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Norton 360 Multi-Device - 5 User $50 @ Big W


$50 for Norton 360 Multi-Device - 5 User . Best online pricing I have seen. Spend $100 thro eBay BIG W and become eligible for $50 reward as well, but delivery fee applies. Click and collect from BIW W website to save on delivery.

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  • and $20 Cashback too, but Ozbargainer only wants Anti Virus with profits

    • Who can claim?
      If you:
      •Purchase Norton 360 Multi-Device Version 1.x or 2.x1 for 3 Devices or 5 Devices retail box from a participating Australian or New Zealand retail store2 between April 1, 2015 and September 30, 2015 inclusive
      •Live in Australia or New Zealand
      •And are not an employee of Symantec, or of a reseller of Norton/Symantec products, or of an agency associated with administration of this promotion

      Could not find a list of participating stores on Norton website. Can anyone confirm that BigW is a participating store?

  • Now we wait for the idiots who are going to come out with their "Norton is basically malware" line because they've heard someone else say it before.

  • good price. can also price match with officeworks for easy pickup

  • Norton 360 works really well on my Windows 10 PC and 27" iMac. I find it less noticeable when comparing to BitDefender and Kaspersky. When I am away from the PC/Mac, Norton runs at full speed. When I am using my computer, it is almost unnoticeable.

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    paying $50 to corrupt 5 computers?
    No deal sir

  • My Computer doesn't need anti virus software but if it did you couldn't pay me to use this brand.

    • Any popular brand anti-virus is better than nothing (e.g. Avast). It is a jungle out there if your computer connects to Internet and any links on web pages can be risky without anti-virus.

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    Norton is a very good product. The only feature that it fails on is the detection and removal of PUP's (potentially unwanted programs). These are the toolbars and internet speed optimisers et cetera that you fail to unclick when installing free software from the internet.
    Just something to aware of though: Both Norton Internet Security and Norton 360 are end of life and have been replaced by Norton Security(a year ago in the US). Symantec still flog the old product here in Australia, and i don't believe you have the automatic right to a free upgrade to the new product like the old days. Caveat emptor

  • So how long till you get the $50 mailed to you?

  • Once you install onto your computer it bogs everything down, you'll need a special uninstall tool to properly remove it, mind you it took other software writers to write the code, then eventually Norton decided to use it for download on there own site years later because people were complaining of nag screens about renewal after people uninstalled it . I've used Nod32 and Kaspersky without fail. Even though it's cheap pay the extra and Keep away from this rubbish.. It's only my opinion and you can only try and warn people

    • Once you install onto your computer it bogs everything down

      Maybe 10 years ago but not now. Did you read the first link - It's up there with Kaspersky now in protection and low drain on system.

      you'll need a special uninstall tool to properly remove it
      And so it should be. All AV programs should have an uninstall tool otherwise that would be an aspect of failure of the AV.
      Kaspersky has a removal tool also. Kaspersky is also a great AV.

  • I actually can't believe home users pay for anti-virus.
    From the pov of an IT person, this is almost like a scam.

    Just install avast or avira free versions.
    Have addblock or script blocker (NoScript for firefox) on your browser.
    If you also want a free good firewall, use comodo.
    Overall just be careful with your browsing habits. Don't open an email which contains virus.exe as attachment ;)