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Dyson Vacuums @ The Good Guys eBay - V6 Motorhead Handstick $478.4 (+ 4% CashRewards Casback)


A few Dyson vacuums on sale at The Good Guys ebay store with great prices.
Use CashRewards for 4% back from eBay.

V6 Handsticks
Dyson 210334-01 V6 Fluffy Handstick - $607.24 with CashRewards
Dyson 209462-01 V6 Motorhead Handstick - $454.48 with CashRewards

Free click and collect in store, or additional $15.78 for shipping.

DC 54 Barrels
Dyson DC54 Animal Barrel 1300W 65027-01 - $682.48 with CashRewards
Dyson DC54 Animal Pro Barrel 1300W 65022-01 - $607.24 with CashRewards
Dyson DC54 Multi Floor Barrel 1300W 202106-01 - $492.48 with CashRewards

Free click and collect in store, or additional $15.78 for shipping.

Upright vacuums
Dyson DC65 Animal Ball Upright 206273-01 - $644.48 with CashRewards
Dyson DC50 Multifloor Upright 24751-01 - $454.48 with CashRewards

Free click and collect in store, or additional $15.78 for shipping.

Handheld vacuums
Dyson DC58 Animal Handheld 200589-01 - $249.28 with CashRewards
Dyson DC43H Handheld 208491-01 - $227.24 with CashRewards

Free click and collect in store, or additional $15.78 for shipping.

Dyson DC23/DC29 Turbine Head 00VA1790 - $98.04 with CashRewards
Dyson Mini Tangle Free Turbine Tool 925067 - $67.64 with CashRewards
Dyson Hand Held Tool Attachment Kit 919648-02 - $68.362 with CashRewards

Free click and collect in store, or additional $9.62 for shipping.

Thanks to Beatme for his 20% off The Good Guys at their eBay store - Original CTGG20 20% off deal
Thanks to TA for his 4% CashRewards at eBay - Original 4% CashRewards deal

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  • Nice, just purchased a V6 Motorhead.

  • ah man why is the fluffy so much more expensive! guess will have to wait for next deal

  • Tempted to buy the V6 Motorhead, unless I should expect a better deal anytime soon?

    • +1

      I'm in the same situation…

      We won't get a better deal than 24% off the already discounted Motorhead for a while I reckon. This is cheapest it's ever been I think.

      However I'm not really sold on the Motorhead, I have mainly tiled areas with only 2 bedrooms carpeted, and apparently the Motorhead isn't any better on tiles than the standard V6/Animal head, plus I've read the battery lasts 4 minutes less(16mins rather than 20) as it has to also power the Motorhead..

      I think I'd rather the Animal, standard V6 or even pay extra for the Absolute over the Motorhead. But this is cheap and a need a vacuum… so I might bite…

      • I've only got a 1br apartment… practically all carpet. So i'm hoping i can replace my main vacuum a hoover thing thats a bit of a pita to pack away and pull out with this thing….

        Is the motorhead designed mainly for carpet area? I'm kinda in the dark with all the different variants. I just know the v6 has more suction than the older DC portable models.

        • +1

          There's actually a graph on the good guys website which breaks down the differences, that should explain everything. The actual body is the same just the attachments vary.

          At this price the Motorhead sounds perfect for you then, it basically comes with everything the Absolute does, minus the special hard floor head at the same price as the Animal is on sales.
          I'm just gonna do a bit more research on how this goes on tiles and I'll probably jump on board too. But really it's mainly carpet than needs most suction air guess, any V6 is probably good enough for hard floors.

        • @Shibbyyy: your awesome! Thanks for advice / tips.

        • @Shibbyyy: I bit. After doing a bit more research seems perfect for my place… and watching one review they whinged about price and the lack of mini motorized head unit specifically which i noticed this package comes with.. So it seems like win win for me :)

        • +1

          No probs, after all these deals recently I've finally got my head around it to avoid impulse buying one haha! So I'm glad to help! Dyson don't really make it easy to spot the differences between them.

  • Also is the handheld attachment tool kit worth it?

    • I think so if you can get it discounted from 99 bucks.

  • the Dyson DC43H Handheld 208491-01 is still $225 at Myer https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/214751