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Onkyo TX-NR646 7.2 Receiver $1100 (RRP $1499) and $50 Store Credit @ Stream Master


The coupon code will take $399 off the RRP price which is $1499 making it $1100, the $50 store credit is only available if you create an account (note paypal express does NOT create an account), it can be used once the product has shipped and validated (about 2 weeks) as a discount against ANY product we sell in our store. We are also giving free shipping to metro Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Please note we ARE a authorised Australian dealer for Onkyo, Full Australian manufacturers warranty applies.
Not limited by quantity however if we run out of stock there may be a waiting period.

Experience the cutting edge of home cinema with the 7.2-channel TX-NR646 Network A/V Receiver, the first in its class to feature the revolutionary DTS:X™ and Dolby Atmos® multi-dimensional audio formats. Onkyo’s high-current amplification system drives your speakers to reproduce soundtracks with maximum impact and fidelity at 160 W/Ch. UltraHD video capability is equally impressive, with eight HDMI® terminals including dedicated HDCP 2.2 compatible inputs for premium 4K video content and two HDMI outputs for video in separate rooms.

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  • why dont you give 449 off RRP and no store credit?

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      Thanks for your question, The store credit is part of our reward points system it is not part of the discount coupon but it still represents value to the deal.

    • Because they want to come back as a customer and buy more using the voucher.

  • Wouldn't touch an onkyo again. Expect your HDMI ports to die. Common fault across many models.

    Hopefully they fixed it on the HDCP 2.2 models as that's newer tech.. but they buried their head in the sand for 5 years after fault identification on the previous tech so I doubt it.

    • Agreed! Same thing with mine (Onkyo NR-609), HDMI died as well. I've googled my problem and it's very common with Onkyos, so you've been warned!! (** nothing against the seller, but just with the brand)

      EDIT: The worst part is I bought from Amazon.de and it has past warranty so I would probably need to throw it into the bin! :(

  • To be honest, many earlier HDMI devices were less rugged than they should have been. I blew up the HDMI ports in a Panasonic TV which they ended up fixing after much consternation. (Good job I am a electronics engineer and can argue my case). In some earlier devices the destruction of HDMI ports was mainly due to earth loops, IE connecting a port in a busy cable environment in the presents of EMI that induces enough current/potential difference to damage the HDMI port on connection. This is related to the HDMI chipset used by the manufacturer and probably not "onkyo" themselves. Given that this chipeset has now been changed significantly with new HDMI standards the chipset manufacturers no doubt have improved this aspect dramatically as I have not heard of anyone "popping" HDMI ports for a long time.