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(Daily Deal) Metro Redux Bundle A $9.99 (Redeem on Steam, Ubi Account Required) @UbiStore


Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY $5 and Batman Arkham City GOTY $5.75 are also available.
Assassin's Creed Black Flag Special Edition (UPlay) $7.50

All Prices in AUD
Best Deal for Metro Redux as I can see.

as u3g32 said, you just have to have a ubi account to get the steam keys and activate them directly on steam, so no uplay required. :)

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  • dont care how cheap its ubishit.

    • Not Really, you activate on uplay and uplay activates it on steam and thats it, you will never have to open uplay again.

      • Double handling much?

        Already own it, but if I didn't, I still wouldn't touch uPlay.

        • Why the uPlay hate? I just installed it out as I purchased the latest humble bundle and it seems OK after 1 day of usage.

        • @lancedefrance:

          The date is May 27th 2014. I've just gotten home with my (physical) Watch Dogs collectors edition. I've upgraded to a GTX 780 Ti for it. The game is installed. I launch the game. Nothing but stuttering when driving. The game freezes when I try to play online. It's Day 1, I expect bugs. First patch is released. Still the same issues. Suddenly uPlay wont connect or even launch in Offline mode. Can't play Watch Dogs. Reinstall uPlay… it uninstalled Watch Dogs. Reinstall Watch Dogs. Still the same damn issues. Decide to launch uPlay in offline mode… it works! No stuttering! But that means NO online play.

          In order to even play the game, I had to sacrifice the online component. To this day, I've only played 2 online encounters.

          That is why I hate uPlay.

        • @Dagmar: You do release that it was not uplay issue that you had right? It was their always online issue with watch dogs that you the game is constantly checking if you are online for people to invade you. That is the reason for the stutter, not uplay.

        • @Letrico:

          You do realise I experienced this myself? As in I know it was uPlay because it was me. You needed uPlay to play online yet when it was Online, it broke my game. It was uPlay. Don't try to tell me otherwise.


          That is the reason for the stutter

          Then I should have been stuttering the whole time, not just the vehicle.

      • I don't want that stupid useless program on my PC.

      • uplay is fine. People are just jumping to the hate everything except steam bandwagon.

        • I have had no problems with uPlay either.

          I only installed it a few months ago, but so far in that time I have put hundreds of hours into it with Splinter Cell Blacklist, Watch Dogs, and Black Flag. I find it unobtrusive and easy to use.

          I believe the important thing here is I have only been using it recently. Seems most of the problems have been sorted out. For many (understandably so) the damage has already been done. It made some pretty horrible mistakes in the past. especially for day one gamers. Seems these are on the Internets "nevar forget" list.

        • Nope. Couldn't be more wrong.

  • You can sign up for a ubi account on the web, buy it, and it'll show you the keys.

    You can then put this straight into Steam without having to install uPlay.

  • Some of you sound like big sooks.

    Firstly, if you want a bargain, you do whatever is required.

    Secondly, Uplay is fine. I have Steam, Uplay, Origin and Glyph installed and they are all fine. If you want to play a game, you play it.

    The whole hating on something to be cool is really getting old.

  • Thanks, OP! Purchased.

    As others have said, it gives you the Steam keys straight after purchase. No need to install uPlay or do anything painful.