Random money in my letterbox

Hi guys,

So I've been getting these random token amounts of money in my letterbox every month or so for the last few years ever since I've moved in to my property. The amounts vary from 2 dollars to 20 dollars and there is no letter or anything else placed in my mailbox.

Personally I don't mind this too much but it's creeping out my significant other. Anyone else had any similar experience or might know what this money is for?


Update: Thanks for all the ideas and suggestions! My significant other and I have decided to pool together 200 dollars and donate it to a charity (thinking MSF atm) as well as keep any further money for donation purposes. We'll keep the receipts just in case the person ever makes himself known.


  • Yeah that's for me.

    Please send it through to my bank account along with any interest you've accumulated.

  • Never heard of such a thing - weird. I'd be installing a security camera to find out who and why…

    • Yeah I'm actually considering that but it's a bit complicated getting strata permission in my complex. And the events are entirely random, not sure if a mobile camera will catch anything.

      • Don't tell them about the money, tell them that someone is going through your mail and you want to know who. If that doesn't work, mention that you're worried the money is drug money and that there may be consequences if they've worked out it's mistaken identity. Also don't tell them it's been going on for years- they'll be less likely to help you if they know you were lazy about doing something at the beginning.

    • Using the money from the letterbox.

  • Hide a go pro in the mail box.

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    Boo Radley?

  • That is freaky weird, but hey, money is money.

  • No idea and no hasn't happened to me and hasn't been discussed amongst friends/peers, but agreed that it sounds creepy (although rationally speaking, hey, it's free money).
    I like the gopro idea, but it won't help you see who the person is. Only the time that it occurs. Might still help.. a little bit?

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    Probably from the next door neighbour, who installed a hidden cam in your bathroom during the open house inspection.

    Seriously though, it's either that the person that lived there before had some kind of financial difficulty - and some nearby old folk still thinks they live there. Or, one of you sleepwalk.

    • the person that lived there before had some kind of financial difficulty - and some nearby old folk still thinks they live there.

      Oh no.. this made me sad on too many levels..please make them stahp.. ;__;

  • who cares, just put it in the money box

  • The tooth fairy getting the address wrong?
    It's been happening every month for the past few years and you still have no idea who it is?

    • Its the ozbargain fairy, handing out money for eneloops, delivery hero, and strange 1c things from TA

    • The Tooth Fairy always got my address wrong; so did Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.


    • I recently watched The Grand Seduction, and they'd leave money for a guy to find, to convince him to stay in the town.

      Perhaps someone is putting money in your letterbox so you think the house is good luck. The previous tenants/owners may have been horrible people.

  • If its strata, I'm guessing there are a quite a few letterboxes to choose from? Maybe some kid is paying off a debt for breaking a window with his footy, and sometimes gets the wrong letterbox as he's careless … reason for breaking the window in the firstplace, lol!
    Just put a note on the letterbox slot that you don't want the cash, I'm sure it will soon stop!

  • The money is from your secret admirer.

  • Just put the money into a tin until you stumble upon the reason. If you don't find out the reason, donate it to a registered reputable charity.

    Or put a note on the letterbox asking "why is somebody putting money in my mailbox?" and see if there will be a note answering the question one day. Just make sure it's locked. Don't need thievery too.

    • Yeah, the thought of putting a letter and then having a dialogue with the guy/girl might open another whole can of worms though.

    • put a note… "why is somebody putting money in my mailbox?"

      Worst advise ever. You are trying to attract other people to sneak into op's mail box just for couple of bucks. Op would loss more than just the money.

  • Install an Arlo wireless camera, no wires, no permission needed hopefully (Although privacy may become an issue).
    I'd just be keeping it all together, even if you throw a complex barbecue or something, Karma can't hit you for that…

  • While this is unusual it could be random acts of kindness? Is there anyone else on your street that has experienced the same? If there has been financial difficulty this could be another reason.

  • Either someone is trying to pay the previous owner some kind of 'debt' or if you are superstitious maybe someone is trying to buy your good fortunes.

  • Just leave the money in there and see if they continue to donate.

    Just put a lock on the letterbox and call it a piggy bank.

  • put a sticker on your mail box with "Notes only. No change given" or if you want to find out who it is - "Bank cheques only"

  • How much money do you think you've accumulated so far?

  • Surely this has to be drug related payback to the previous owner. Leave a note in the letterbox to advise that their debt is now paid off?

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      I don't think so druggies don't work like that, and how would a dealer know which druggie it was?

    • Previous owner was an US expat that lectured at USYD. Not too sure if that excludes or makes it more likely that he dealt drugs through his mailbox lol

  • Put a notice on your letter box "no drug money please"


    got to be an oldie with dementia, I bet they're wondering why they can't seem to save anything!

  • Probably A Current Affair stunt…

    'Mailbox owners pocketing money found in their letterbox'
    'How well do you know your neighbours?'

    or, you're being recorded for a dutch TV show.

  • do you notice the money in there every morning after you have had a wild night? seriouskly accumulate the money in a tin, saver it and id the person putting it in… either be good samaratan helpong out prior owner/tennent or some kid like the others have said… its interesting

  • I would suggest it's someone with a mental condition (confusion, paranoia, dementia, etc) leaving the money in your mailbox. Sorry to be blunt about it if that upsets anyone. There is no logical reason to leave small amounts of money in someone's mailbox.

    It can't be a child being naive or silly either, as the events have been happening for years.

  • old fashioned stake out, when you catch the person, beat them up and take all their money.

    They obviously have too much of it

    • old fashioned stake out, when you catch the person, beat them up and take all their money.

      That's a horrible thing to suggest, even for a joke!


      Take their money; sure, but leave them with $5 for the bus home.

      • if they're dropping in money here and there, i assume they live locally. Not sure i'd spent dollars on a bus ride to leave 20c in someones letterbox

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        Take their money; sure, but leave them with $5 for the bus home.

        Who needs money for a bus these days? They should have an Opal card.

        Take the fiver too!

  • How about a carefully worded note (ie no mention of amounts and frequency so as not to give them any clues to be able to falsify a claim) to all the other residents to see if there is a simple case of mistaken address?…and if you do solve the mystery, please come back and tell us about it.

  • Hey take it in your stride I once found Six hundred dollars in my post box accompanied by an unsigned card simply saying;"God loves you" It had a black horse galloping with the mane caressing the sky. I guess you could say that the gift came from a dark horse. Just say thank you and aim that one day you find yourself on the flip side…

  • Ashley Madison is returning your money :)

  • I assume you didn't read Stephen King's 'Finders Keepers'? You should read it - same story, random money in the mailbox.

    • Man… I've just checked the book thinking about reading it and then realised you might have spoiled it for me now :(

    • Oh man, not a stephen king novel, I don't wanna wake up with some random dude standing over my bed.

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        I don't wanna wake up with some random dude standing over my bed.
        standing over my bed.
        standing over..

        hmm that's not how I expected the sentence to end..

        my mind.. the gutter ;)

  • Hmm, must have the auto dialer set to the wrong address…