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2 x $30 iTunes Gift Cards for $45 @ Big W (In Store Only)


Received an e-mail from Big W.

Available in store only on Saturday, 5 September.

If you have WISH gift card, remembers to use it.

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    use WISH card to take further 5% off:D!

    • How it works Pat?

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        Buys a 5% off WISH eGift card through Cashreward, and uses it to pay for iTunes gift cards.

  • Fantastic, time to throw more money into Hearthstone. 80 packs already and only got 3 legendaries T.T

    • As an employee, don't you get these at a discount?

      • Yeah I get 5% on top which is a little better :)

  • So what did I go and do? I only went to the store today to buy them. Doh!

  • Great will purchase them using the 5% discounted gift card that I purchased from cash rewards.
    They will then allow me to use it towards my Netflix account billed through iTunes.
    Effectively $42.75 for $60 worth of credit or 2 streams of Netflix for $8.54 per month.

  • Ready to rush my clash base to Town Hall 10

  • Is there anything else on sale?

  • Done! I purchased them using a $50 discounted WISH card. And I bought Lee Child's latest book Make Me for $16, which is almost $6 less than even Book Depository is selling it. Stephen King's Finders Keepers is also on special for $16, but I've spent enough this week, lol.

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