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Humble Capcom Bundle

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  • +3

    Plankton, can you update your post to include USD. I only ask because of people wanting to pay the bare minimum, if they pay $1 aud they won't get Steam keys.

    • +3

      Ok. I'm so used to everything being in USD for games that I didn't even think about it.

  • is the highest tier worth it? hmm.

    • I think ultra street fighter IV is probably that price alone.

        • +15

          They asked if the highest tier was worth it. The highest tier is $15, what do you mean extra?
          Too expensive? This is pretty much the cheapest price youll get USFIV for unless you get it from a key reseller for $2 cheaper but without all the other games.
          Doesn't change anything that SF5 is being released. People are still playing Street fighter 2, Alpha, etc.

  • +2

    Sweet, been meaning to get DMC on PC for a while along with Lost Planet 3. It was worth the 10 aud (BTA right now) to me for those two alone.

  • wanted to buy but not available for mac os

    • +4

      They have gaming in Mac OS??? :P

      • +1

        It used to be a thing that Humble Bundles supported Windows, Linux and Macs.

  • Thanks OP. Great bundle for those who don't already own the resident evil games.

  • Does the DmC come with dlc?

  • It's a good bundle but it's certainly not the most humble one they've had. If you're one of those people who likes to have every DLC for a title, probably stay away since you're going to be paying a lot even after getting this bundle.

  • Can some one explain a bit on Resident Evil 5? I read that GFWL has been removed, but it is even worse with its removal. Something like a port of a port of a port.

    • ^Yeah this would be cool to know. Remember playing this years ago split screen and it was fun, but if PC is pretty borked wouldnt buy

      • I'm pretty sure split screen is not available on this PC version.

        • i played RE 5 back in my cousin's laptop a few years back, they still support split screen though, but it sucks when you played it on your laptop screen, so we plugged it in on our 64 inch LED TV

        • @Meliodas: A few years back it had GFWL and splitscreen code which have both been removed in the Steam update. When they tore out all of the GFWL code they also removed the "leftover" splitscreen code for whatever bizzare reason.

        • @Agret: ah I see, thanks for the info

        • +1


          You can add a code in the 'beta' section of RE5 and it allows you to download the older GFWL version which still has splitscreen (and supports 3d vision which was why I was keen)

    • From humble bundles site: "(Note: Resident Evil 5 also uses Games for Windows Live DRM.)"

      I thought theyd removed it?

  • I really liked Bionic Commando. A throwback to when games were simple and fun!

  • +2

    Great bundle! I already have 99% of them though :/ …I need to stop buying games and just wait for them to be bundled it seems

  • interested with ultra sf4. wondering will it be played on my NUC i5? anyone experience with this? my i5 NUC doesnt come with nvidia card tough, just standard video card shipped in with the NUC

    • +3

      It runs on my cheap laptop from four years ago, if thats any indication.
      Or you can check "can you run it" http://www.systemrequirementslab.com/cyri

      • thank you for your advise. i will try to check it via the website tonight once i am at home

  • Is there even a street fighter community? Last time I played I couldn't vs anyone from aus

    • There should be a fair few on PC but most of the players are on consoles I think.

  • +1

    nice, now just need to wait for Bethesda/Interplay bundle for Fallout + Elder scroll series before Fallout 4 release *Fingercross

  • +4

    really hate how they put a $15 tier so the bta is artificially bumped up

  • +2

    Best bundle since the EA one…

    • Yeah this is a good one I reckon. Hadn't bought a bundle in a while.

    • What about the Bordelands bundle?

      • +3

        Yea forgot about that one, it was also really good value…But my recollection was that the Origin bundle was probably the best ever due to the wide variety of stuff thrown in…

  • +1

    Anyone want to go 50/50 on the complete bundle? I only want the games that have 'Resident Evil' Evil in the title.

    • Sounds good to me, I'm interested.
      PM me yeah ;)

    • me too!

    • I'm still after someone to 50/50 split with (the above 2 have done their own thing)

      Strider, Lost Planet 3, Bionic Commando: Rearmed, DmC: Devil May Cry, Ultra Street Fighter IV plus any added games (assuming they aren't Resident Evil) is the half I don't want.

      • still looking for someone to split with? I sent a PM

      • I'll do it if gummibear changes his mind. I already have the Resident Evil games but nothing else.

    • Gone

  • Any one have a guess what more games could be. I would love DMC4

    • +2

      I'm hoping Remember Me.

    • I'm hoping Resident Evil 6

  • +2

    i already have a copy of RE5 in my steam - if anyone wants PM me and i'll gift them the cdkey.

    • Hi I would love for a key :D

      Edit: Received a key from edfoo

    • +1

      I also already have a copy of RE5, anyone else want my cdkey can PM me too.

      Edit: cdkey given to tchuy1.

    • Thanks Spoon for the key :)

    • +1

      Here's another RE5 key for whoever sees it first.

      • +1

        Again, taken without thanks. Shame on you whoever you are!

  • Does the average tend to go up or down over time? I want BTA, but I'm wondering if I should wait a bit.

    • +2

      It almost always rises. Get in early.

      • +1

        I have been refreshing for a bit and it's climbing just in this time. Thanks for the advice. Next time I'll try and get in as soon as it becomes available if I want it :)

  • Seriously contemplating the $1 category. At least it's not missing much DLC.

    Middle category offers nothing (incomplete RE5. Revelations ep 1 which is destined to be free, DmC which I have)

    And then the $15 category completes RE5 and SF4 is cool, but I have SF4 arcade edition on PS3.

    • +2

      Ultra Street Fighter IV is a much better game than Arcade Edition due to the character balancing, new playable characters and omega mode. The PC community is also quite active. But note that SFV is coming out next March. So you will naturally expect some reduction in player numbers. But for $15 bucks to get USFIV and the rest of the games, that is one super cheap bundle.

  • If anybody got a key from tier 2 they do not need, please PM me - would be greatly appreciated. Unlike those people (or maybe bots as has been suggested) that simply take keys without saying thanks or acknowledgement to the poster I would be grateful and the game would be put to good use.

  • still thinking of getting it or not…but lucky I didnt own any of these games yet haha

  • Great value for this bundle.

    Not a big thing, but they could have been DRM free. :/

  • Re4 and remember me just added to the bta tier! This is probably the best humble bundle ever!

    • I'll buy it at a high price.

    • I've bought every single humble bundle since the very first one, and this is the first time I ever paid for the top tier.

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