This was posted 6 years 9 months 11 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Cities: Skylines $8.82 USD / Cities: Skylines - After Dark $6.04 USD [Nuuvem; Req. VPN]


Credit to Reddit /r/gamedeals

I haven't seen this cheap from anyone yet. (including shady re-sellers)

According to Reddit, it should activate fine on Steam after purchasing with VPN.

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    Just in case anyone was tempted:

    • So whats the easiest way to buy this? Anything like hola but safe available?

      Edit: From OP's reddit link, this worked for me.

      I used tunnelbear in chrome set to brazil to add it to the cart and check out, When I got to the paypal log in I turned it off. And logged into paypal and left it off. And finished the transaction, I did not turn it back and everything went through and worked. The cd key redeemed on steam with no VPN and no issue.


      When it gets to the paypal login right click on tunnelbear and remove from chrome before putting password in. I don't know how safe tunnelbear is but I trust the people on reddit.

      • A paid VPN service.

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          Yep, nothing beats paid. All this freeware shit isn't the best anymore.

      • "…but I trust the people on reddit."

        LOL famous last words!

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      TunnelBear. Always TunnelBear. It's free for 500MB/ month, they have a twitter thing to double that or make more accounts. Useless for streaming etc, perfect for something like this. Great apps on all platforms and devices. They don't pull dodgy stunts like Adios. Hell if I ever need more, I'll even pay them.

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    It'll be good once Getflix have deployed their Brazilian VPN, no more having to try and find a decent free one now the issues with Hola have been found.

  • thanks it worked
    it charged me -$8.20

    • Did you use hola plugin?

  • Thanks, haven't tried After Dark expansion yet.

    • It's not bad but many niggles and bugs still. Seriously did they not do any testing?

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    Can buy for A$2.70 more here and don't need a VPN or other stuff

    • Bought using vpn and activated without vpn. Thanks been wanting to try this one.

  • Thanks OP. Saw your post right before I was about to purchase it for USD15 on Steam. Saved!

  • Cheers OP, worked perfectly. Had to throw on Hola for the transaction, as none of the others I've used had a server for Brazil.

    (How did everyone else go at navigating pages in Portuguese? I think I did pretty well, had to fall back on the translator when I kept getting an error for display name and details.)

    • We clicked on the little box to change the language to English :-)

      Or visit the page before you turn on TunnelBear NOT Hola, sets your language to English.

    • Yeah like scynaz said there's an english option now! :P

      I managed to piece most of it together in all my previous expeditions to nuuvem since I'm half portuguese and know juuuust enough to fake my way through a shopping cart.

  • Seriously guys, don't use Hola.

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    Great price. I stopped enjoying the game after the first fortnight. I had a really big issue with the Police and crime. I did see they've changed crime at night times which is good because crime was a complete waste of time. Always <10% which meant there was no real reason for a Police Station.

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      Great game, but certainly has its flaws too.

    • The After Dark expansion pack doesn't really seem to have done anything to the mechanics of the game when it gets dark. Lots of unhappy people saying that Paradox advertised one thing (peak hour traffic, clubs opening after dark etc), but the actual expansion pack doesn't seem to have any of that. Not to mention EVERY ROAD having street lights - even highways which isn't too realistic. Pretty good thread here:

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        Interesting read. Glad people are actually voicing their opinion because there's been a huge circle jerk since it was released which I thought was stupid. The game was flawed from release but the hype was overpowering.

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          Oh don't get me wrong I've spent almost 300 hours playing it - I'm addicted, but thankfully there is a very vibrant modding scene which seems to take care of most of the niggles. I love the game but there are definitely some areas for improvement.

  • Damn, I only bought it for a couple of days ago for full price minus 23% from GMG. Oh well.

  • Great stuff, worked for me too. Purchased for $8.71AUD.

    Used a Brazilian proxy to add it to my cart, disabled the proxy for paypal and finished the transaction, got an email later in the day saying purchase was successful, entered the key on steam… done. :)

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    I think it's expired. It's showing up as R$55,99 which is about $20AUD.

  • Be careful as it is explicitly against steam TOS to bypass region locks like this (even via resellers), and there's plenty of horror stories of people having their whole steam library revoked/banned (or just the game) :\

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