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Non-Slip Mat for Car/Fridge/Home/Boat USD $0.27 (AUD $0.37) Delivered @ Newfrog


These things are great for holding coins, sunnies, makeup, mobiles etc. Enjoy :)

Limited to 1 per customer. Apply coupon STICKYARSE at checkout.

Please ensure you change the currency to AUD at top right of screen.

Note from Newfrog rep: October 1st each year is the National Day of China. To celebrate this, from Oct 1 to Oct 7 is Chinese National Day Holiday. Newfrog will also be going on holiday from 1st Oct to 5th Oct. Orders placed during these four days will generally be dispatched on the 4th of Oct. Our warehouse and logistics staff will also be working on Sunday the 4th of Oct to make sure all orders are dispatched.

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  • +3

    will this melt when car is park under the Australia's hot sun for a whole day?

      • +11

        i'm asking a valid question here since the photos show to use in car

        • -1

          @arc4ne: Have you even looked at the results LMGTFY returned? It's only 10 links down that there's something relevant, but that might not be applicable to this mat.

        • yeah they most likely will if you're not parked undercover. Mine melted after I left it in the car for 1 week without shade.

        • -1

          @Dacs: 3rd link down… Whirlpool. I would hazard a guess that for less than a dollar, you aren't getting something that will stand up to our climate, but hey! I could be wrong. :P

    • +40

      Ruined the dashboard on my car. Not only do they melt but melt into the dash and then cant be removed. Had to buy a dashmat to cover it up

      • -8

        I've had one for 2 years imp, and swap between cars all the time. Still works flawlessly. Just needs a wipe every now and then for dust. Admittedly though, it was purchased locally. Let's see how this one turns out :)

        • Thanks for the response.

      • +2

        I don't see the problem? you have made an improvement to your car by providing a permanent sticky spot for mobiles/coins etc. your car probably went up in value and all you did was leave it in the sun.

        • +5

          lol… you should work for Apple with that reasoning.

          "It's not an antenna problem - it's you" comes to mind

  • +3

    gimme some of dat sticky icky icky

  • +4

    Newfrog … :(

    last time bought the Selfie, received a faulty product, contacted the REP in the post, was told to send email to [email protected]. Now it has been 2 weeks, never received any reply from Newfrog..

    • +7

      I never even received mine. They basically told me to wait 20-30 days, then 35 days, then 'wait a little longer'…
      Paypal dispute is still open and will close shortly, which will go in my favour.
      I wouldnt spend a single cent with these jokers.

      • +3

        same here….. I also ordered selfie stick from this Seller (under similar kinda TA customized CODE deal) but never received.
        I've paid via PayPal so raised a case with Seller first, who asked me to wait more even if it was more than a month…. ridiculous. So, finally raised a dispute to PayPal and got my money refunded.

    • +1

      Same boat. Also price changed to over 8USD after PayPal confirmation. Zero response from NewFrog. Wouldn't touch them with a 10foot selfie pole.

  • +4

    Oh TA… now you're just picking products based on the humorous coupon code names you can come up with. ;)

  • +25

    Wouldn't touch this..

    As mentioned above. Melted on the dash and left a sticky horrible mess. Dashboard is ruined.

    • +6

      Its meant to melt . Its Sticky icky icky ICKY


      oooooooo WEEEEEEEEEE

      You then smoke it and get high

      • +10

        I think you already did… kids, this is what happens when you smoke car accessories

        • +2
                      W     WWWWW     W  
                      WWW   WWWWW   WWW  
                       WWW  WWWWW  WWW    
                        WWW  WWW  WWW    
                         WWW WWW WWW      
                        WWWW  |  WWWW    

          Foe Shizzle !!

        • +1


          EC is terribly stoned now. Should make a new NSA survey "How many grams of kush you burn until you got totally stoned?"

      • easternculture, stop smoking weed and start posting more free eBooks deals again! we missed you!

      • What is that from?

    • +16

      It has done it to my dashboard and it is so bad that when it melted, it left permanent marks on the dashboard or reshaped the dashboard which cannot be removed or undone now. Wont recommend it. Stay away even it is free.
      Edit: Normally I don't neg the deals, but I would like to warn users not to buy this.

  • Thanks just bought some sticky thing I probably won't use

    • Definitely do NOT use it like in the first picture on the Newfrog page… stuck to the front windscreen at head-height - wtf?

      • 1 day in the 50 degree car and it will melt down to a permanent mark haha

  • National day in China is a 6 day holiday? Sweet.

  • Excellent was looking for one.

  • +1

    Stickyarse ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • +2

      When you're a tightarse with toilet paper….

    • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      Was that a face or arse?

      • Looks like like a small pen15 then arse

        • Lol, butt-face

  • -1

    Why are we celebrating China's national day/week?

  • +1

    Bought a couple from aliexpress a few months ago. This things is quite average. Would not trust it with my phone. Maybe a single key or light object at best. The stickiness wears off pretty quickly too, as dust is sticky too!

  • +1

    Judging from the comments, would these be 'great' Christmas gifts for people that you hate?

  • +1

    Why am I the only one here wondering how the f this thing works. Looks like magic.

    • Same, I have no idea how it is clinging those coins.

  • not good in Australia hot summer.

  • +1

    It is very good as lint remover! Got it dirty -> wash it -> good as new.

    I agree that you will regret it if you use it in the car and leave it all year round. It will melt and you will not want to touch it.

    • Hey, I'm interested in it as a lint remover.

      When you wash it, does it still stick well?

      • I bought one after reading this

      • Perfect as a lint remover.
        Just wash with water, to remove the lint.
        It'll be like new when dried.

      • Wash it and dry it with the towel and use it again straight away. Open your balm so it sticks to your skin and the other side on the clothes.

  • temp out of stock

  • Anyone received any email of item being dispatched or anything? I got nothing and it's been a week.

    • +1

      Probably stuck to the inside of a postbox somewhere in China..

  • When I check the tracker it says the package has arrived in Australia, but that was since two weeks ago… not sure what's happening..
    has anyone received theirs?

  • I have not received mine despite is saying it has arrived!! And Newfrog does not respond to their queries..Do you guys have any ideas?

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