was this last weekend when I needed it!
    Great deal Thanks OP!!

  • Perfect! Need to go to the city for dinner tomorrow and this came up :D

  • thanks.

  • +1

    Thanks for the info KaptnKaos :)

    • +1

      No worries, happy to help :)

  • Sweet, thanks OP

  • +3

    I love these parking deals so thanks OP. I recently booked weekend 'free parking' and got my confirmation code and pin but when we arrived the car park was overbooked and it was a nightmare actually. I don't know if was a system glitch just that day but.. just a word of warning.

    • +1

      I had the same thing happen a few weekends ago with a weekend parking booking for one of the Flinders St, Melbourne CBD carparks. :S

  • is there anyway to use this as overnight parking.. e.g. book 1pm to midnight saturday then midnight 10am sunday?

    • You'd probably have to exit and reenter.

  • +3

    dont forget the half price coupon "docket" til 30/11 if this free one stop working

    • Where can I find it ?

      • +2

        "docket" is the code

  • Great find thanks OP.

  • +2

    Doesn't work in Perth :(

    • -1

      you have cars in perth?

      • -1

        I think you mixed up Perth with Hobart. :)

        • I notice you didn't get down-voted for that comment.. ozbargainers from Hobart must have a sense of humor unlike our perth counterparts.

        • +2

          Don't worry, I down-voted him so he doesn't feel left behind :)

        • +1

          Why pay for parking in Hobart when everything is a 5 min walk!

  • +1

    I work in the city on weekends. This is wonderful. Thank you so much Downero.

    • +1

      I use to, so I +1'd you as I'm happy for you. Great feeling driving in on the weekend and not having to worry about parking payment.

  • Perfect timing, thank you got Saturday night parking in the heart of the city only 2 blocks from where I'm going out

  • Any had luck in Perth CBD?

    Tried booking Westralia Square for the next couple weekends. All I got was this?

    "The Promotion Code you have entered is not applicable to the Car Park or Product you have selected in your booking"

  • Thank you so much downero.
    Just booked tonight in Sydney city.

    • which carpark did you book at?

  • +1

    unlimited promo code use?

  • I am now regretting getting this group buy deal $29 for $60…

  • Awesome deal

  • Thanks OP~!!!!! use secure park daily every evening so this will come handy

  • Maybe update post to say where this is valid? eg, NSW only.

  • bloody hell…Perth loses out again.. can't win can we?

    • I managed to book Westralia Square Evening Parking

      Enter after 05:00 PM
      Exit before 10:00 PM

  • Thanks! Just in time for some birthdays coming up :D

  • Is there a limit? Can you book more than 1 ?

  • Thanks OP

  • Be careful 'parking in the weekend' doesn't mean it is 'weekend parking'. My credit card got a pending charge of $29 now. Should have read the whole page of fine print.

  • Gave them all my details, including credit card number ect. Only to find its not valid for Perth. Damn I feel stupid. Anyone know how to delete your CC number and whole account with them?

    Please put where this is valid in the title.

  • Thank you OP. Perfect timing of the post.

  • I've booked parking in the Sydney CBD for this Saturday and Sunday on the same transaction (24hr car park) - does anyone know if I can leave my car in overnight?

  • I don't assume there's any way you can really be "penalised" for not turning up for your "free" booking? It says $1 cancellation fee if you cancel.. really?

  • thank you OP! just booked free parking @ hilton for les mis next friday! the closer car parks listed either weren't available or promo code didn't work

    • hi CVonc,
      how was the parking go? it says Valet parking only onthe website, so the valet service is included or you pay extra for the service? or you parked your car by yourself?
      planning to book this weekend

      • parked car by myself.. enter the hilton but don't go to the left valet drop off area.. that's for the hotel guests.. go straight down the ramp and there's a separate "valet" area for the underground car park. it's not valet though, just a guard that tells you where you can park lol. it's really cramped down there too

        • thanks i'll give it a go

  • +1

    This code cannot be used on all Sydney CBD carparks. I tried a few carparks and got a message saying this promo code is not applicable to the selected carpark. I end up selecting Hilton. Thanks for the code!!

    • Used Woolloomoolloo yesterday. Was great for the art gallery, just up the stairs.

  • I tried Harris St, but the only offer the "Casual Hourly Parking Rate" not "Weekend Rate" so the coupon won't work. When is weekend parking not weekend parking? When it's Weekend parking. The capital W makes all the difference. A bit like caterpillar or Caterpillar, one is an insect, the other an earthmover.

    I think they'll get a lot of people wondering why the code doesn't work on the weekend.

    • Bugger. I want to use Harris st for an overnighter.

  • Managed to park for free in Perth Westralia Square on weekend rate.

  • Manage to secure a spot. Thanks a lot.
    Any one knows if I can drive another car that has different rego to the one I used to register under my secure a spot account ?

  • how many times can you use this? is it one per account or one per parking spot in respective city?

    • +1

      I used it 3 times in one day to hop to different parts of city. So you can use it unlimited.

      • I've already used it once over the weekend but wasn't sure if I could book again. Thanks for confirming.

  • Will you be penalised if you don't turn up?

    • +1

      I don't think so.
      Usually when you book a spot for say $5 and don't turn up, they will still assume you've parked and charge you that $5.
      With this offer they system will probably still assume you parked and charge you the $0.

      • Great thanks!

  • thanks very good one

  • just booked a spot for dinner tonight in Melbourne CBD =)

  • What does "PIN will not be active for 15 minutes from the time of your booking transaction." exactly mean?

    • +1

      means you can't use it immediately after you booked it

      • +1

        yeah, for 15 minutes

  • -6

    After creating account with personal details and credit card number I found out that there was nothing available that suited my needs. There is no way of deleting account. Have sent enquiry via contact form, hopefully they respond soon.

  • Used mine over the weekend, went with no dramas.

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