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eBay 20% off Cameras, Lenses & Other Wedding Related Items from International Sellers


This is the one I have been hoping for: 20% OFF Cameras, Lenses and some Accessories from selected International sellers:

Camera & lense Sellers participating are listed below. I have personally bought from all 4 of them already at least once or multiple times and I have not had any problem so far.

Note the code seems to work with most items in those stores (source needed)


With cashrewards combined you will score 24% which is probably the best camera and lense deal that I have seen on eBay to date. Oh and I almost forgot, they are also running a 20% of Bridal related items promotion which includes a wide variety of categories listed below.

Jewelry and Watches
Fashion (Mens, Womens, Kids)
Cameras and Lenses
Outdoor living
Fragrances and Cosmetics
and more from international sellers

You can view all the products here.

Max discount is $300. Full terms & conditions

Cashrewards 4% cashback until midnight 19/10 so this will be an even better deal!

Thanks to Neil and Easternculture for help with putting the pieces of this puzzle together!

Deal now expires 16/10/15 23:59

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  • I can't piece it together just yet but here is more evidence (check the subtitle)


  • Appears to be showing up here as well:

    Edit: Confirmed promotion, post updated.

  • Interesting.. I wonder if bullions are classified as "wedding" items. Like, for gifts, you know?

  • With all due respect, this is yet to be a 'deal'. Perhaps you should wait until it is confirmed and more details are available?

  • http://pages2.ebay.com.au/Buyer_coupons/wedding20 doesn't show anything which is interesting because changing the wedding20 to something else shows "This page may have moved or is no longer available."

  • +1

    What do you think?

    No dick in the Wedding categories, so we shouldnt be screwed :)

    There are several Wedding categories i.e.clothes,services,supplies and jewellery and watches, so most likely should be true, especially when there is a coupon code already.

    Isnt it a bit late of Ebay to promote this, since peak wedding season is from September to November (most ppl would have had their stuff organised already)?

  • +2

    Includes DJI Phantoms o_O

    • It wouldn't be a wedding without a drone hovering around the altar. :)

    • -4

      Tried the code with a few Phantoms, but didn't accept it. Bull crap.

        • +3

          Deal starts in two days Einstein.

  • +4

    Hopefully this post will stay on the front page and for future Ebay bargains to help clarify some questions :)

    One transaction. Does this mean I can only buy one item per transaction?
    No, add the items you want to the cart up to the maximum discount allowed. Then simply checkout.

    I applied the code on checkout, but it shows the full amount on Paypal. Am I being scammed?
    If you applied the code correctly (the price at checkout will be cheaper), look at the detailed transaction in Paypal.

    Can I buy from international sellers?
    As long as it is listed on ebay.com.au and it is in the same currency

    Cashrewards or equivalent is calculated off the price BEFORE the discount is applied.

    • +1

      Can I buy from multiple sellers?
      Yes, just add everything to your cart and enter the code at checkout.

    • I saw the red writing 20% off on ebay but the detailed transaction in paypal still shows the full price?

      • +1

        Look to the left, just below the date.
        Paid with
        $x ebay discount code
        $y credit card

        • Negative. Sigh time to follow up with eBay….

  • +1

    Spend $1500 to utilise full $300 discount.

    Hoping they don't jack up the prices…

    • my guess is that this is 100% ebay funded so it is less likely that we will see price increases prior to the deal, (unless items are becoming close to soldout during the deal period)

  • +1

    Uff! There's never a deal on NX lenses..

    • Thats what Im witing for too.

    • I thought Samsung is discontinuing their mirrorless business?

      • I guess if that were the case then we would have more deals, (un)fortunately it's not.

  • What if I won a Australian seller auction? Can I use the voucher?

  • -1

    still have that $50 voucher…what is the chance of ebay do another spend 100 get $50 by the end of this month? I dont have things I need but will be able to spend just so I use the voucher, though prefer to recycle like last few deals.

    edit: yea i know, i am biggest sucker of deals…buying stuff i dont need, spending money i dont have

  • still not active i'm guessing ?

    • I have found a few with codes and some without so it looks like it could be active, maybe the item you want isn't included in the deal

  • Ive noticed that they jacked up the prices on camera lens. Be wary, probably the same on a lot of camera gear.

    • so tempting.. worth an upgrade from the NEX-5?

      • Yes, a6000 is of faster focusing speed and better image quality.

    • A6000 is excellent camera but I don't reckon a worth upgrade to A6000 from Nex-5. Go for sony full frame A7 series.

      • Camera noob here..I am after basic photography. Do you have to have lens kit or body only should do the basic job.

        • Body only means no lens which means you cannot take a photo
          kit lens is cheap/free but heavily reduces the capability of the camera since its a cheap lens (slow not sharp)
          You need to decide about camera size and portability, zoom requirements, video requirements etc
          I recommend FZ1000 for an overall camera for superzoom, great image quality, 4k video and great price
          For portable pocketable I recommend Sony RX100 or similar

        • @thelastnoob: Thanks mate ! I was under impression that you only need to buy separate lens when you need to do professional photography. Any experience with below camera?


          Canon 700D which would come down to $518

        • @Danger:
          No idea personally. Look up reviews especially ones that mention that lens.
          Although it seems that camera is rated high and is also quite cheap.
          Hopefully more people can respond and give you more advice.

        • @Danger: Yeah, I bought the twin lens kit version (local).

          Good camera, nice and simple for the non-pro.

          The lens isn't bad for a kit lens. The stepping motor keeps it nice and quiet. It's great for video.

      • http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/SALE-NEW-Sony-Alpha-A7-A-7-BODY-M...
        Approximately $930 after 20% off and cashrewards.

        I grabbed my A7 two months ago for $900 ($1200 in-store price - $300 cashback from Sony), even cheaper than this grey import.

        A7 is a nice camera, but the timing is not good…

        • I got my a7 new local stock for $200 after selling the free lens and adapter from the xmas deals last year.

        • @Orpheus: It's a super bargain…But how is that possible?

  • The prices of the camera accessories are a joke… Most of the lenses I had bought earlier are either overpriced or sold out…

  • If you guys want a quality, made in Germany, Waterproof camera bags, check this out. Even though the eBay voucher has expired, the price is still the CHEAPEST.

  • Hmm the d7100 or 70d with lenses (twin or EF-S/AF-S/STM) looks like you could save ~100-200 (maybe more after I drink some coffee). If only I could decide which one I wanted (or if used was actually better value with the extras thrown in).

  • If it starts in 2 days, the 4% cashrewards would already expired.

    • +1

      I'm pretty sure it starts today 10am because most subtitles are updated with the promo code.

  • +1

    Based on OPs original link, these are pretty good prices post 20% discount

    Sony Action Cam FDR-X1000V for $371 (although not as good as previous JB offer but close enough)

    Gopro Hero 4 Black - $454

    Gopro Hero 3 White - $263

  • +3

    Some of the sellers have jacked up the prices to stop people using the discount ie a $250ish lens has been changed to $6500!!!! http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NEW-Sony-SAL50F18SAM-50mm-F-1-8-S...

    • not sure if serious or not.

    • same item at T-Dimension website is $140 (free shipping), versus T-Dimension ebay $170 (~136 after discount)
      tell me they didn't raise their ebay price!

      they've done same with 35mm version of same lens too, which I'm interested in.

      • I suppose ebay fees have to be paid somehow?

        • not 20%! ~5% I reckon for this high volume seller.

    • Yes. They have also jacked up the price on a lot of items so this deal is pointless.

      For ex http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/SALE-BRAND-NEW-NIKON-AF-S-DX-NIKK...
      Was selling at 230 now 290

      • Was selling at 230 now 290

        They last changed the price in August.

        I highly doubt they raised the price two months ago in anticipation of this sale.

  • thanks for the heads-up OP, my problem with a couple of those camera stores is I cant see if the will accept the code before I put the lens in the cart. 20% off (plus CR) is pretty damn good when I'm looking at a tamron 150-600 for my Canon…

  • /edit: Closer clicking around sees the RX100IV comes closer to $920, which isn't bad at all. Shame the Bigma (Sigma 50-500) has jumped in price since I last looked (which was months and months ago); they were ~$1200 then, seems the lousy aussie dollar has shot the price of that lens right up nearer to $1600 :( Oh and no-one has the Pentax mount :/

    Thanks for your efforts putting this together, OP and contributors!

    • +1

      Yeah, I just looked through a bunch of things and everything seemed to be significantly inflated - but then I remembered that I haven't really looked much since the AUD took a dive.

  • Not all cameras have the codes…hopefully ebay updates this!

  • Can anyone recommend decent waterproof camera compact which is included in this deal from any of the sellers?

  • Gah, no one has the Nikkor 200-500mm lens that I'm after!

  • +1

    I've been looking into m43 recently so went and scanned through all DWI and TDimension lenses. Some prices I assume are jacked up, but there are still some good deals there. If anyone's interested, here are some examples (with 20% already factored in) and they are the best prices I've seen:

    panasonic 12-32mm $234 TD
    olympus 45mm 1.8 $268 DWI
    olympus 25mm 1.8 $348 TD
    olympus 9-18mm $568 TD

    • Yeah, rather a joke seeing the Sigma 60mm f/2.8 with a list price of $500 when it can be had local for only $199 brand new. Am happy as pig in poo getting it for still less with recent Ebay site-wide 20% sale.

      I think the Oly 75mm f/1.8 was reasonable with one of the sellers listed above too?

      • Yeah some prices are crazy expensive. But deals to be had nonetheless.

        Couple extras:

        pany 42.5 1.7 $360
        pany 12-32 $234

        I'm actually thinking of getting a Panasonic GX7 w/ 20 1.7II for about $718. Seems like a pretty good deal.

      • How do you like the 60 2.8 btw?

        It sounds good but I think I would rather the 42.5 pany or 45 oly, not that they are directly comparable to the 60mm of course.

        • Have only taken a few trial shots to see it wasn't a dud and haven't been disappointed at all. Was (still am) interested in the Oly 75mm but the Sigma was way more $$ friendly.

          Looking at the sample gallery in these forums made it a no brainer: https://www.mu-43.com/forums/

          Having one of the sub f2 25mm lenses has appeal as well but not as burning a desire with it; yet.

        • @deltakilo: Yeah nice, I've heard the 60mm is good and what a great price. And yeah the 75 sounds awesome. I bought a second hand 14mm 2.5 and will get either the 42.5 or 45. They should be good starting points, but there's a few lenses I would like… I also need to pick a m43 camera still ;) I like the OMD EM1 but it's a bit bigger than I would prefer and expensive. Hopefully going to try out the GX7 tomorrow. Which body do you have?

        • @Dan83: I got EP5 last year and Missus recently got the EM10v1. No hurry to upgrade unless something truely amazing is revealed next year or one after.

    • +1

      I just bought the olympus 25mm. DWI has it for $295 after 20% off

  • tried adding a big tamron 150-600 to my cart, checkout as guest, "The code you entered could not be applied. Please try again" this was with 2 of the listed camera shops listed above. I'll try again later…

    • Here you go, this seller has the code up,
      $944.80 after discount.

      • Tried your link. Code not working :-/
        Discount not started yet?

      • Err at checkout code not ready yet. wait till 10:00 15/10/2015 hit and miss or 10:00 17/10/2015 as per the OP.

        • GO GO GO! the code worked!

      • Nice price! Paid $1200 not too long ago locally after I hired this lens for a couple days and decided I liked what I got from it. It's a beast to carry around, but usably sharp for that zoom at that price point without the auto-focus hassles of the (sharper, dynamic L colours, but much dearer) Canon 100-400 + extender. I don't use it every day, but for the couple days a month that it comes in handy, it's really handy. The down side is that it's made me realise the limitations of my tripod for heavier gear and I need to upgrade that now. (There are those who claim they can shoot handheld with this at high zoom. These people have much steadier hands and torsos than I do, apparently.)

        If ozbargain had an 'evil week' like Lifehacker does, I'd say, this is the wannabe-paparazzi budget lens to beat. I use it for construction photography from a distance.

  • Some pretty expensive camera and lens pricing in this. Remember to call your local stores first and try to haggle.

    • Local stores are shit for haggling with overseas stock. They might come down $50 on a $800 lens, buying from OS you'll get it for $500.

      • Overseas don't need to pay gst under 1k..

        • That's right…

    • +5

      It means they don't have any in stock.

      But if you buy it now at that price, they will go buy you one and send it to you.

  • Do you guys know if GST is likely charged for things over $1000? (Like is it 100% of the time?) I've heard that it's avoidable but not sure if true.
    Also what if after this 20% discount it comes down to $990, seeing as this is an ebay discount, I'm not sure if i can get them to write the after discount value instead of before discount…

    • I've bought designer stuff from overseas and called them to mark the value of goods below the GST threshold, which they were ok to do so. They did provide the original receipt inside the box.

      I guess you could try calling them first and see if they can do this.

    • Also, will gst apply to all of these stores then? It makes the deal a whole lot less appealing to me.

      • GST will only be applicable for over $1000 items from overseas.

        • True that, I guess I was mostly considering some more expensive lenses.

  • Canon EF-S 10-18mm for about $275 after 20% code and 4% Cashrewards for grey import - is it worth it or anyone found a better price?

    Camerasky has is for $324 delivered.. and states is Australian stock, anyone dealt with them before?

    • +1

      Also check here for camera bodys, kits and lens price comparisons

    • +1

      Only ever read horror stories about them. Also their 'Australian' stock is sent from their HK warehouse as far as I know. Discountcameras is the best option if you're looking at genuine Aus stock with manufacturer warranty for $356 delivered. Is a warranty and local support worth $81 to you?

      • $81 is 30% more, that's a lot for local warranty you'll unlikely use.

        If you also look at your life long lens purchases you'll make, you'll save 20-40% by buying OS. If one lens needs warranty over say the next 5-10 years, your still far in front by such a long way it's not funny.

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