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XB1 1TB Forza 6 Console + Forza 6 + The Elder Scrolls Online + Gears of War $549 @ JB Hi-Fi


XB1 1TB Forza 6 Console + Forza 6 + The Elder Scrolls Online + Gears Of War $549
The also have a destiny PS4 Console $569 But only 500GB, Details in catalogue :)

Starts Tuesday

Will be this Bundle But With 2 Extra Games

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JB Hi-Fi
JB Hi-Fi

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  • Easy 5% off using Wish Gift cards -> JB cards bringing it down to $521.55 effectively.

    • Wish cards work at JB?

      • You can buy JB cards at woolworths with your wish cards :)

  • Thanks, needed an extra bluray player, and the Sony 4K upscale one is $40 off :)

  • Is this the one with the SSD/Hybrid harddrive and new controller, of is that only the "elite" consoles?

    Edit: Looks like the Hybrid drive and funky new controller is part of the "elite" bundle only.

    • It should be the updated controllers (mic port and tiny changes), not the $200 one with fancy metal /adjustable bits

  • Link is to the New Zealand site?

    • If you look closely, it says AU in the link and also everywhere in the catalogue.

  • Nice console deals, I just keep hearing people say hold out to closer to Christmas as there will be bigger and better bundles then?

    • Yea Im in the same boat, buy now or wait?

    • There is a good chance that you will get a better bundle closer to Christmas, but it's unlikely to be much cheaper unless you manage to grab a clearance bundle

    • I need something to drive Fallout 4 with, and torn between upgrading my xbox 360 to an xbox one or putting some coin into a PC.

      Probably should work out what to do with my xbox 360 and the 30-40 games i have sitting in a white plastic stacking crate.

  • Will that be a pre-order only deal? or will it be available at stores too?
    Cause at pre-order on the website, it doesn't say anything about the 2 extra games.

    • Yes should be in store too

  • Picked it up from the store (local had stock)… Staff there assured me that it came with the 2 extra games.
    … but no.