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MacBook Pro 13in 2.5GHz i5 4GB 500GB MD101X/A- $1394 Myer


MacBook Pro 13in 2.5GHz i5 4GB 500GB MD101X/A
MacBook Pro features fourth-generation dual-core processors, advanced graphics and up to seven hours of battery life*… View more

colour Grey

now $1394.10
Product Code 122586310

Apple store sells the refurbished one for $1309

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    Model year 2012. Get it only if you're desperate for a Mac laptop you could put in your own RAM and SSD. And a DVD burner.

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      Indeed - the processor in this is now 2, and soon to be 3 generations behind. And you'd really need to add an SSD to have decent performance.

      Far better buying http://www.myer.com.au/shop/mystore/electrical/mac-all/macbo... which is also 10% off and the same price, and with current processors and an SSD and almost as much resolution.

    • that'll set you back an extra $300-500. So not even worth doing that.

      • But if you wanted a 1TB or 2TB SSD…

  • It's a general 10% off Apple computers at Myer, this specific model has never been worth getting unless you desperately need the OSX and want it as cheap as possible while having 500GB internal storage. It's from 2012, has no retina display, is heavier than the other MBP by 500g and basically lacks all the features that make a MBP appealing. Much better off forking out another $100 for the 256GB Macbook Air.

  • Terrible machine in today's day and age.

    Even at that price no where near a bargain.

  • It belongs in a museum!

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