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Target Gaming Clearance: Xbox One Console & FIFA 15 $299 + Games for All Platforms


Hi All,

Please see attached for a pretty big clearance on games in Target starting from tomorrow. These are permanent price changes so the “New Price” will be the ongoing price until the stock is sold out. Stock of these skus won’t be in all stores so please go into your local store to suss out stock levels (or go to Target.com.au). Stores will also be in the process of setting up the clearance but if you see something on shelf at the old price, it will scan at the new price so you will be covered.

I’ve highlighted the console markdowns for those of you interested and there is some good pricing on Skylanders Trap Team figures. The rest is pretty old stock (and I know some of it has been cheaper elsewhere at various points) but there might be some stuff in there that you missed out on previously.

Some deal picks:

  • Xbox One FIFA 2015 Console $459.00 $299.00 (Discount $160.00)
  • Alien Isolation PS3/PS4/Xbox 360/Xbox One $25 (Discount $24/$34)
  • Rayman Legends PS3 $5.00 (Discount $15)
  • Call of Duty Series Games $5 - $15 (Discount $7 - $54)

Some reduced games online

Link to target.com.au gaming section


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Target Australia

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  • +10

    Appreciate the effort OP, thanks :)

  • File seems to be corrupt. Downloaded it twice and used five different apps to try to open it.

    • +17

      worked for me first go

    • +1

      Working fine here.

      • Yeah me too, chrome seems to be the problem. Used ES to download and worked straight away.

    • +5

      Press and hold "go to deal" then press "save link", overwrite existing file if it asks

    • +16

      You have to left d-pad, right d-pad, down d-pad, d-pad right and button 4 (red button) within sweep distance.

      Have An Ice Day

      • +11

        ^, ^, v, v, <, >, <, >, B, A, Start on the title screen dude.

  • +1

    Appreciate the effort thank you.

  • xbox one for $299? Is that cheaper?

    • cheaper than what?

      • *cheapest price around?

        • +2

          yeah probably. old stock though, so it'll be hard to find

        • @mr kindface:
          Just called 3 stores with no luck on the xbone or 360s

    • +2

      Yes, that's very cheap. But good luck finding stock of that old bundle.

      • Most likely no stock.

        For $200 I would waste time trying to look, not for $299

        • +1

          checked 3 stores, no stock on xbox consoles

        • @lilviss:

          no surprise

  • Brilliant post.

  • +1

    I assume stock is varied from store to stock and only in-store not online.

    Good price for Dark Souls II PS3 $10, Beyond two souls $9

    • If online has stock the price will change tomorrow..but having said that the majority of stock is in store.

    • +2

      chances of finding stock is slim.

      sucks as they are great games :(

      • Fountain Gate, VIC has three copies of Dark Souls II.

  • +8

    I hope people don't clear the shelves before I can grab the games I want, like at Big W. :x

    • +1

      Just so I know, which games do you want?

      • I'm going to try and grab a Sims 3 Expansion, Mario Tennis if it's available, and me and my brother need some 3DS screen protectors. :3

        • this is how Big W should have done the Drop Zone sale, they cleared them too cheap, made them open to scalpers.

          Gradual price reduction like this (not too extreme) means less likely to happen as people still happy to pay >$10 for games each.

        • @poisonkiller89: Last Sat saw a few 3DS,NDS,PS3 and XBOX360 games at BigW Campsie for $1, on a paper table near game section.

  • +9

    Broden will be hard at work.

  • I'll pop into my local target tomorrow and see if I can pick up the starcraft heart of the swarm expansion for starcraft 2

  • Epic prices hardest thing will be finding the stock

    I've been trying to buy some of the items in this list at the current pre sale price and can't find the stock

    Thanks OP will try my luck at various stores 2mrow

  • +9

    Damn no Wii U console markdown

  • +1

    Alien Isolation on PS4 for $25 seems cheap?

    • tempted but the reviews seems to be bad?? >.<

      • +13

        Are you sure you're not confusing Isolation for Colonial Marines. Aliens Isolation got amazing reviews, but Colonial Marines is Duke Nukem level of bad

        • Cool, I'll try and grab a copy. Thanks.

      • +1

        Isolation is the excellent one. It's particularly awesome if you have an Xbox One with Kinect, as it tracks your head for looking around in hiding spots and you can have the microphones on so the alien can hear you if you make a noise (extremely nerve-wracking).

        • That sounds sick!

        • +1

          @Benjamin7711: Played it with roommates in the dark (Kinect still works perfectly), remembered that I had selected that "would you like to use Kinect?" option at the beginning the first time I was hiding behind some pipes from guards, my roommate coughed and their heads snapped around and stared RIGHT AT ME.

          After that hiding from the xenomorph tended to involve furious hand gestures and barely audible whispers between us. Most memorable group playthrough of a game I've ever had.

        • @AXiS:
          Thats wicked, think I might have to head down tomorrow and pick it up if they have any. I can see it now, my dog hears an alien noise in the surround sound, thinking its coming from outside and barks. I then proceed to getting slaughtered by aliens haha

      • A Great game. Highly recommended.

    • -1

      terrible game don't waste your money.

      Lucky i got it on my rgh.Tried to get into to it, 4 hours later turned it off.

  • +13

    Time to get out the hockey mask, electric cattle prod, and duffel bag I used at the Dick Smith gaming sale…see you guys tomorrow ;)

  • $15 for diablo 3 seems good.
    Do any stores have the expansion on special?

    • Pity you missed the the DS $5 sale a few weeks ago.

      $6 @ Kmart on Xbox 360

  • -1

    Unreal post !!! Thanks OP.
    What's the best deal out of the bunch ??

  • I am interested in two deals:

    Xbox 360(250GB)+ Kinect =144 AUD,

    Wii Fit U(balance board + meter + one game)=23 AUD.

    • +1

      that's on original wii…not Wii U

      • Wii Fit U is 39 AUD at the moment, I will check it anyway tomorrow, thanks for letting me know.

        • Wii Fit U has been $39 since last sale. If you're really keen Macquarie target had a couple the last time i checked. :)

        • @piggiepanda:

          Thanks for the info, I saw many of them(10+) in Target Hurstville last month, may check them tomorrow there.

          Wii Fit Plus was labelled 39 AUD as well in his link, which gave me hope that… ;-)

    • only if you can find one…

  • is there other things not listed on sale ?

    • +6

      Yeah there are but stock was minimal in the company so I didn't want to post it as it would create demand for stuff that just isn't out there in big numbers eg:

      Nintendo Wii U Basic console was $299, now $179

      FWIW, I listed around 400 skus on the list but over 1000 skus have price reductions on them

      • much stock on the wii U?

        • +1


        • @durd0008:

          Knew it, thanks for heads up.

  • When you say setting up clearance and it'll scan at the new price you mean tomorrow right?


  • Sorry dumb question, but how do I search which Target stores have the NINTENDO 3DS LAVENDER PINK in stock? Can't seem to do it online, so do I need to call each one/pay them a visit? Or can I call one and they can tell me? And who thinks they would have old firmware on them, or do they open them up and keep updating them? Thanks!

    • +1

      I'd imagine you would have to phone around and the stores could check stock.

      As far as firmware goes, it will be what was available when manufactured. Retails stores won't update the firmware.

    • Try 1300 753 567.

  • Just wish the headset adapter for the xbox one controllers would go on sale somewhere. I'm not paying half the price of the controller itself just to use my headphones.

    • The new controller will have it built in, you could always treat yourself to a new controller when it comes out haha

        • +1

          That's the elite, pretty crazy price aye.

          The one i'm talking about will come with all the new console bundles and I assume will be sold seperately aswell. it's practically the old controller with more responsive "bumpers" and a 3.5mm headphone plug :)

          Same price as the "old" controllers were/are.

        • +1

          @Benjamin7711: Ah fair enough. Yeah probably worthwhile just picking that up than the adapter. I'm still hanging out for the chatpad which isn't out til November.

      • +1

        The problem is… I already have 2 controllers. No chance I'll be buying a new one in a hurry :) I keep waiting for a cheap knock off to appear on alibaba or ebay or something. I bought a knock off wireless 360 dongle thingo for about a quarter of the price and its still going about 3 years later.

  • Heya! does anyone know if this extend to Country Target as well?

    • +4


  • Looks like it is worth picking up an Xbox One at that price and I then can sell my Apple TV to subsidise it. Any other good Xbox deals?

  • +8

    good god, it going to be like big w or dicksmith all over again.

  • Thanks for the clearance list boratsagdiyev.

    Does anyone know if the xbone Kinect sensor kit will be on sale at all?

  • +3

    Thanks boratsagdiyev. It'sa nice.

  • +1

    go today and find the boxes of the games you want. hide them and come back tomorrow? haha

    so sly

    • +1

      buy today, refund tmrw, then repurchase.

  • +11


    May help with the searching. There was a bunch of unknowns as the console reference was dropped off the name or not listed.

    Happy for anyone to take what I did and build on it

    • +4

      I just did the same thing, I have filter turned on to show just the platform you want - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1RBbh9b4htrBswKhJPjh5…

      Edit: I have just added a bunch of tabs that just show a specific platform

    • Could you turn the filter on for viewers?

      • If you click the "filter views.." button (which is beside the print icon) you can "save as a temporay filter view" which enables filtering.

        I dont know how to enable it without giving people the ability to alter the document for everyone else.

      • Should work now, let me know, and I added tabs per platform.

    • What formula did you use to pull the platform to the new cell. I have already written over mine, so I can't remember what is was (got it from a google search), but I had to do it per term, and then filtered and altered the term and result. Did you have a way to simply past the formula and it separated all platforms in one go?

      • +2

        what a waste of clicks!!!, I will upload a table on a website with lots of ads!! XD.. just kidding.. I dont have a website :(

      • It was long and most likely the longest way to go about it. Im no excel expert thats for sure

  • +2

    Anything good for a Nintendo Wii U owner?

    • +41

      There's an Xbox One for $299.

      • +5

        Oh, snap!

    • +3

      Nah, it's the stuff that usually sits on Target's shelves: CoD, Disney Infinity, Skylanders, Just Dance and old Wii games.

      Might be worth it if you don't have those games and want the Club Nintendo Points before they close it for good.

      • +1

        Do they still come with Club Nintendo points?

        • Most of them were manufactured before CN was announced to be closing, so probably. Couldn't guarantee though.

        • Target are notorious for leaving CN cards in the games, you'll probably find if they haven't been stolen, they've been used….

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