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10g Lady Fortuna PAMP Gold Bar $546.10 Shipped, 25x 2016 Silver Kangaroo Coins $655 Shipped on Perth Bullion eBay


After catching some gold fever from the bitgold deal (which is still running BTW), I thought I'd use the CLICK15 15% off eBay code to accumulate some physical gold at close to spot.

As an example I've chosen the 10g Lady Fortuna PAMP bar as it is close to the max $666.66 you can get cashback on. It costs $636 + $5.5 from Perth Bullion - a dealer on eBay with a physical store and online presence (lowish risk).

  • (After 15% eBay offer) = $540.6
  • (After 2.5% Cashrewards cashback) = $524.7
  • Total Price inc. postage = $530.4

How good a deal is this? Compare to the spot price for 10g, which is $524.523 (AUD)

Therefore you are getting 10g of gold delivered at 6 bucks over spot (~1%) - not too shabby. 10g is a good liquid size to hold also.

Comparison pricing:

And then you have to pay postage on top (you could collect if you are local I suppose).

If you want to try use the shopandmint 4% you can do even better (and it will get you close to the $50 you need to cash out straight away if you buy 2x).

Another example:

25x 2016 Kangaroos in tube - again from Perth Bullion (these are not individually encapsulated - but they are low premium coins and are .9999 instead the usual of .999) = $747 + $8 postage

  • (After 15% eBay offer) = $647
  • (After 2.5% Cashrewards cashback) = $630.825
  • (Total price inc. postage) = $638.825
  • /25 = $25.553 per oz, which is better than the online stores listed above also (for qty 25).

So the deal is, consider buying some gold (or silver) on ebay - it is probably about as cheap as it will ever be!

EDIT: Unexpired due to Perth mint bar available. $636 still, which is a bit pricy IMO. Perhaps make an offer?

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  • +8 votes

    Excellent well presented research.
    Just wondering, later on how hard is it to cash that form of gold in, and can you get the spot price for it ?
    (I know nothing about trading gold)

    • Most PM retailers will buy it off you for spot minus a bit for royalties. Which is OK is spot is way above where you purchased it. Otherwise EBAY or one of the local PM sites like silverstackers. You should always be able to get at least spot for it from private buyers. Also be aware that PM purchases over $5000 are automatically reported to ze gubment, so if having ze gument know that you own PM is a problem for you then take that into account. :)

      Just sayin'

      (edit: looks like Gringo beat me to it below. :) )

  • Top work OP!

  • You can sell back to dealers at close to spot - if the price goes up then the gouging they do shouldn't matter all that much:

    e.g. https://www.abcbullion.com.au/products-pricing/gold

    You can also sell on a forum like silverstackers

    Or eBay I guess - but the fees will hurt quite a bit.

  • Nicely detailed post. Would the main purpose of buying this be to hold onto for when the price rises?

    • Absolutely - when there is a physical squeeze prices have the potential to rocket. Dealers might even pay a premium to spot in such circumstances.

    • A lot people hold precious metals for the long haul rather than speculate as they hold a long-term stable intrinsic value and are, as such, a good protection against inflation and gov monetary policy.

      • Intrinsic value my tushy. If the zombie apocalypse comes a shotgun has intrinsic value, you can try throwing your gold bars at them if you like.

        • "if the zombie apocalypse comes" end of potential intelligible point


          this one considers the real issues

        • @garetz: I think you mixed up intelligent with intelligible… lol

          His words were intelligible… also it ended at "Intrinsic value my tushy"… if that…

          …just saying.

    • Yes. A lot of people also know that fiat (paper)currency always collapses eventually and given the unhampered printing of the USD the last few years (read up on 'quantitative easing)some people think it is overdue for a collapse and is only being held up by running the printing presses. Traditionally when a fiat currency collapses, really money, gold, silver and other tangibles take off. Check out the gold price during the Weimar period in Germany. But then there are others who say other things of course. :)

      • Have a look at Platinum prices. Platinum is rarer than gold. In fact if you melt down all the platinum in the world and pour it into an olympic pool, it will only reach up the ankles. Its just as pretty as gold. Its much more useful than gold, its used in catalytic converters and such, whereas gold is only useful for jewellery and very occasional dentistry. Platinum is now substantially cheaper than gold.

        Gold was traditionally anticyclical precisely because it is useless - it has no commodity value and therefore its value should be unaffected by industrial downturn, whereas both silver and platinum are industrially useful and therefore consumption falls whenever there is a recession.

        Unfortunately, this has become a self-affirming cultural belief that far exceeds its grounding in either logic or fact. It is absurd to put a higher value on something because of its uselessness. There is absolutely nothing sustaining the current gold price other than an abiding belief that somehow gold will save its owner in the event that the world goes to crap.

  • When I unwrap it. do I get chocolate?

  • Good deal.
    Just one correction:

    1. You will max out your discount if you purchase above $666, better to use several purchases if you are over $666.

    So the 25 x 1Oz Kangaroos will be $647 + $8 postage.

    • Yep fixed it thanks for that. Mods hopefully can update the title, cause I can't.

  • FYI: http://goldprice.org/gold-price-history.html
    If the prices go to 2011 levels, you'll be a boss tripling your money.

  • By the way, where do you live? ;-)

  • gold has fallen this year.
    once the usa introduces interest rates it will drop more.

    • Price of Gold is up around 12.5% in Australian Dollars YTD.

      • Only because gold is priced in USD and AUD crashed more than gold did relative to USD.

        • The price of Gold floats against all currencies, not just USD.

          It's not exclusively priced in USD.

        • @Bullion Baron:

          You're missing the point. They're all relative to each other, due to arbitrage.

          AUD crashed. Price of gold, even if static (relative to all other currencies) would go up when priced in AUD.

          Gold didn't go up, AUD wen't down. Gold went down too, just less than AUD.

          What you're looking at was essentially a currency hedge, not a gold trade. If you don't understand that, I'd do a little more research before 'investing'.

        • @herzy:

          I'm not missing your point herzy.

          The price of Gold floats, as do all currencies. There is no reason to reference everything backed to the USD.

          The price of Gold in Australian Dollars is what matters to Australian buyers (assuming they are buying physical metal, which is the case for this deal). That is why I highlighted the price has risen. I measure my assets in the currency I am buying and selling them in.

          If you want a measure of Gold that doesn't use a single currency then the Kitco Gold Index is a good example which measures it using the same basket of currencies as the US Dollar Index:


          Over a 12 month time frame the KGX is 3% higher.

        • @Bullion Baron:

          Baron you didn't point out anything that was incorrect in my post. I didn't reference everything back to USD, I'm saying that quoting an AUD-price rise isn't the whole picture.

          It's misleading to indicate that the price of your gold (listed in AUD) has gone up. The true underlying value of your AUD-priced asset, has definitely not increased by 3%.

          I'm sure you understand the difference, but other punters here seem to equate your 12% gain with evidence gold was a good investment. For you, it was a good AUD currency hedge, despite the poor performance of gold globally (which is relevant).

          To reiterate - gold is fungible, so the currency you purchase it in doesn't matter (as a gold investment). It's only relevant for forex movements.

        • @herzy:

          The wrong point in your post was "gold is priced in USD". It's not priced in USD for Australians.

          tuzii's initial comment was "gold has fallen this year", which was wrong (for Australians).

          Regardless of the underlying causes, the price of Gold in Australia rose 12.5% YTD (a bit lower than this now). There's nothing misleading about it. I don't deny that the AUD rising or falling against other currencies has an impact on it's relative price here.

          So you don't agree Gold has risen by 12.5%, you don't agree it has risen by 3% (which was the KGX measure, not the AUD measure which you've misunderstood). Why don't you tell us what Gold has risen or fallen by YTD or over the past 12 months and how you are measuring that performance?

          And if you go back to just quoting what the USD price of the metal has done to answer this I'm going to scream :)

        • @Bullion Baron:

          No mention of USD in any but the first post. I realised the choice of that particular currency (chosen because it's usually used as the global benchmark) was distracting from the underlying point.

          So again, what was wrong in any of my subsequent comments?

          The reason it's misleading is because people reading it may think gold was a good investment. It wasn't, it was a good hedge.

          I don't care about the price of gold (in any currency or index) in the slightest - I'm just trying to point out the difference between an investment in gold or a forex play. They require different considerations, which you seem to appreciate but others don't.

          As an example, price of gold (in any currency) will be affected by supply/demand (especially in India and China), production, futures and the USD. Price of gold in AUD will be much more impacted by movements of the AUD relative to other currencies, which will be affected by RBA interest rates, commodities, China and US economy etc.

          No need to scream, we're making different points. I'm not sure if you get mine (you seem to get it, yet ignore it), but there's not much point continuing this.

  • +2 votes

    I would be careful with this though. Gold had a 12% decrease in value the last 5 years

  • I wouldn't risk buying gold at this time

    5 year chart showing a decline in gold price - Click on 5 year. May even decline more

    • Yeah buying commodities is very risky as it can easily go either way. Unless you have insider info, you may as well buy a lotto ticket.

      • It declined from $1883 USD to now $1146 USD over 5 years

        It is likely to decline even more to 2007/2008 levels @ $850 to $900 USD

        • See link below.

          Everything is relative - I'd say that holding AUD is way more risky than holding anything else at the moment. To diversify is not bad.

        • @gringo:

          That's what they said about the AUD right. Now look at it.

        • And some say it is likely to go gangbusters too. Choose your pundit I guess?

        • I just had a look at that link and the 5 years.

          Then I changed to AUD. I live in Australia and question the USD as the global reserve currency.

        • 'It is likely to decline even more to 2007/2008 levels @ $850 to $900 USD'

          Based on what?

        • @Bullion Baron:

          economic trends and patterns.

          do your research. It will drop further

          I did my research when AUD was strong using historical economic data and future economic trends . I did predict that the AUD would fall to sub 0.70c in 2015. Then waited till it was over parity and bought a massive amount. Still waiting to sell my US dollars when it falls to sub 65c

        • @easternculture:

          What "economic trends and patterns" suggest Gold will fall to a very specific price point of $850-900?

          I am well read on precious metals, finance and markets and also expected a lower AUD.

          "do your research" is a pointless comment as one could make a bear or bull case for Gold from here. I am asking why you think it will fall…

        • @Bullion Baron:

          Some variables to consider before you decide to invest in gold

          • US increasing interest rates over the next 2 years
          • Supply/demand Chain : these is already an increased supply in the market
          • Downfall in chinese equity markets
          • Strength of US dollar will continue
        • @easternculture:

          •US increasing interest rates over the next 2 years


        • @easternculture:

          A) Agree with chill, lol at the interest rates rising. They may get them off the mat, but it won't be for long and likely to exacerbate issues elsewhere, such as in the EMs.

          B) Increase in Gold supply from western markets (e.g. ETFs) is being met by increasing demand from the east. There is no excess supply that no one wants just hanging around. Supply and demand are equal.

          C) We've already seen a large decline in Chinese stock markets, not seemed to have any effect on price of Gold… the past month Shanghai Composite is down 4.5%, XAUUSD up 1%.

          D) Can't rule it out, but probably relies on A holding true.

          But thank you for sharing your view, although I disagree the extra info is a little better than 'do your research' ;)

        • @Bullion Baron:

          Well you can buy the gold now and sell it to me in a few years time.

          Many more other variables that I choose to keep to myself at this time backed by hours of intensive research

          Re supply and demand, have a look at India's gold demand in 2010 and compare it to 2015

        • @easternculture:

          I have no need to buy more now, bought the dip late last year several hundred dollars cheaper an ounce. Though still think it's heading higher over the medium term (A$2000+ this year or next).

          Ok, keep your secret variables to yourself lol.

          India is on track to exceed 2010 levels this year: https://www.bullionstar.com/blogs/koos-jansen/india-precious...

        • @easternculture:

          Then waited till it was over parity and bought a massive amount. Still waiting to sell my US dollars when it falls to sub 65c

          Where have you been keeping USD in the meantime and what interest rate are you earning on it?

    • Well, it depends, 5 years shows that but take 10 years, you would have made a fortune.

    • It is point less to debate if any one looking for a short term investment return that is under 5 years max, for all such investment I classify as speculate.
      Still even 2 years these days are considered too long for investment, as we all fall in to the fiat currency illusion that all investment needs to beat the artificially created inflation. One must ask Where inflation comes from? It is because everybody is printing money, that's where inflation is from, money supply always gets higher, hence houses are consider 'Real' estate not the worth nothing money fiat currency.
      Gold is like house in theory as it stores value, else why the hack countries today carry gold reserves?
      The low gold price is artificially generated, cause there are far more futures exchange contracts floating out there that is enough for two whole years of gold production of the world, such contracts can't be materialised because the stuff hasn't been dug out of the ground. Yet, the printing of money QE allow these paper gold I o u to suppress real gold price and that's what has been done, the QE of the world is allowing banks who get them at dirty cheap rate (not the general public) to containing gold while shooting up house price in every comparatively stable country of the world.
      Gold is not an investment in sense of running against inflation to get more fiat currency down the track, it is something that secure and store value like property that even when the whole fiat currency scheme collapsed, it still holds value against whatever thing the people of the world comes up next.
      If one looking for a short term investment, look elsewhere

  • Gold hasn't fallen in AUD this year. It has outperformed the ASX over 1yr, 5yr, etc

  • "A century from now, the 400 million acres of farmland will have produced staggering amounts of corn, wheat, cotton, and other crops — and will continue to produce that valuable bounty, whatever the currency may be. Exxon Mobil will probably have delivered trillions of dollars in dividends to its owners and will also hold assets worth many more trillions — and, remember, you get 16 Exxons. The 170,000 tonnes of gold will be unchanged in size and still incapable of producing anything. You can fondle the cube, but it will not respond."

    • On a philosophical level, the farmland will eventually die if nothing more is added - it requires maintenance + labour. Exxon will run out of oil one day too. Then it will be a large group of people clawing at the doors for unpaid retirement entitlements.

      But gold will literally last forever.

      They will probably transport the gold off the planet as a priority, even before people, when the sun gets around to swallowing the Earth.

      The farm land will get swallowed.

  • Sold Out!

    • That was quick! Well there are other gold listings out there - this was just an example (wasn't an outrageous bargain). Feel free to post anything you find here.

  • +1 vote

    Really want some PAMP, but I've always worried about getting tungsten instead of gold. I've always bought direct minted bars from Perth Mint so far, is this site from the mint themselves? Looks similar.

  • wonder any one knows if tax invoice is provided for another 10% tax return when taking them to overseas?



  • Out of stock gentlemen!

  • Just a heads up to people who missed out, and looking for gold from overseas.
    Check for fakes before you buy

  • this is physical material that can only be less in quantity over time and then gone from earth land. how come the price is not up?

  • In these uncertain times a few grams of gold never hurt anybody.


    This is even more of a bargain because dealers in australia buy in AUD. So add another 30%. Gold is a good hedge against a falling AUD.

  • Normally bullion is exempt from these promos. Are you sure it works?

    • Point me to where the exemption is 'normally' posted? Is it in the T&Cs?

      • You may be right/lucky. Cannot find previous T&C right now. But looks promising.
        "Purchases of items listed in the following categories are excluded from this offer: Gift Cards (including Woolworths Online Grocery Vouchers) (172,009), Services (316), Cars, Bikes, Boats (9800) and Tickets, Travel (11,730) are excluded from this offer."

  • Thanks OP! After your well presented research I bought the 10g Lady Fortuna PAMP bar on the spot. Awesome to see an ozbargain deal to buy assets.

    I wish people sell houses on ebay.

  • Could somebody please explain what a "low premium coin" is?

    • The difference between spot price (the price traded on precious metals exchanges for 1kg bars) and what you pay is the premium.

      Spot for silver is about $22 bucks AUD. So on low premium silver coins you are paying 3 bucks or so markup. For collectible coins like the lunar series you could pay 10-12 markup over spot - which is a fair percentage of the total price.

      Bullion coins like the one given in the post generally appreciate solely based on the price of the underlying metal.

      When the price has been high for some time and then rapidly falls (as with silver) you do find it takes some time for the premium to return to a sane amount.

    • Thanks gringo. Appreciate the response :)

  • Thanks OP just bought