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Free Pure Blonde 6-Pack by Running 6KM


Torn between going for a run or cracking a beer? The Beer Run allows beer lovers to sync their preferred running app below with our site for a chance to earn a 6-pack of our beer.
It's simple, all you have to do is run 6km, login to your app, submit your run to us and there'll be a 6-pack waiting at the finish line.

Currently 4897 6-pack's left

Supported apps include runkeeper, mapmyrun and Strava.

Let's get some exercise while Ozbargaining! :-)

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  • Submitted my 6.3km run at lunch time today, still no voucher?

  • I would rather a free blonde on my 6 pack

  • +1

    Got my free beers tonight! Drinking one now! The sweet (or not so sweet) taste of victory!

    Also: my voucher didn't have a name on it, all the staff member cared about was me to stop talking about the promotion and get out!

  • I went at midday but still waiting for my voucher. Worried I did something wrong. Maybe run again for longer? Are they processing them in order?

    • I also ran yesterday at lunch and mine came today, 10.30am, so took longer then I expected, but at least it came.

  • +2

    wonder how hard it would be to attach my phone to a unsuspecting jogger and then collect it on their return lap!


  • +2

    Logged my cycling commute and it was approved :)

  • I uploaded a .tcx file for a 6.1k run from today into mapmyrun from my gps watch.
    The run showed in the beer run page, but the time was wrong, showing 10pm tonight. I assume the time zone was not right (but cannot change or set it, just location).

    Thought a future time might get rejected, so went back and edited the time (yes it was a genuine run!) in mapmyrun. On returning, no runs showed in beer run page. Cleared cookies etc, disconnected app from mapmyrun and tried again. Still no runs showing or imported.

    Anybody had this kind of thing and fixed it?

    • I re-registered with runkeeper.

      Got the same problem, time was in the future even tough I edited the time in runkeeper. I guess the file contents were used, rather than the time I changed in runkeeper.

      Anyway, 2 hours on, got my voucher - woohoo!

  • walked the 6k in an hour last night, got approved today

  • Got my voucher this morning after entering yesterdays lunch time run in the evening. 836 6-packs have been earnt now, so not not long left to go!

    So is someone going to set up an ozbargain strava group?

    • When deal was posted.

      4897 6-pack's left


      836 6-packs have been earnt

      So I disagree with

      so not not long left to go!

  • -3

    edit: all vouchers have same barcode as below

  • Pardon my ignorance, but my wife and I both got the exact same barcode (Ends in 978)

    Not that I would condone doing it, but what would stop you redeeming this voucher multiple times at numerous stores?

    • Lack of liquorland stores within a reasonable distance?

      But more seriously, huh indeed mine ends in the same as my wife's too. Good find

    • Same…

      So we only have to edit name and date…

    • -1

      Already done. I drove around and ended up getting 5 6 packs from 5 different stores.

  • Anyone tried scanning barcode straight off phone? Printer not working :(

    • +1

      Worked for me

      • Thanks much appreciated.

        • Confirmed worked on phone

  • Feet are screwed from too much running (vets affairs pensioner), not sure if I am able anymore without breaking down. They should allow 60Km on a bike! or 600m of vertical climbing on a bike!

    • do it on your bicycle ;) albeit slowly…

  • I'd run 6KM to taste a pure blonde!

  • Did a run/walk yesterday, but according to the judges did not qualify as it was less than 5-20Km/h and 12 minutes/Km even though it was 45 minutes for 6.3Km

    • Maybe one of the split time is above the limit?

  • it says im approved but nothing has cmoe in via email yet?! what is everyone's expiry date? 31/12/15?

    • 3/10/15

      • thanks. Does your voucher say your name on it?

        • I have been waiting over 3 days ago I messaged them yesterday morning but they still haven't got back to me. I followed the process of first registering for the app online (and connecting strava) then going for a run then going back to the app and submitting the run. Then I got a message:

          "Congratulations, the Beer Run judges have approved your run and you will receive a Liquorland voucher in your email within 24 hours. If you are here because you have been waiting more than 24 hours for your voucher, please contact us for assistance." But no voucher thus far. I have checked junk mail (I'm with hotmail). Disappointing :(

        • @juzz0:

  • +5

    I was doing a fun run yesterday that would have been about 4-5km. I realised half way through that I should have downloaded runkeeper. I got the last 2km tracked, then had to drive somewhere so couldn't do another 4km. I left the tracker running just to see if they would pay it, and they did. Average speed wasn't crazy because I was stopped for a while (in a KFC drive through no less), but top speed would have been 80km/h.

    TLDR: tracked my car through KFC drive though - got beer.

    • So you stopped in the middle of your fun run, downloaded runkeeper, signed up for an account, then signed up on the pure blonde website, then turned runkeeper on, then ran the reminding 2km?

      • Walked/jogged. It was just a school fun run. I'm a teacher.

        I already had a runkeeper account, but I had to download the app.

  • voucher just arrived

  • I ran 6km exactly this morning but I used Garmin fit and synced the run with Taprik then logged it with runkeeper but it hasn't been approved yet. Might try strava.

    • I got an ALDI GPS Watch. Downloaded the gpx file and uploaded onto MapMyRun. Got it approved within few hours.

  • Ran saturday and uploaded then… still awaiting approval… hmmm

  • Ran Friday ~5pm, approval email came through Saturday 12 noon. Uploaded straight after the run (7.6km).

    Off to Liquor land today :)

  • Hopefully they just had the weekend off.

  • Ran on Saturday, received voucher today.

  • Endomondo users - you can sync your workouts with Strava using tapiriik.com service.
    Can confirm this works, I received my beer voucher today.

    • I used Tapiriik as well but still no voucher.

      • Do you see your run on pureblondebeerrun.com ?

        • Yep, says pending approval.
          Distance is spot on 6km.

  • This deal still going? Thinking of going for a run tomorrow

    • +1

      closes at 11.59pm (AEDT) on 18/10/15

      • Thanks. Added expiry date to the deal.

  • I ran today, entered run at ~1pm, voucher came through at 10pm.

  • Did 6.8km with the missus on Saturday. Her iPhone 6/runkeeper froze half way, and lost data. Mine on HTC one/strava sent fine. She recorded another 7km today, and run keeper info isn't picking up. I said she'll have to go another 6km while I drink my 6pack :)

  • Thanks OP. I received my voucher now :) Oh and by the way, I don't drink beer. Going to give it to my mates :D

  • Anyone had their voucher come through today? Submitted my run over 24 hours ago and it's still being processed, and the amount of 6 packs earnt hasn't changed since then - still at 2492.

  • hmm still available, maybe I'll do this . .

  • Update on the numbers:

    Total km run: 26868
    6-packs earnt: 3237
    There are only 1763 6-packs left.

    • 6-packs earnt: 4655
      6-packs left: 345

      Get your runs in quick or miss out.

  • Go for a run/walking pace. back home Submit the report say not qualify because the speed is less 5min/km! ARRRG!!! Great, efforts gone.

    • +1

      Go for another try this weekend. Plan your route that it starts on top of a hill.

    • im sure its 5km/h (speed) not 5min/km (pace). 5min/km is quite a strenuous pace even for the avid jogger…

      • Yeah, 5min pace per km is definitely not slow (12kph).

        Walking is usually 5 or 6 kph.

        Are all our barcodes the same? I actually got 2 emails, one from using Strava and one from MapMyRun. Both identical.

  • Much harder now since things warmed up a bit.. so meh…

  • Ran on Monday morning, only just got approved tonight.
    Free beer is still there for the taking!

  • What's the expiry date for everyone's voucher?

    • You get 7 days from the approval email you received

  • i walked 17km but i got rejected for being 1km/h too slow

  • Still 1280 available

    • That is interesting. They have increased the number remaining by 1000.

      • Now 1476 available, 5524 redeemed.
        Total 7k not 5k anymore.

  • phone strapped to dog.

  • can;t believe this still hasn't expired with people exploiting the barcode and all. i've ran another (legit) 21kms since my first six pack…

    • exploiting the barcode?

      • Re-presenting it.

  • -1

    are you kidding me. i just walked 6km at 4.9km/h (5km/h minimum to win the beer)

    and there are people here cheating getting it without even walking

    • +4

      yes, I'm sorry, I confess. I didn't walk. I jogged.

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