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HP Officejet 2620 All-in-One Colour Printer $17 @ Harvey Norman


It's back, and cheaper. Enjoy :)

Effortlessly copy, scan, fax and print with the HP Officejet 2620 All In One Printer. Its compact, simple-to-use design, 35ppm speeds and automatic document feeder help to save you both time and space.

Key Features

Easily print, scan and fax using the straightforward display and keypad on the HP Officejet 2620
Boasting an Energy Star qualification, the Officejet 2620 All In One Printer will conserve energy and save you money
This compact all-in-one printers offers quality results whilst saving you space and easily fitting wherever you need it

What's In The Box

1x HP Officejet 2620 All-in-One Printer
1x HP 61 Black Ink Cartridge (~190 pages)
1x HP 61 Tri-color Ink Cartridge (~165 pages)
1x Software CD Setup Guide
1x Power supply power cord
1x USB cable

Kudos to theearth at Buckscoop for the find

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    1x HP 61 Black Ink Cartridge (~190 pages)
    1x HP 61 Tri-color Ink Cartridge (~165 pages)

    This is a better buy as it has 700 pages on the cartridge : Brother HL-1110 Monochrome Laser Printer $28 Click & Collect @ Dick Smith

    • +2

      this one brings in colour though?

    • +10

      Unless someone also wants to scan, copy or fax … or printing in colour.
      But apart from that, for straight up black printing the Brother deal is a better cost per page in black only.

      • +1

        I bought the last deal as i only wanted a scanner…
        best value for that. :)

        • I also want the scan function. Can this one scan if the inks run out?

    • This is basically a 17 dollar document scanner to me, and maybe many others

  • +9

    Buy 10, keep all the inks and throw 9 printers away?

    • +2

      You'd have to go to 5 different stores. Limit of 2 per customer :)

      • +6

        I've done this … but just done it across several days with the same store. They don't care nor check. I reckon you could buy 2, wait and hour, come back and rinse / repeat. The check out person has no idea and doesn't give a sh!t.

        • If you've got the storage space, why waste time changing the ink, just chuck the old printer & grab another new one from your supply.

        • +8


          If every one did that imagine what the land fill would be like.

        • +1

          Printer City.

        • -3

          @hollykryten: I'd rather imagine paying less for printing.

    • You know the inks are demo inks and not full, right?

      • Really? I was thinking they are full inks.
        Can anybody comment upon the quality of print?

        • This is from my experience, the set came with it always end a lot faster.

      • +4

        Not from my experience. I've just purchased 2 of these printers & my wife with me also purchased 2.
        In the box are full inks. In the last dozen of these cheap printers I've purchased (all HP) they have all been full inks. Just make sure you keep the scanning print out alignment page. That way you can trick the printer and save ink.

        • +1

          How trick the printer to save ink?

        • +1

          @TRAVLER: Century Gothic, for example, uses on average 30% less ink than Arial. The top five fonts according to Printer.com for low ink usage are Century Gothic, Times New Roman, Calibri, Verdani, and Arial.

      • I think inks carts are always full - laser printer toners usually have "starter" toners. If the specs are correct - 190 pages at 5% coverage sounds about right.

        • The Epson Workforce Printer I have comes with "Initial Cartridges" that is always significantly less than the ones your buy off the shelf

    • You know the inks that comes with the printer contains less ink or they give you smaller cartridges.

  • +3

    this is the best from the deal

    Hello Ozbargainer - Need any advice, talk to a expert now.


    • That's been there for at least a year but yes still good!

  • +2

    Seriously?! I looked at this site yesterday afternoon when I ran out of black ink, hoping to get a printer instead and saw the expired deal for this, and had to go to Officeworks to buy a 60 Black for $25 for the HP F2480.

    Will grab this one as replacement then.

    • +1

      And of course I failed to check The Good Guys which sells the exact same cartridge for $20 flat. Could've price matched.

      And now Google AdSense is taunting me by splashing The Good Guys ad of the HP60 ink on this OzBargain page. Gets better and better!

  • Couldn't resist, bought 2. well done!!

  • OW price beat?
    Edit.. I don't think OW has it.
    Thanks OP! Picked up 1

  • Picked up 2….

    • did you check the size of the ink full one or demo?

  • Bought 2 as well, nice one OP.

  • Anyone tried to refill its cartridge ?

    • I have a different HP printer and always get the chinese counterfeit ink from ebay for it, works okay.

    • I tried on a similar model 2510 i think. Does NOT work. There are some temporary fixes last for upto a few pages but such a pain.

  • Just note that it is not wireless.

    • hope we can find a adapter that can be plugged into the USB port

  • Great. I ordered one just for the cartridges, which come to about $52 at Officeworks. The HP Deskjet 2050 I got for $18 3 years ago still works fine, though I don't print much.

  • +1

    I don't think it can print off files from USB keys, right? I still keep my $9 Dell one with cheap replacement ink because of this functionality.

  • How is the quality of this printer? Has anybody used?

    • +1

      Have just been using one. Works just like all the rest of these cheap printers. I think this is the best so far on fast draft quality. In short, prints fine for home / SoHo use. I'm not printing high quality prints, just generic printing. Scanner works well with paperport (it recognised it and can can scan from flatbed + feeder). Haven''t sent a fax yet but was dead easy to set up. Comes with 2 x full inks, phone cable, software on CD, a phone adaptor for NZ and other countries, USB cable and power supply. Printing is a straight pass through path so it will print thicker stock.

      • Thanks mate. Bought 1.

  • -1

    For those who want to buy it for inks, remember with inkjet printer the ink inside they said are demo and not full.

    • +1

      they said : 1x HP 61 Black Ink Cartridge (~190 pages)
      1x HP 61 Tri-color Ink Cartridge (~165 pages)

      • May be I am wrong with Officejet model, most HP inkjet I bought the ink won't last long.

        • yes i know they used to put demo ink but this time they said 190pages
          for who already picked up the printer can you check the ink full one or demo one?thank you

        • @TRAVLER: confirm full standard ink. Not the XL tanks.

  • +2

    hey guys, wondering if you guys know how much for the inks if it runs out? how is the quality of the printer? thanks

  • LMDamn you ozbargain…. Just bought two printers I really didn't need haha. Fwiw an Epson is my normal printer because the cheap ink is very cheap. But hey $17 …….

    BTW the full carts on eBay for dodgy brothers ones are around $25 a set

  • +1

    I resisted last time and succeeded. I tried to resist this time…. and failed.

    Had to run from Auburn (NSW) HN to the one next door, because their floor stock was reserved for 'online orders' (that's you, Ozbargain).
    They then tried to sell me ink. Yeah, sure, I'll just buy a new printer instead, thank you very much.

  • What no duplex?

  • Plus this one on behalf of two colleges here who just bought 3 of, and emptied out the Broadmeadows (VIC) HN stock at lunchtime. I don't actually have the space or need for colour printing…

  • got one at Thomastown VIC, thanks TA!

  • -3

    I got one when they was 14 bux haven't opened it yet.

  • An OW guy once told me that HP starter ink is about 30% capacity

  • good quality scanning though? Probably will use more for that…

    Wish there's a cheap laser all in one printer

  • My problem with HP All in one is that even if you only want to scan documents and not to use the printer, it still initialises the inks when you first turn it ON and use up a small amount of ink. It refuses to let me scan or fax when one of the ink tanks are empty.

    • ok that sucks…no deal then ..

  • HP inkjet.

    I bought one of those once, but hadn't planned on the repeated financial violation of my very being every time i had to replace the cartridge.

    Never, ever, again…i don't care how cheap the initial hit is…

    • Printer companies always try to lure you by offering a low price on the inkjet printer and then make small ink cartridges which run out quickly and the cartridge by itself costs more than the printer itself and in the long run they earn more profit by doing these tactics so a better long term investment would be a laser printer which I currently use. I only use my inkjet for scanning stuff and that's about it.

  • How to use the colour ink to print black&white? My printer ran out black ink but the colour ink is still pretty full. But it won't print using the colour ink.

  • +5

    Just got one from HN Preston VIC with a interesting experience.

    On my way to the counter with the printer, a kind staff stopped me and asked me nicely if I need a invoice for the printer. Of course I do. He took me to the nearest computer and tried to generate a invoice for me. I saw $17 popped up on the screen when he scanned the box, but after he input something into the computer the price magically became $45. Then the staff guided me personally to the counter and asked the lady at the counter charge me $45 for the printer. I told the lady it should be $17. The lady did a quick search on their website and changed the price back to $17. Imagine if I do not know their online price and take the printer. Dodgy HN will have a $28 bonus from me.

    Tips Remember check in store price against their website price every time when you shop at HN and do not trust any kind staff from HN Preston VIC.

    • Better than me, the guy straight out scanned the barcode that showed up as $85.
      Imagine his surprise when I pointed him to the HN website, and that he had to honour the online price, since I was already 'picking it up in store'.

      • If you are picking it up in store then that means you have already paid for it online, so just show them the order number and collect it. No need to worry about anything else.

  • Got one in the afternoon at Rutherford NSW. At least 7 left, properly displayed at $17.

  • hi anyone know where we can recycle a printer?

    never mind found it here http://www.techcollect.com.au/what-we-take/

  • Damn you, TA - purchased ;)

  • Good deal for a cheap printer.. Bought two..

  • Ordered one, thx

  • hey, is this printer can do duplex or double side auto scan?

    • +1

      No. You need to flip the pages. I'm using paperport v14.5 so it just tells you to flip the pages when scanning and it reverse sorts them for you. All too easy for $17

  • Heaps left at Munno Para SA. They're kept out the back, ie staff need to get them for you

  • Hmmm seems the drivers for this don't work in OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) or at least the scanner component doesn't ;(

    • I'll buy it from you if you no longer want it?

  • If anyone has a spare printer I'd like to buy it - even if it doesn't have any ink. I need it for the scanning :)