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Sony Xperia Z5 Compact Smartphone $607.20 Delivered @ QD eBay


Thanks klaw81 for pointing this out in the comments.

New Z5 Compact at $759. After 20% coupon, that's $607.20, plus another 4% cashback (~$30) from CashRewards (www.cashrewards.com.au). 4 colours avaliable.

Original CWEDDING20 20% off deal

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    • Wow that's fast. I second freakazilla, did you receive a delivery confirmation from the seller? Also, what colour Z5c did you get? If it was the black one, did you get it before it ran out of stock the first time? My estimated delivery is Thursday, Oct 29, 2015 - Wednesday, Nov 4, 2015.

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        I received the notification after I'd already received the phone. I ordered it in white, so probably no stock issues with that one.

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    my arrived today as well, really fast shipping gotta say. mine is black, before it ran out of stock the first time though,

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    to the guys curious about the notifications, or lack of:
    i got a notification from QD last night saying mine had been sent via DHL from Taiwan. i ordered a white one late night on the 16th.
    i noticed on the listing it said items would be sent from Sydney unless run out, so my guess is that the people here who received their phones quickly with no [or late] notification had them sent from the Sydney warehouse. DHL tracking says my phone left Taiwan early this morning and not due until Tuesday [regional QLD].

    still have no notification however from cashrewards - anyone else get one? i've used CR for a few months now with no problems, but this was my first time using it for ebay.

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      I got one on my Zenfone (which still hasn't arrived or been dispatched apparently). I disable ublock when I do Cashreward - maybe it couldn't track you since you had it enabled?

      • cheers for the reply. i saw elsewhere this arvo other people got their CR email to. i had used it the day before for another store and that went through fine and i do them all the exact same way i.e no blocking and no other sites open. however i recall i had gone through to cart - got distracted for a bit and left PC - and on getting back decided to start over again. i.e opened CR again and clicked through to ebay again. so even though i had closed the browser maybe in doing the click through again it got confused?

        edit: my phone has now left singapore.

  • Hmmm my estimated delivery is 21 Oct - 26 Oct. Though the item hasn't been marked shipped yet. I ordered the black one before it went out of stock

    • Im in the same boat. Although just checked Ebay and now says sent 23rd but no tracking number yet.

  • why I missed this great deal ? :(

    Now it seems like the cheapest possible option is https://www.eglobaldigitalcameras.com.au/sony-xperia-z5-comp... + $8 discount voucher (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/216858)
    This comes to $694 delivered. That's $111 more expensive comparing to the eBay+cashrewards deal ($583) :(

  • received my phone today!
    it was in brisbane last week and transferred to aus post.

    i did notice that my 'commercial invoice' that came with the parcel says it is an Xperia Z3 although thankfully was a Z5 Compact inside. not sure if i need this invoice for any warranty purposes or if the ebay order email is what they use. i guess i'll contact qd_au and see what they say.

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      Just got my black Z5c today, ordered mine after the first batch ran out of stock. My commercial invoice says Z3 as well. Don't worry about holding on to that for warranty, it's mainly for international import and tax purposes. AFAIK, commercial invoices need to be attached to any large (dollar value) international deliveries.

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