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Wii Remote Plus $39, 40% off Skype, XB1 Halo Bundle $558, XB1 Halo Controller $79 + More @ Target


Some Target Deals. Starts Thursday
40% Off Skype Gift Cards
Guitar Hero Live - All Platforms $109 (20/10)
Nintendo Wii Remote Plus Mario Bros Controllers $39 - IN STORE ONLY
Nintendo Wii U Splatoon Bundle $334
Nintendo Wii Donkey Kong Country Returns $39
Nintendo Wii New Super Mario Bros $39
Nintendo Wii Super Mario Galaxy 2 $39
Nintendo 3DS Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden $44 (16/10)
Nintendo 3DS XL Console + Animal Crossing + Madagascar Combo Pack $179
Xbox One 1TB Limited Edition Halo Console Bunel + Halo 5 $558 (20/10)
Xbox One Halo 5 Wireless Controller $79 (15/10)
Playstation 4 500GB + Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection + 3MTH Stan $468
Playstation 4 Dualshock 4 Controller $69 - (More colours In Store)
Disney Infinity 3.0 Power Disc Packs $9
Disney Infinity 3.0 Single Figurines $14
50% Off Transformers Hero Mashers Battle Upgrade $15
50% Off WWE Big Talker Microphone $17
50% Off TMNT Comic Book With Figure $10
30% Off LEGO City Helicopter 60093 $39
30% Off LEGO Friends Heartlake Hot Air Balloon 41097 $30
28% Off LEGO City Exploration Vessle 60095 $99
25% Off LEGO Disney Princess Ariel's Undersea Palace 41063 $59

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  • The Character Wii Remote's are a great price, cheapest I have seen was $40 a while back at Big W and they went quick.

    Also says Halo 5 the game comes with Target Exclusive DLC! Interesting as EB has their own exclusive DLC as well so I wonder what Target's will be. I'm assuming it's $79 for the game, isn't that clear in the catalogue. The LE Halo 5 console comes with a download card of the game which sucks for people like me who have crappy net lol.

    You may as well add the Splatoon Wii U console bundle for $334 as it's still the best/cheapest Wii U bundle around!

    • Yeah not too sure about price of game either but yeah will prob be $79

      • Yeah, no price on it lol, they probably are waiting for the competition.

        Also the Halo 5 Console Bundle is out 20/10 but you can't redeem the game until 27/10. I guess that's good and bad for people. I'm impatient :P

        • If the bundle comes out 20/10 you will be able to redeem the code and preload(download) the game before the 27/10 but you won't be able to play it until the 27/10 when the game launches :P

    • Splatoon Wii u bundle was $308 during the 15% off eBay sale, probably the best price ever was that.

      • +2

        It was cheaper and came with extra games in the previous 20% off offer, so has been better even than that.


        • +1

          Ha yeah, that certainly is, I posted that too, lol.

        • @bargin193232222: Yeah some good deals l8ly on splatoon bundle, to be honest why is it so cheap compared to the Mario kart bundle? weird as I rekon

        • @TRENT86: Honestly I think it is left over stock from the july toy sales, I'm at Big W and we have so many. They never like to sit on stock for too long plus I think this is the last Xmas for the Wii U so if they dont sell now they will have to reduce them to 200 in the new year or even less.

        • @L1QU1DD: Splatoon has done pretty well, they must be over 2m sales by now

  • Nice, hopefully I can get JB to price match the Halo bundle. Been waiting for it to come out, have some gift cards I need to use up, otherwise I'd just get it from Target.

  • +3

    Is the Halo 5 bundle the right time to finally get an XB1 ?

      • +7

        Show us your vastly superior gaming build for $500. No cheating either, this assumes you have no prior parts or OS license.

        • -5

          Wow! You're right, prices have gone nuts since the exchange rate tanked. To soundly beat the xb1 on performance is closer to $650 AUD now (you might even need a better CPU than this, up to $700 or $750, though the G3258 is usually still faster, despite the fewer cores):

          PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant

          Type Item Price
          CPU Intel Pentium G3258 3.2GHz Dual-Core Processor $93.00 @ CPL Online
          Motherboard MSI H81M-P33 Micro ATX LGA1150 Motherboard $72.00 @ CPL Online
          Memory Crucial 4GB (1 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 Memory $31.00 @ IJK
          Storage Kingston SSDNow V300 Series 120GB 2.5" Solid State Drive $72.00 @ IJK
          Video Card MSI Radeon R7 260X 2GB Video Card $149.00 @ CPL Online
          Case Silverstone PS08B (Black) MicroATX Mid Tower Case $44.00 @ Umart
          Power Supply Corsair VS 450W ATX Power Supply $54.98 @ Mwave Australia
          Operating System Microsoft Windows 8.1 OEM (64-bit) $129.00 @ Mwave Australia
          Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts
          Total $644.98
          Generated by PCPartPicker 2015-10-05 14:02 AEDT+1100

          Of course, $130 of that is the OS licence, which a lot of people can get free or cheaply through work or student licensing, and plenty of people do have older parts, even just the HDD or case will shave $50 off that price, each.

          Still, you'll need to buy less than 5 games, total, over the life of the console, to make it cheaper than going PC and being sensible with sales…

        • +4


          Well that's not $500 and there is 4 different vendors. So postage is free? There are no input devices, a console comes with a controller. That build has less storage space and less RAM. Every console seems to bundled with at least one game. Your build is a bit stronger on paper, but how many people want to stuff around building something that is only slightly better than something I can buy off the shelf? Both Xbone and PS4 have been on special for close to $400 in recent months. If I wanted a no nonsense gaming machine I wouldn't be putting one together based on cheapo parts.

        • +2


          Why do you "need to buy less than 5 games, total, over the life of the console, to make it cheaper than going PC and being sensible with sales"?

          Does steam magically offer 75% off with every single title after one week of release or something? Do you forget console has second hand trading? And do you forget console gaming still rely on retails which means you can probably get better price from retails (i.e. 70-80 AUD versus 100 AUD full price for new games, (edit) the discount of which almost on par with G2A or GMG)

        • @CrazyPaladin:

          Does steam magically offer 75% off with every single title after one week of release or something? Do you forget console has second hand trading? And do you forget console gaming still rely on retails which means you can probably get better price from retails (i.e. 70-80 AUD versus 100 AUD full price for new games, (edit) the discount of which almost on par with G2A or GMG)

          Surely no-one on OzBargain is silly enough to buy new release games at full price when almost all titles - even the biggest ones - hit $5 - $10 within 6-18 months of release in steam sales.

          If you can't wait that long, there are legit key sites trading the newest games for $30 - $50 pretty much on release day.

          There are legit reasons to buy consoles (like great exclusives). Saving money is not one of them.

        • +1


          Surely no-one on OzBargain is silly enough to buy new release games at full price when almost all titles - even the biggest ones - hit $5 - $10 within 6-18 months of release in steam sales.

          Same applies to console game prices. There's no point comparing a launch console price of $80 to a $5 or $10 Steam price 6 - 12 months after the games released.

          If it interest you the second hand console game markets far easier to take advantage off, both for buying and selling titles.

        • -1


          So how does the "5 games" argument hold up? Do you really buy games like COD 18 month after its release? You know, when the next title is already halfway through its life cycle and the older one is almost dead, especially on PC. If there's anything I learnt from PC gaming, it's that you have to buy multiplayer-focused game on launch. This is especially true for less popular titles, like Garden Warfare, or Grid 2.

          And do you really think you can't get great deals for consoles too? You can get COD Ghost for Xbox One on Harvey Norman for 10 AUD right now, well good luck finding the game on pc for lower than 20 USD on any digital store. I'm not even saying console gaming saves you a lot of money, but claiming PC gaming is much cheaper than console gaming is just stupid and ridiculous.

        • @Smigit:

          If it interest you the second hand console game markets far easier to take advantage off, both for buying and selling titles.

          Second hand prices are still nowhere near steam sale prices.

          A few major AAA titles are $5 within 6 months of release (like Tomb Raider, IIRC) and almost all hit $15 or less within the first 12-18 months.

          I hope consoles don't lag this far behind PC forever, as heavily discounted digital download sales are starting to appear on PSN etc, but it's still the case at the moment…

        • +2

          Says can make a gaming rig better than an Xbox One on $500. Builds a $650 PC with a 2-year-old budget GPU, 4GB of RAM and without peripherals.
          Righto, mate.

          While PC games are most definitely cheaper, you cannot possibly deny that the capital investment for a quality gaming PC is significantly higher than that of a current gen console.

        • @johnno07:

          Yeah, with the current dollar, I was wwaaaaaayyy off, there. (But no one said a quality PC, just an xb1 beater - and that GPU is better than the xbone's).

        • +3

          @mgowen: Sorry - I thought you were being sarcastic with your "Wow! You're right…" comment above your price list. I still wouldn't call that system an XB1 beater Say want you like about the consoles, but they are all quality items, and if you're just looking to play games, then I think they represent a valid option. If I had to choose only one, obviously I'd go with a PC. But I am a power user - I don't just use it for gaming.

          Consoles are the easy way to get into gaming. Buy it, plug it in, play. They are like the iPhones of the gaming world… without the horrendous price tag.

        • @mgowen:

          120GB hard drive?!?

          After you install the OS, where the hell are you going to fit the 40-50gb for the Big budget AAA-style game installations you need nowadays?!?

          This might beat the XB1 in terms of potential graphical performance grunt but as far as actual usability and value this build is no competition to an XB1…

          Let's also throw in the fact that you will need to spend a fair bit of your time building the machine, installing and configuring the OS, then the drivers, then the games, etc, etc, etc… Sorry it's just not worth it.

          PC gaming is great if you have the time and money to invest in it, but if you want to just sit down on your couch and throw a game in and play without most of the fuss (outside of the occasional online update), hassle and cost, the XB1/PS4 is still the way to go.

    • If thats the game you want. There's a stack of bundles coming out this season in the States, and I'm sure we'll see most or all of them (maybe not the Madden one locally) - http://majornelson.com/2015/10/02/xbox-one-fallout-4-bundle-...

      • Halo 5
      • Fallout
      • Tomb Raider
      • Forza
      • Lego Movie
      • 1TB Holiday Bundle
      • Gears of War
      • Elite Console
      • Fifa
      • Madden

      I think they've gone a bit nuts with all the different types to be honest, but there you go.

  • Maybe eyeing the PS4 bundle. I know it's not as cheap as what was going recently but I was planning on buying the UC collection anyway. How much would the 3months Stan be worth to sell off on some forums?

    • +1

      $10-$20. Sell it on the Ozbargain, I might be interested :)

      • PM'ed you.

    • +1


      • +1

        These prices sound reasonable to me. I will track you down when I have it :P

        • +1

          I'm not buying. Just guessing for you. Edit: Oh you're not replying to me. Got it.

        • @sween64:

          Hehe I was replying to you. Sorry thought you were making an offer :P

    • To me, nothing. Netflix or bust.

      • +3

        say what you want about stan/presto etc, their interfaces and service can be pretty crap, but they've all got some good offerings on content. its worth getting them for free/cheap for a few months and watching all the good stuff… then sticking with netflix

        • Maybe, but I haven't yet found anything on Stan that's not on Netflix in one region or another. Netflix plus a DNS unblocker is king.

      • Exactly.only if it was netflix.would have got the bundle.coz gonna get UC ps4 for $68 anyway

      • +1

        Competition is always good, when it's a monopoly it never really benefits the consumer. Now that Stan has all of the remastered friends, Netflix Australia better pump out greater content.

  • Cheers Trent, good deal on the Halo bundle. Got a mate who is keen to get it. Limited edition consoles are great, my r2d2 360 console is awesome!

  • Any good deals for the new Nintendo 3ds ll version? No one seems to stock that size anymore

    • +1

      Nah nothing on New 3DS Anywhere this week

      • damn, bad time to be interested in one now :(

  • +3

    The Splatoon WiiU bundle is a great price! I bought it for $358 two weeks ago.
    Having lots of fun with the WiiU so far, have only got Splatoon and Mario Maker, both unreal games!

  • "Nintendo 3DS XL Console + Animal Crossing + Madagascar Combo Pack $179"

    Don't see this anywhere?

  • any wii u game?

  • +1

    Good luck finding a Wii remote at target, i haven't seen one for a long time at the targets i have gone to looking for bargains recently.

  • Ohhh I had put a pre-order with EB games for the xbox one special edition halo bundle. I wonder if they'll price match it….

  • +2

    Very excited for the Halo 5 Console. Have been trying to decide between the Microsoft bundles (MS online store) with the extras (TV Tuner, MCC, extra contoller, 3 month Live), or the custom console. Haven't picked up an Xbone yet but can't miss Halo. Ideal scenario would be that once the custom console is available (not pre-order) it will come with all the bundle stuff, and MS let me swap the bonus controller for the Master Chief version!!! Oh, and they throw in kinect, I wanna try that too.

    The realist says I'll just get it the Halo 5 console bundle from Target. It's a good price, but would be way better if I could track down gift cards for 5 or 10% off.

    Any ideas folks? This deal would be a lot sweeter with discounted gift cards.

    How much discount do staff get? I might need to find a Target employee.

    • and MS let me swap the bonus controller for the Master Chief version!!!

      Halo MCC is still $20 at every Target I've visited lately, and there's always been stock on the shelf…I grabbed a copy myself last week…so just FYI, think before you trade away a $79 controller for a twenty dollar game pack! ;)

      • +1

        Oh, I meant swap controller for another controller - there's a master chief limited edition controller you can get. I'm a bit upset that the Halo 5 console is designed to match the newcomer Loche, rather than Chief. It's probably a nicer colour scheme to work with, and they've already done Chief, so I understand. Plus they want to move forward with the franchise and it looks like they want Loche to be part of tis. However, I need something to look like Chief, so I want his controller. Plus, it's patrotic … it's Green and Gold!!

        • Ah, thanks for clearing that up…that swap would actually be a pretty sweet deal! :D

          I agree regarding the Locke motif for the console; I wasn't a big fan of the Nightfall series, Locke seems pretty soft, Chief would crumble him like a Tim Tam! ;)

    • +1

      If EB price match, then you can purchase WISH gift cards at 5% off from cashrewards/entertainment book/motor club members and buy EB gift cards at woollies.

      • Now that's the kind of bargain wrangling I'm talking about! Nice suggestion. I'll see if I can make it work.

      • So you can buy gift cards with gift cards at Woolies?

        • +1

          Just use the shelf checkout at woolies and you are good to go. No intervention required by attendant for preloaded fix amount gift cards like EB games.
          They also stock JB Hifi gift cards too.
          Only problems is if they don't price match then you are stuck with a lot of gift cards.
          Might be best on the day of release to confirm if they happy to price match then commit to purchase the gift cards.

        • @gunnie: Good to know! Cheers, mate :)

  • Got a preorder with ebgames on halo 5 Xbox one console also so hopefully price match

    • They generally don't match console bundles, however given it's a pack in you may be alright.

  • Target ps4 is the new model ye?

    • not too sure, do they look different?

      • Ye new model has matte cover and old has gloss on one side

        • There is still 1 side with gloss on it, like a darker shade of black

        • @TRENT86: older model is advertised then but im sure most stores have the new one

  • Where does it say the Halo Xbox one console comes with Halo 5. I don't see it?

  • +1

    Forgive my stupidity but where can we see the catalogue for Thursday? When i go to the catalogues section they both ends this Wednesday

  • +1

    Are the Character Wii Remotes in store only?

    • +2

      Yes unless they put them online Thursday which might happen

    • I have a feeling these will either be put up online or shipped to stores for the sale.

      It looks like Nintendo has struck some kind of deal with Target as they had so many Wii Fit U Balance Board bundles available for $39. A few Targets I go to never had Wii Fit U before and when it was in the catalogue they had mountains of stock.

      So I wouldn't be surprised if these were in abundance once the sale starts. Unlike Wii Fit U I think these will sell pretty quick.

    • Online now. Only a couple of Peach ones left, hurry up…

  • The 'Goto Deal' doesn't work and there aren't any new catalogues - where's this info coming from? Just want to see more haha

    • Sorry m8 should be up Tuesday night on their website, is there something you want to know about?

      • Nah just curious I like seeing it all laid out in front of me haha :)

  • Hey Trent, I just checked a bunch of the items on the Target website and it looks like the prices are now live. No stock available online but the Wii Remotes including the standard black and white are $39, 3DS XL with bonus games and a few other things.

    Might be worth checking out your local today and see if they scan at those prices. A head start is always good ;)

    Edit: Seems like all the prices are now live. Stock available online for a bunch of things including the Lego.

    • Can't find the Wii Remote Plus yet, might have to check back or go in-store (unless the search function is rubbish? Not much comes up for "wii").

    • any WII u games on sale

      • Nah not this week, just Wii Games

  • +1

    Hey all. I Contacted Target and they said they will be put up online once sale starts :)

    • +2

      Can confirm prices are live in store now.

      • Yeah I noticed the past few months some target catalogue specials start early :)

      • Do you think I could get the PS4 bundle today?

        • You can ring to see if the price is live today otherwise you will have to wait :)

    • +1

      Sorry I was mean to say they will put up the Wii controllers Online when the sale starts lol :)

  • +3

    The 20th Anniversary PS4 controller is also $69 in case anyone was wondering.

    • In store only at Target? I thought only JB and EB Games had them.

      I looked at the website and they only have the standard black one.

      • They did have it on the website the first week it was release for $85 to match bigw price but sold out quickly. Link
        Was waiting for them to put it on their ebay store but doesn't look like it will happen.
        Picked it up in store yesterday. At this price it won't be around for too long.

      • I saw it in store today (Perth CBD), and already marked at $69.

      • Saw some in my local hardly normal (in west adelaide) on wednesday as well, i needed a laugh so i wandered around having a look at their prices and saw some in the gaming "section".

  • -1

    Hey should I buy the Ps4 bundle deal for $468? Is that a good deal? Or should I wait for a cheaper deal? thanks

  • FYI Picked up the White PS4 Bundle ($468) and a special edition controller ($69) on Wednesday night for a friend. Considering the Unchartered Collection is going for $68 the PS4 equates to $400

    Not as good as the recent DS special ($377), but good enough…

  • +1

    The Nintendo Wii Remote Plus (Mario and Luigi) are available now for order online. Target offers free standard home delivery for purchases over $75 (two Wii Remotes are $78).

  • Anyone know if Target are stocking the new Transformers game out today? They didn't stock NBA 2K16 at all.

    Picked up Uncharted Collection yesterday, had to ask if they had it, was out back.

    • would also love to know the answer to this as it'd be nice to see it for less than $50 somewhere

    • +1

      Hi guys,

      Not stocking transformers unfortunately…is $44 at Big W however


      • Thanks ended up getting it at EB, mainly with trades, wish I knew about it being $44 though. Think JB wanted $60 for it….. $10 higher than RRP.

  • +1

    Just picked up 2 remotes (luigi and mario) online for $78 free delivery. Thanks OP

  • Mario and Yoshi are now sold out online

    • +2

      I had to settle for the pink one. Maybe it'll help my boys get in touch with their feminine side…

    • +1

      Yep, even the luigi one sold out!… only pink left

  • Definitely picking up a 20th Anniversary PS4 controller! Thanks OP!

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