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Nikon D5500 DSLR 18-55mm Single Lens Kit $619 (after $100 Cashback) C&C - TGG eBay


I have been eyeing a deal for D5500 for a long time. Saw this and was deciding between the D7200 from Teds. Don't necessary want that 18-140 and also its 50% heavier. So pull the Trigger. Best price I seen before was 699.

I also brought:
Nikon 50mm 1.8G
Nikon 35mm 1.8G DX

Total after discount and cash back will be $1028. You are will covered for most focal length and a very capable set. Super light weight too.

Original CTREAT20 deal

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    I was waiting for the Sony A6000 to come down in price, but this was too good to pass. Closer to $600 with cash rewards aswell :D

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      I own three mirrorless, 2 Fuji and 1 A6000. From what I can see the only reason you need the A6000 is the higher FPS. Mind you various test show that while the A6000 on sensor phase is one of the best at it price range, its hit rate (good focused pics) is not that high. The subject tracking of Nikon is still better.

      Then there is the ISO beyond 1600. A6000 is barely useable usable at 3200 and hopeless at 6400. D5500 is much better at both.

      Finally the lens selection. The cheap lens that works with the A6000 phase detection are so so. The good ones cost you an arm and leg. While the Nikon has many affordable choice and still keep the weight to a reasonable level.

      It is bigger than A6000 and many mirrorless but if you want something small, get an RX100.

      M43 fanboys will claim M43 is the solution with perfect balance. I disagree as the sensor itself is already hopeless….

      • From what I can see the only reason you need the A6000 is the higher FPS

        Ah yes, let's totally forget about size and form factor

        • The Sony kit lens is a pancake design of course it looks smaller. put a 35/50 on both and the only difference in the size is the extra length of the mirrorbox of Nikon.

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    There's no $100 cashback if you buy it from TGG. Go to the claim page and you will see that it's not on the list of approved retailers for the cashback. I called up Nikon and had this confirmed.

    • In the list of retailers TGG is listed for cashback

    • There is an option to submit by Specify the store through "Other' Will see how that go but thanks for pointing out.

      IF you buy with the two lens suggested, still cheaper than other shop including cash back.

    • Sorry, as others have pointed out this is false. But I am extra sure because I got my cash back approved yesterday!

      The Good Guys puts the store they took the camera from on your invoice, which makes it easier to submit the claim to Nikon.

  • no Nikon said only those retailers in that list are permitted for the cash backs - no others. You can call them up and check for yourself.

    • +1

      TGG is in the list

  • Oh ok … it appears there was two links. Mine was from an earlier cash back. They must have changed it now to allow the d5500 to be claimed like all other cameras. It's very confusing.

  • Good deal!

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    Is this camera along with Nikon JAA015DA AF-S 50mm 1.8G Lens any good for astro-photography? mainly milkyway

    • I don't do astro-photography but my friends do. The kit lens at 18mm could be ok but you may want to go wider

      I would suggest you consider Samyang 16mm f/2.0 ED AS UMC CS. It is manual focus lens but for astro-photography, you can take your time to focus. Superior optics from Samyang. If you want autofocus consider the Tokina 11-16 2.8.

      I will strongly suggest you try the kit lens first before buying any other wide lens as it is surprising good for a cheap kit lens. At the wide end, its hard to justify getting something 4-5 times the price but not even twice as good in IQ. The F3.5 is not a problem either as often photos are taken at F4 anyway at this focal length.

  • Good price, great camera. Touchscreen is really handy. 35mm 1.8G is a good lens. However, consider buying the Sigma 18-35mm as you may find it hard to take group photos in small rooms.

    • I did think long time about that before I added the 35 1.8G, here is my opinion….

      1) The sigma is bloody heavy, defeats the point of having the D5500, it weight twice as much.
      2) At the wide end, photos are often taken at F4 so the kit lens is ok. In low light group shots, the high iso should help.
      3) Sigma sure has better IQ but it hard to justify the price vs IQ improvement
      4) Most importantly you got good IQ when it focus correctly. There are plenty of post on various forum that the Sigma do not focus correctly in the Nikon mount. You can but the USB dock to calibrate the lens, but sometime it work, some times doesn't

  • Bought one even though I have a perfectly fine cannon DSLR. oz bargain you've done it again :)

    • Why ?

    • Why ? Why ?

  • Why not?

    • no why!

  • guys calm down! i had a old canon 600D, so i was due for an upgrade. I am heading OS soon so will claim the GST back too. After selling the canon i think this will cost me a few greenies. Not a big deal, much better camera than what i had before.

  • pick up D5500 from TGG. but box is open and inside plastic bags are not sealed as well.
    is that normal?

    • +1

      take it back and say it has been opened tell them its for a gift and you need a sealed box unopened

      • thanks
        not sure whether the inside bag should be sealed or not?

  • Does anyone have one are the pictures very sharp and clear in full auto mode and also the same for moving kids in full auto mode.

    • I think you need to switch to high speed drive mode and change focus mode to AFC to do moving kid photo.

      • will this take sharper shots in auto than say a canon 1200d

        • I have not use a 1200D nor I have my hands on my D5500 yet.

          The 1200D is a lower level model compare to D5500, the Nikon equal will be the D3300. Base on spec and YouTube reviews, the D5500 should do much better as it has more focus point. The kit lens of Nikon is also rated better than the equal of canon.

          BTW, if you want to take proper picture of moving kid, you really have to get out of the auto mode and learn how to use the camera properly. AFC, faster shutter, focusing mode…..etc all play a part in better picture.

  • Price is $1049 now

    • Too bad if you miss out. There days the way our dollar goes, if you see a good deal, get it!! A FOUR THUMBS up for Good Guys make it even cheaper during a epic sale. Others are mainly cons and taking poor knowledge customer for a ride. In this round we can see Teds pull most of their product off their ebay store and DSE jack price up where ever they can…..PATHETIC!!

      Currently the cheapest you can get this is from RYDA.COM, $898 before cash back. Good luck!

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