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Dyson DC43H Handheld Vacuum with Mini Motorised Mattress Tool - $225 @ Myer


Dyson DC43H Handheld Vacuum with Mini Motorised Mattress Tool - $225 @ Myers

Being sold for $300, but takes off $75 (25%) at checkout.


Original post to Myers 25% off clearance lines

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  • Thanks Op. Is this mainly used for mattress and seats rather than a general purpose handheld vacuum?

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      It has a mini motor head that's really good for carpeted stairs, general car cleaning and things like that but it's not as useful as the stick vacs around the house because of the bending involved.

      While the turbine head has good uses personally I would spend a bit extra and go for a DC45 for just under $300 for the stick and the larger multifloor head. The Dyson stick vacs can be converted down in to these little handhelds but the sticks aren't as easy to get a hold of and cost ~$50 by themselves.

      • Thanks buddy. That helped me.

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        But I would go for v6 which is better for $400,many deals recently

  • i'm going to try price-matching this at masters tomorrow then using the 10% off voucher

  • I have a DC35 which is a few years old. Would this be better than the DC35 for general use & would the dc35 turbo head work on this unit?


    Edit: I found the specs on both the DC35 and this and they are exactly the same. I suspect they may be the same product just with different accessories.

    • I think this one might have longer battery life, possibly the V2 motor (not sure what motor the DC35 has).

      • They both have the same V2 motor and same battery life.