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4% Cashback on eBay AU via Shopandmint


eBay is running the 15% Off Sale We thought of making the deal sweeter by offering 4% Cashback during this period.

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  • So many eBay offers. Thanks OP.

  • How long does it take to actually get the cash back?

  • is this another cashback system that doesn't payout?

    • Survey says yes.

      Cashback systems can't enquire about missing transactions either. I've tried two systems. Pricepal doesn't work at all with ebay and Cashrewards is very hit and miss. They work fine with all other shops…makes me think eBay isn't playing fair or blocking the transactions from being paid out.

      • Yeah maybe but I doubt it. In my dealings with Ebay as an affiliate they've been been very professional as you would expect for a large business. Actually they are probably the hardest affiliate I've worked with other than Boogle, they expect professional conduct if you promote them and they check.

        I have no idea if this is the relationship that these cashback schemes have with Ebay though.

      • That is why I always opt for velocity points with ebay.You get 2 per dollar.

    • Cashrewards won't work if you use a coupon that isn't on there. A lot of those Gearbest deals for example won't pay out.

      • funny that, the ebay 20% off deal not long ago hasn't paid out either.

        i think it's just a case of them raking in commissions and not paying out.

        • Cashrewards does state this and so have their reps. They've got affiliate links on all of their stores, so that's how CR gets their commission.

        • @Clear: so they just pay out whenever they feel like it? so they can be taking 10% and claiming they will give you 4% back, and effectively bait you into using their referral system and never pay you the 4%

          and you're ok with this?

        • @insular: Pretty much. Getting 2.5% of my money back from eBay is better than nothing.

          It's like any business though. Spend $1k on a laptop and the retailer only pays $600…

          Edit: they do pay you out and always will. Unless you use a coupon not approved by the store

        • @Clear: many of mine across various stores didn't have coupons at all, and weren't paid out.

          i also don't think you got my point. if they're not paying me anything, then 2.5% is irrelevant. they falsely claiming they will pay and rarely do, pocketing the entire commission for themselves.

          read the other comments in this thread, i'm not alone.

        • @insular: I've only ever used it for eBay and Banggood and they've both paid out. I'm aware of the issues people have had. I'm just pointing out that a lot don't realise that if the coupon isn't listed its nearly 100% guaranteed that no payout will happen.

  • Too late, placed my order earlier today.

    • Same. Just ordered a grand's worth.

      Might give them a go next time with a smaller order. the potential extra $15 wasn't worth the extra risk.

  • Ebay seems to pay out in a reasonable time. I've got some others that are now 6 months old without paying :(

    • the majority of mine with cashrewards aren't doing anything. about $30 paid, $100+ outstanding, some nearly a year ago.

  • My payout still in pending after 3 weeks.
    Not sure how long it will be till the payout

    • Likewise. I have approx $70 pending for about a month. Only readily uncashable is $6.

  • Name in title

  • I read in the main eBay thread that you need $50 in your account to cash out. So not great if you make smaller purchases and want to cash out frequently.

  • cashback is a load of croc to me, pending payments and awaiting on cashrewards, don't expect to get it, those money goes to them.

    • It works perfectly fine for me. The "pending" is only during the return period. If you return an item for a refund, then obviously they do not want to pay commission. I have not had issues with eBay transactions not coming through on cashrewards, I think.

    • Cashrewards on eBay has been working fine for me. Use a fresh non-Incognito browser and don't click around on eBay too much.

  • still can't find anything worth buying…argh

  • +18 votes

    Just be forewarned with shopandmint, you have to accumulate $50 to be able to take any cash out. Even at 4%, you'd still need to spend $1250.

    Cashrewards may be only 2.5% with ebay, be at least you can cashout at minimum $5.

  • Just signed up, but after looking at the requirements, don't expect me to you use you at all: "You must earn at least $50.00 before you can request a payment." $50 vs. $5 at CashRewards. Since I don't buy online all that much, it means I'll never see any rewards back. Thanks, but no thanks.

  • "we thought of making the deal sweeter by offering 4% Cashback during this period."
    What is the % cashback normally?

  • +15 votes

    First of all, eBay should pay within 2-3 months. My eBay transactions from July has been paid at CashRewards. That means if ShopandMint is using the same process, you should hopefully be paid in November.

    HOWEVER, ShopandMint.com has only been around since May this year (from domain creation date), and has only launched in July. They are running Cashback Engine — a pretty crappy PHP script that costs USD$199 to purchase (unless they found a null'ed version somewhere) and USD$75/half-year for updates. I would think for a cashback site the updates are almost essential because the rules and available merchants are changing all the time. That means by November/December their initial support & update would have expired…

    Let's just hope that by then ShopandMint would still be around and pay the cashback.

    • -6 votes

      Given the increasing volume of users and merchants, We now have our own Tech team to update and maintain the website. We are no more dependent on any updates from third party providers.

      • any chance on replying to my inquiry about a Zuji booking that never showed up yet the click was tracked on my account?

    • Scotty, what would be a better way than using that bad engine? What would you like to see in such a site?

  • Lel … reading the comments about Cashback I wonder why people bother if they only payout 33% of the time…

  • I bought a TV during the last 20% off eBay sale and used shopandmint to get some cash back.

    Followed all the correct steps and the transaction never appeared in my shopandmint account. They're following up with the retailer apparently, but I've got this feeling I'll never get my money!

    • It takes a few days to appear even you are with Cashrewards,so it might turn up later.The pain with this site is $50 threshold to bar many users from cashout.

  • How long does it take for pending amounts to appear? I ordered something through the website but nothing has shown up yet.