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Blu-Ray Titles $8 at Kmart


Was browsing at KMart Chadstone and came across display of Blu-ray titles for $8, there was a limited selection which included a number of Bond Classics, Beverly Hills Cop 1,2,3 rest in the pic.

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  • Austin Powers would be straight into the collection

  • Martha Marcy May Marlene is a really good movie, I highly recommend it!

  • Nice. I wonder if Beverly Hills Cop 1 comes with a lemon twist :-)

  • I've noticed the amount of blu-rays at Kmart is shrinking all the time. Mostly DVD's there. They're going backwards. I suppose who wants to shop at Kmart for blu-ray when JB Hi-Fi has 20% off every now and then with a much larger collection to chose from.

    • I think it's driven by the market.
      I know so many people that "can't tell the difference between DVD and blu-ray" so they opt to spend less and by the DVD instead.

      IDK how they can have a FHD 50" to 65" and not tell the difference between SD and HD…
      but then the same people quite happily have all their surround sound speakers in front of them instead of properly placing them around the room.

    • The whole entertainment section seems to be shrinking. Their range of games is now almost non-existent. Perhaps they are stepping out of this area.


      Buyers and planners determine whats on shelf, that is all

    • Target seems to be clearing Blurays too, with the exception of a few of the bigger releases. Couple months back I picked up some great bargains.

  • How can these old movies be Blueray, when they would not have been shot in HD ?

      • I enjoyed that, I knew film can store higher quality images than HD or 4k but I didn't know how high the quality of 65mm film is. Makes me want a 16k projector and a massive personal cinema to watch those old epics on

      • Thanks for that info, I just learned how it is possible.

        • By the way, I didn't neg you, it was someone else. Valid question I thought, and a very interesting topic once you get into it. That's why you can get almost unlimited size enlargements from old film SLR's but with a new 24MP SLR you can only enlarge to about 40" with decent quality. Of coure digital is so much more convenient, but when it comes to outright resolution, it is still behind good old film.

        • @billy_bob: This still has caveats though. Lens quality is a massive factor as well, in both film and

    • Film, if treated properly, stores a lot of information. The effective resolution is higher than 1080P. It often surprises me the level detail that is achieved when watching older movies on blu ray.

    • Film ages though, so despite being able to obtain high resolution digital images from it, colours may appear dull or yellowed. As such they can digitally enhance it or actually try to 'clean' the film itself… Perhaps both. If film ages consistently through the whole reel, it maybe easy to pass it through a computer program that attenpts to undo that aging rather than a person modifying each still, which has been done for some movies.

      • This process is known as "dust busting" and software, even high end software, will only get you so far. Frame by frame paint and roto is usually the only option if you are doing a serious job.

        The Blade Runner special edition Blu-Rays are an example of how to do a truly stellar restoration of film. It is gorgeous.

    • They used studio film even back if those days that shot in way higher than HD resolution.

    • +2 votes

      Trust me, even old films are incredible on Blu Ray. Its not just that resolution is higher than DVDs but the contrast and dynamic range of colours is incredible. Even watching an old B&W movie on Blu Ray will give you joy when you can see all the film grain and contrast.

  • Can anyone confirm if other Kmarts have this?

    • I think it's probably at most Kmart's. I've seen them at Greensborough, Burwood and Eastland (all Vic).

    • Yes available at all stores. There is an everyday priced $8 range of Blu-ray DVDs, its been around for a while now.

  • Are there more titles? Have most of these on VHS.

  • Moar 3D

  • Grooovy baaabbyy!

  • I suppose torrents are out of fashion these days…

    • netflix is the new medium

      • Pretty much. If you can give it to me HD with a minimum of fuss, I will happily pay you for it.

        • Yeah - netflix is a long way off bluray as far as quality is concerned though. The bitrate is compromised to make it streamable.

        • @Evil-Elmo:

          thats true. But compared to YIFY torrents(which by far are the most popular), the quality is similar.
          You have to make compromises when the internet speeds aren't good enough. For movies that I actually want to rewatch would be buying the blu-ray anyways since it might be off netflix the next time i want to watch it.

        • @Evil-Elmo:

          It's comparable to torrents and I pay $11/month. I am done paying $40 for Blu Rays or whatever they want to shaft you with. Hell, they are still coming out new at $50.

          I haven't seen any movie in the past 5 years worth paying $40 to watch it again …

        • @Mr Wowtrousers:

          I wasn't complaining about Netflix generally. I have it and use it for casual TV viewing. I was just pointing out that there is a marked difference in quality (even for Netflix 'HD') to blu ray (which is what this post is about).

          Also, I've never once bought a blu ray at $40 (unless it's a boxed set which is completely different). I reckon I'd average around $10-12 per movie. This post is for $8 BRs so not sure why you're referring to $40-50.

  • Sanity have been doing $7 blu-rays in store for a couple of weeks now, some good flicks to be had.

      • What I think are good might not be good to others… I picked up Apollo 13 a couple of weeks ago, there was also The Fugitive, Inglorious Bastards, Snatch to name a few from memory.

    • Here is their 3 for $20 section. All those Bond movies are technically cheaper at Sanity ($6.66 each). Some decent titles including some old favourites like Point Break, Bourne x 3 and The Goonies.


        All those movies sound evil…

      • goodness me! I never realised Sanity Music store was still alive? haha

        i thought the Worldwide Web ran them out of business! like my Vinyl Records stores

    • There are no stores anywhere near Metro Melbourne. Look at this list:

      Kangaroo Flat
      Waurn Ponds

      I haven't seen/been in a Sanity store in a few years. I wouldn't be going that far to any of those places. I'd buy online and get 'em posted. But the downside of Sanity is they aren't factory sealed, are they?

  • These have been on sale for quite a while now. I picked up World Trade Center and Tomb Raider.

    • Two…mediocre movies…

      • The other movies either didn't interest me, or I already had them in my collection. I remember loving Tomb Raider and I hadn't seen World Trade Center, but for $8 how could you go wrong.

  • My local Kmart has gone way down-hill. Recently they stopped having any check out operators (Not even one during peek shopping time.) Now they did some ridiculous layout with the check-outs in the centre of the store and staff near the exit to snoop in everyone's bags. (There's no legal obligation to show anyone in your bag. BTW)

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