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FREE: 5x Ashampoo Full Version PC Programs ($160 Value)


Select your desired software programs from these five Ashampoo full versions absolutely free, instantly and guaranteed without obligations.
Enter your download code in order to activate the access to your gifts.
Then download, install and use one or even all of the five Ashampoo full versions below - guaranteed free and unrestricted.

The five apps are:
Ashampoo Burning Studio 2015
Ashampoo Music Studio 5
Ashampoo Snap 7
Ashampoo Slideshow Studio 2015
Ashampoo WinOptimizer 11

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  • Good one, TA. I have got AShampoo freebies before and they are usually very good. After signing up, you get a few email offers now and then to upgrade or buy one of their other products, but you don't get flooded with them so it's not majorly annoying.

    • AVOID!!!! Windows 10 users. The moment you install the software, a pop-up appears saying there is version XX.XX which has better compatibility for Windows 10. That 'better compatible' version is NOT free. Thanks.

  • FWIW the five apps are:

    • Ashampoo Burning Studio 2015
    • Ashampoo Music Studio 5
    • Ashampoo Snap 7
    • Ashampoo Slideshow Studio 2015
    • Ashampoo WinOptimizer 11
  • Thanks, the burning studio seems to work well

  • Thanks. Gonna try Burning Studio and Slideshow Studio.

  • Do I need to enter separate email addresses for each software?

    • You need to enter same or any email for each installation. If you sign up they ask if you want to be recognised by installation of cookie. Pretty polite, really.

  • Why are they giving this away for free without even asking for my email address?

  • they will ask for your email id once you try to install.

  • None mention Win10,

    Anyone know if they work ok with it?

  • Ok just tried the Music Studio and the first few trials seem to work OK with 10, no issues yet.

    *Note, it did dump something called "Your Software Deals" on my desktop

    • I believe the desktop shortcut is just a link to a website and not some sort of junkware.

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    I thought this was like a new brand of shampoo or something -__-

  • Be aware that these guys make good software but they're also really good at spamming you once they have your details. Make sure to unsubscribe from everything as soon as you have your keys.

  • Has anyone tried WinOptimiser? That one sounds useful. The others don't suit my needs so much..

    • Yeah been using version 11 for a while now with no issues, works on W10. Note that like all the other software in this deal it is not the latest version. But as it's free I'm not complaining, I actually paid money for it. :)

  • This is awesome ! I downloaded and installed all 5 products.

  • Use code "ARSE-SHAMPOO" to claim your free Ashampoo products!

    • Good thing you didn't say ARSE-AMPOO. Even though that's what I thought you said.

  • And another interesting (and free) tool on the same site: Ashampoo┬« AntiSpy for Windows 10 https://www.ashampoo.com/en/usd/pin/1004/security-software/A...

  • Thanks TA, been using burning studio 2009 for a long time and it's one of the best burning suite IMO. Recently rebuild the laptop and couldn't get 2009 back onto it but I refused to pay the GBP11 odd dollar to upgrade to 2015. Good to be able to get that for free now.

    • Just wondering why you refused to pay for the good software that you've enjoyed using since 2009?

      • Doesn't really need explaining does it? He's an ozbargainer lol

      • It is a matter of principle were I already own the 2009 license. Just because I can't download the software anymore, I am forced to pay for a new one?

        Been using Burning Studio Free in the meantime. The only different is slower burning speed and horrible audio rip bitrate. Thankfully I didn't need to rip and CD. There was no urgency for the full version.

  • I bought 2014 Burning Studio and it is awesome!

    Since 2015 Burning Studio is the latest and this is what you get, why are they doing this? you get the latest Burning Studio for free?

  • I'll never use Ashampoo programs again. They could just give us an installation code with the "free" program, but they make us hand over an email address to obtain the installation code. Then they spam the hell out of us with a constant stream of nagging emails telling us we should upgrade to the latest version of the program we just got. At no stage do they ask us if they can email us. Trying to unsubscribe from their spam list is difficult, because we have to log into an account they set up without your knowledge, and change settings.
    I wrote to them about this, after getting "free" programs via an Australian magazine, but they replied rather rudely with pretty much a "stuff you, we'll spam you all we want" gist to their email.

  • Ashampoo = crap software + spam for life

  • Tbh the freeware alternatives are much better then Ashampoo ones