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10g Lady Fortuna PAMP Gold Bar $546.10 Shipped, 25x 2016 Silver Kangaroo Coins $655 Shipped on Perth Bullion eBay


After catching some gold fever from the bitgold deal (which is still running BTW), I thought I'd use the CLICK15 15% off eBay code to accumulate some physical gold at close to spot.

As an example I've chosen the 10g Lady Fortuna PAMP bar as it is close to the max $666.66 you can get cashback on. It costs $636 + $5.5 from Perth Bullion - a dealer on eBay with a physical store and online presence (lowish risk).

  • (After 15% eBay offer) = $540.6
  • (After 2.5% Cashrewards cashback) = $524.7
  • Total Price inc. postage = $530.4

How good a deal is this? Compare to the spot price for 10g, which is $524.523 (AUD)

Therefore you are getting 10g of gold delivered at 6 bucks over spot (~1%) - not too shabby. 10g is a good liquid size to hold also.

Comparison pricing:

And then you have to pay postage on top (you could collect if you are local I suppose).

If you want to try use the shopandmint 4% you can do even better (and it will get you close to the $50 you need to cash out straight away if you buy 2x).

Another example:

25x 2016 Kangaroos in tube - again from Perth Bullion (these are not individually encapsulated - but they are low premium coins and are .9999 instead the usual of .999) = $747 + $8 postage

  • (After 15% eBay offer) = $647
  • (After 2.5% Cashrewards cashback) = $630.825
  • (Total price inc. postage) = $638.825
  • /25 = $25.553 per oz, which is better than the online stores listed above also (for qty 25).

So the deal is, consider buying some gold (or silver) on ebay - it is probably about as cheap as it will ever be!

EDIT: Unexpired due to Perth mint bar available. $636 still, which is a bit pricy IMO. Perhaps make an offer?

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