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Perth Mint 1oz Cast Gold Bar for $20 over Spot (~ $1647 AUD)


Following on from the PAMP Lady Fortuna deal - here is another way to buy some more discount gold bullion.

Perth mint has a current offer to purchase their 1 oz cast bars for only $20 over spot (spot gold is ~$1627 AUD). While Perth locals can go in and buy in person, you will either have to pay to get this posted ($17.50 minimum shipping), or pay for storage. This may kill the deal for those who only want to order 1 oz.

Quantity is "while stocks last" & trading hours are not the weekend - so you'll have to wait till Monday to purchase these.

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      Well that is a different thing altogether from owning physical gold.

      Perhaps I'm just a suspicious type, but I don't trust those forex guys at all either - and leverage is a good way to blow up your account.

      • Maybe comm sec allows you to buy gold

        Forex is fine. I've used it before and made money from them, I once made 3k overnight

        Actually I like the idea of leverage. You will only blow your money if you trade irrationally

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          how many times did you lose it?

        • -3

          I once made 3k overnight.
          Any Screenshot?

        • That actually makes you sound like a problem gambler.

        • @Diji1:
          It was a more than a few years back when the AUD/USD was volatile. I took a chance auto set the limits so i dont loose much or make more than i expected. Woke up to a nice surprise

        • @easternculture:

          If the price gaps through your stop it may be triggered at a much lower level or may never be triggered (depends on broker).

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      What an absurd comment.

      Owning physical Gold (a tangible asset) is completely different to punting on price movements using leverage in the forex market.

      $1600 is not a lot to spend on physical Gold, but like the size of any investment it's all relative to the amount of capital an investor has available (it may be a little to some, a lot to others).

      Making $3k in one night from forex trading is nothing to brag about (given the leverage involved) unless you are making such (net) profits regularly over a long period of time.

  • So is the deal just $35 down to $20? What is with the 1600?

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      $1647 is the price you pay for 1oz gold - or would if they were open now (9-5 monday to friday are their hours).

      A 42% discount on their usual premium isn't bad.

      For comparison Goldstackers has $1687 as their current price (out of stock though).

      • I'm sorry, I still don't entirely understand. Why would they sell 1 oz of gold for $20 then?

        As in, if I took this 1oz into a jeweler to sell, how much would it be?

        EDIT: Oh, I understand, it is basically a reduction in the fee that they are taking. Apologies for the confusion, it is late.

        • It's not for $20 - it's for spot price +20.

          Spot price is the amount traded on international metals markets. Currently, this is about $1627 AUD.

          As for resale - to get an idea, ABC bullion buys back their own 1oz blob (that they sell for $1668) for $1606.

          A jeweler would probably give you much less.

  • Does that mean Gold gonna go more down? Meanwhile I found this one worthy as well..

  • Stupid question I always wanted to ask - if I take the bullion from its packaging, will it lose any value or be harder to sell?

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      Yep to both.

      You should be able to get close to spot from a dealer regardless as they have the equipment to assay it.

      This is just a 1oz blob though and doesn't come with any real packaging (maybe a bag)?

      On the other hand - an advantage is that it has smooth rounded edges so you can hide it somewhere very secret (urghm).

  • I bought 2 x 1 oz bullion coins from Perth mint a few years ago. Alway wondered how I would go about selling them here in Sydney?

    • just go to your local cash-for-gold, they might trade them for a nice 50c piece

      • That nice piece may eventually file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

    • Plenty of members on Silver Stackers would take these off your hands, just make sure you trade safe when doing so privately:


    • Search for "bullion exchange Sydney" and you should find reputable dealers (rather than fly-by-night rip-off merchants).

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    Price is too high at the moment to make this a deal.

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    meh… I just go for a sprint whenever I see a rainbow.

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      • I'm so going to see that!

  • this time is not a good time to buy gold

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    Can this be price matched at officeworks?

    • Good question, and also is it valid at WA officeworks or nation wide?