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SanDisk Ultra Fit 32GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive $15 @ Harvey Norman


Usually $27.00

Just picked up one of the HP printers and noted that this SanDisk drive had also been reduced this morning.

Picked up 3 for use as FreeNAS boot drives, because they are so small they won't be knocked by my office chair anymore ;)

NOTE: Limit 3 per customer.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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      Cool story bro ;)

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    I don't need it but ordered 3! Damn you Ozbargain, you're gonna make me broke ! LOL

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    Normally $17 at MSY so not a huge saving.

    • +31

      $2 is not a huge saving? Please give up your ozbargain membership card now…

      • +5

        I've seen OzBargainers haggle over 1c price difference. Wash your mouth out with soap! Next you'll tell me you don't have 6 or more torches and a drawer full of eneloops. Sheesh…

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          These people! These people should be inducted in OZB hall of fame, good sir.

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      11.7% cheaper ;)

  • They should make a MicroUSB version so we can just stick it to our mobile phone for extra space for mobile that dont support MicroSD.

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      i just bought one of these the other day from shopping express when it went on sale, tried to use it last night but i have misplaced it, hope it turns up soon.

      • Thats awesome. Is this similar to yours. The Sandisk link you provided looks a bit different.


        • yep, looks like the exact same packaging mine come in. and about the same price i think.

        • The one you linked is microusb for "current generation" devices. The one DarwinBoy bought is USB Type-C suitable for use with OnePlus 2 and other "next-gen" phones and tablets that will release with USB Type-C Adapters in the future.

        • +1

          @Agret: yeah, i couldnt find the same item i bought on the shopping square website do i just did a quick google search and posted what i thought i got, in my haste to do so and the fact that my little fellas 'hid' the item before i even opened the packaging i have probably posted the wrong item.
          That ebay item did look exactly like what i pulled out of the packaging which is the last time i saw it after giving it to the little fella to play with for the last few minutes before arriving home

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    great speed for the price, mine writes average 30-40mb/s in windows 10 (fat32).

    • I get similar speeds in Win 8.1. Happy with mine. Paid $16.90 delivered on ebay a few months back.

  • Since they are so small I attached one to my keys with a detachable keyring thingy and a piece of wire, meaning the USB key travels with me everywhere.

    The detachable keyring thingy also makes it harder to lose if I do use it.

    • +4

      be careful with using metal keyrings with this (through the hole). the hole is intended for lanyard strings only (like the ones used for camera straps or novelty dangly things on their phone), not metal split rings. it is going to break if you use a metal keyring.

      • +1

        +1000. My 'hook' broke the very next day after putting a tiny metal key ring on it. BIG design flaw in this thing.

        Otherwise- I'm happy with speed/performance so far. I'm using it as a Persistant linux OS drive and it is super fast for that. Heating hasn't been an issue (yet- only been a week…)

        • +1

          "BIG design flaw…"

          Actually it's not a 'design flaw', you've misinterpreted the intended purpose of that hole (and no crass jokes about 'what she said' here, please). As capri points out in the comment above yours, that hole is not designed to have a (strong/rigid) metal attachment threaded through it. Doing so means that if any 'twisting pressure' is ever placed on that piece of metal (by a kid sitting on your lap, or you carrying a heavy box on your hip, etc.), that because it's a rigid material that is more dense (stronger) than the plastic the it's attached to, it's the plastic that breaks. So you're only meant to thread something non-rigid through there.

  • Got one, thanks.

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    WTF, I just paid $16 at HN for this a couple weeks ago. Ripped off.
    My experience,
    Write about 35 MB/s
    Read about 130 MB/s

  • Terrible, slow drive that broke after ~24GB writes and software encryption. Broke my USB 3 ports on my laptop (Intel controller). DO NOT BUY.

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      And the dodgy laptop brand was…..

    • +2

      How did this 'break' your USB ports? from over heating?

      • +2

        lol this is actually possible, it gets hot!

        having said that mine is still going strong, but the heat thing did stop me from putting and leaving it in my wii u…

      • +6

        Overheating. Took it out and measured it, 65c. After 3 minutes of being in the port. HP EliteBook 820.

        • +1

          And 65c was enough to break your USB port? I'd say that's your problem right there.

        • @macrocephalic: I'd had it in for longer before that, and I assume it was hotter.

        • +1

          @Droidyy: Unlikely.. based on some benching, followed by a lot of idling, it sits around 65°C. Judging by the fact that lots of people using these in servers to store their hypervisor, I find it unlikely it gets any hotter. Besides, if it managed to hit Tjmax (usually around 105°C to 125°C)

          Now for some HP blaming: a random USB3 socket (female end) I just looked up is rated to run from 0°c to 85°C, with the lowest melting point being that of high-temp (PA6T) nylon at 320°C. Another doesn't list operating ranges, but uses a combination of PBT plastic, brass, bronze, and gold/tin plating, where the lowest melting point is Tin.. at 232°C, well beyond any TjMax, and the new lead-free solders melt around 300°C, which makes them a bit of a pain to work with. Since the thumbdrive can't break the socket itself, it means that HP quite simply failed ot engineer their motherboard properly, because my desktop (corsair 550D case) and laptop (Dell Precision M4600) are just fine with it, both using USB3 ports.

          EDIT: oh, and btw, optimal temperature for CMOS transistors (basically all chips these days) is around 60°C, so that's not dangerous.

        • @ZeDestructor: It may even be a software issue, as the port refuses to work with USB 3.0 devices now. All other ones work. Port worked with USB 3.0 brilliantly before, as I remember getting 300MBps+ copy onto my SSD from my mSATA portable disk. The laptop's a piece of shit anyway, 12 months always in the case and the fan shits itself, RAM was faulty and it gets really, really warm at 50% load. Work supplied. Ports still work on my desktop (Corsair 250D mini-itx) and personal laptop (Toshiba i7).

    • I used it as a Windows 10 install media on a USB3 port.
      Didn't have any issues.
      "slow"??? It's pretty darn fast. Not the fastest but I don't know anything faster for this price.

      • +1

        Mine was getting 4-7Mbps on large files (Games, used as a Steam backup disk). USB3 port, same on 2 different PCs. ScamDisk refuses to replace it because I have to pay $5 for shipping it there. On a $16 drive. What a joke.

    • Dont be vindictive mate. We've all had our fair share of dodgy products and you can mention that you had a bad experience with them sure, but dont assume every single storage device they make is bad.

      • +1

        I didn't think droidy was vindictive or targeting every product from Sandisk. I'm glad droidy warned people. It may be a one-off (although baldy agreed about the overheating).

        OzBargain is odd in that respect. If someone says they had bad experience with a product, they often end up being modded down. If you had a good experience, you shouldn't mod it down, simply post your alternative outcome.

      • -3

        I'm not being vindictive exactly, my experience with SanDisk is horrid. 3/4 of the products I have from them are faulty, and I haven't seen worse customer support. (Cruzer 8GB (2009), 8GB MicroSD, this.)

        • +2

          I don't doubt this, but posting it in every single sandisk deal is at the least resentful. Do a review in product review or somewhere and move on.

    • I call BS.

  • Ah, crap! I was just at HN to pick up the printer before browsing around for other bargains. How did I miss this (granted there were no signs displayed, but still…)
    Guess I saved money on petrol lol

  • 3 left at HN coburg as of 3pm on the shelf. Only bought 2. I'll post my thoughts on its performance soon.

    • Writes better than my lexar usb3.0 drive ive got (thats all i got to compare to) took 20 minutes~ to write 20 gb of data to it.

      Pulled it out and its not even body temp, maybe room temp at best. Very happy with purchase so far.
      *My only problem with it so far - its a PITA to pull out from the front of my pc, my knuckle is red.

  • +1

    These Ultra Fit drives run very hot after a short use and have burned USB port for many people (according to Amazon and various other reviews) http://tinyurl.com/ntvrtp5

    • +1

      dip them in ice cool water before use.

  • Performance is excellent, see below.

    Starting benchmark.
    Bechmarking D:(4C531001530526112190)
    Started at 18/09/2015 4:23:00 PM
    Filename: D:\test.tmp
    Starting large file benchmark. With 100MB file.
    16384k:6 Write Speed:90.41MB/s
    16384k:6 Write Speed:100.70MB/s
    16384k:6 Write Speed:92.47MB/s
    16384k:6 Average Write Speed:94.32MB/s
    16384k:6 Read Speed:145.90MB/s
    16384k:6 Read Speed:145.77MB/s
    16384k:6 Read Speed:144.08MB/s
    16384k:6 Average Read Speed:145.24MB/s
    8192k:12 Write Speed:100.79MB/s
    8192k:12 Write Speed:95.62MB/s
    8192k:12 Write Speed:100.66MB/s
    8192k:12 Average Write Speed:98.97MB/s
    8192k:12 Read Speed:146.09MB/s
    8192k:12 Read Speed:146.49MB/s
    8192k:12 Read Speed:144.20MB/s
    8192k:12 Average Read Speed:145.59MB/s
    4096k:25 Write Speed:100.56MB/s
    4096k:25 Write Speed:97.82MB/s
    4096k:25 Write Speed:100.84MB/s
    4096k:25 Average Write Speed:99.72MB/s
    4096k:25 Read Speed:146.23MB/s
    4096k:25 Read Speed:146.84MB/s
    4096k:25 Read Speed:144.65MB/s
    4096k:25 Average Read Speed:145.90MB/s
    2048k:50 Write Speed:100.87MB/s
    2048k:50 Write Speed:98.67MB/s
    2048k:50 Write Speed:100.84MB/s
    2048k:50 Average Write Speed:100.12MB/s
    2048k:50 Read Speed:146.49MB/s
    2048k:50 Read Speed:147.22MB/s
    2048k:50 Read Speed:145.03MB/s
    2048k:50 Average Read Speed:146.24MB/s
    1024k:100 Write Speed:100.93MB/s
    1024k:100 Write Speed:98.58MB/s
    1024k:100 Write Speed:100.84MB/s
    1024k:100 Average Write Speed:100.10MB/s
    1024k:100 Read Speed:146.67MB/s
    1024k:100 Read Speed:147.36MB/s
    1024k:100 Read Speed:147.32MB/s
    1024k:100 Average Read Speed:147.12MB/s
    512k:200 Write Speed:101.02MB/s
    512k:200 Write Speed:98.71MB/s
    512k:200 Write Speed:100.98MB/s
    512k:200 Average Write Speed:100.22MB/s
    512k:200 Read Speed:146.68MB/s
    512k:200 Read Speed:147.33MB/s
    512k:200 Read Speed:147.31MB/s
    512k:200 Average Read Speed:147.11MB/s
    Deleting file.
    Starting small file benchmark. With 10MB file.
    256k:40 Write Speed:82.10MB/s
    256k:40 Write Speed:82.09MB/s
    256k:40 Write Speed:81.59MB/s
    256k:40 Average Write Speed:81.93MB/s
    256k:40 Read Speed:139.00MB/s
    256k:40 Read Speed:139.27MB/s
    256k:40 Read Speed:139.43MB/s
    256k:40 Average Read Speed:139.23MB/s
    128k:80 Write Speed:59.48MB/s
    128k:80 Write Speed:57.00MB/s
    128k:80 Write Speed:59.27MB/s
    128k:80 Average Write Speed:58.56MB/s
    128k:80 Read Speed:136.95MB/s
    128k:80 Read Speed:129.84MB/s
    128k:80 Read Speed:137.22MB/s
    128k:80 Average Read Speed:134.58MB/s
    64k:160 Write Speed:41.93MB/s
    64k:160 Write Speed:39.88MB/s
    64k:160 Write Speed:40.72MB/s
    64k:160 Average Write Speed:40.83MB/s
    64k:160 Read Speed:110.81MB/s
    64k:160 Read Speed:116.64MB/s
    64k:160 Read Speed:116.85MB/s
    64k:160 Average Read Speed:114.70MB/s
    32k:320 Write Speed:24.93MB/s
    32k:320 Write Speed:25.55MB/s
    32k:320 Write Speed:25.89MB/s
    32k:320 Average Write Speed:25.45MB/s
    32k:320 Read Speed:80.20MB/s
    32k:320 Read Speed:83.52MB/s
    32k:320 Read Speed:83.01MB/s
    32k:320 Average Read Speed:82.22MB/s
    Deleting file.
    Starting tiny file benchmark. With 1MB file.
    16k:320 Write Speed:13.80MB/s
    16k:320 Write Speed:13.58MB/s
    16k:320 Write Speed:13.70MB/s
    16k:320 Average Write Speed:13.69MB/s
    16k:320 Read Speed:53.11MB/s
    16k:320 Read Speed:52.82MB/s
    16k:320 Read Speed:52.69MB/s
    16k:320 Average Read Speed:52.87MB/s
    8k:640 Write Speed:7.44MB/s
    8k:640 Write Speed:7.62MB/s
    8k:640 Write Speed:7.29MB/s
    8k:640 Average Write Speed:7.45MB/s
    8k:640 Read Speed:30.54MB/s
    8k:640 Read Speed:31.43MB/s
    8k:640 Read Speed:31.49MB/s
    8k:640 Average Read Speed:31.15MB/s
    4k:1280 Write Speed:2.21MB/s
    4k:1280 Write Speed:2.20MB/s
    4k:1280 Write Speed:2.21MB/s
    4k:1280 Average Write Speed:2.21MB/s
    4k:1280 Read Speed:17.37MB/s
    4k:1280 Read Speed:17.41MB/s
    4k:1280 Read Speed:16.92MB/s
    4k:1280 Average Read Speed:17.23MB/s
    2k:2560 Write Speed:1.10MB/s
    2k:2560 Write Speed:1.11MB/s
    2k:2560 Write Speed:1.10MB/s
    2k:2560 Average Write Speed:1.10MB/s
    2k:2560 Read Speed:9.14MB/s
    2k:2560 Read Speed:8.94MB/s
    2k:2560 Read Speed:9.15MB/s
    2k:2560 Average Read Speed:9.08MB/s
    1k:5120 Write Speed:0.55MB/s
    1k:5120 Write Speed:0.55MB/s
    1k:5120 Write Speed:0.55MB/s
    1k:5120 Average Write Speed:0.55MB/s
    1k:5120 Read Speed:4.70MB/s
    1k:5120 Read Speed:4.68MB/s
    1k:5120 Read Speed:4.72MB/s
    1k:5120 Average Read Speed:4.70MB/s
    Deleting file.
    Benchmark done.

    • Looks like you have some write caching messing up your results. Proper speeds for mine are 145MiB/s read, 45MiB/s write for seqential data, and 5MiB/s read, 2.5MiB/s write for 4KQ32 data.

  • +1

    Seems to be the same drive for $15.95 delivered on ebay http://goo.gl/aQOev3

  • Does anyone has used this on MacBook? TA

  • 64GB one on ebay is $30.09 from HK or $30.95 (Free Postage) from Sydney:



    Don't know how you would go on warranty…

  • Totally don't need one but ended up buying with today's printer deal too!

  • None of them were marked as $15 at my store however they checked out at $15 at the counter.

  • This Fit drives are great. Not as quite small as the older ones, but 10 times faster.

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