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Custom Coin Purse - USD $0.99 (~AUD $1.50) Shipped from Cowcow


Maintain your love/hate relationship with your coins and dimes using our $0.99 mini coin purses!

$0.99 Custom Mini Coin Purses with Free Shipping

Terms & Conditions

  • No quantity limit.
  • Multiple uses.
  • This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers.
  • Forwarding the code to yourself is a violation of this promotion. CowCow reserves the right to cancel these orders and subsequent cash dollar rewards.
  • Members will only receive cash dollars if their own code has been used. i.e. you will not be rewarded for forwarding a friend's code.
  • Each member can be rewarded up to $100 in cash dollars during this promotion.
  • The cash dollars you earn must be used in CowCow.com, it can't be withdrawn to your Paypal account.
  • CowCow has the right to terminate this promotion at any given time without prior notice.
  • In case of dispute, CowCow’s decision is final.

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  • +6

    Bought a whole heap of these back in 2009 for gift purposes through artscow - they are great quality and if using hi res images they'll look awesome. Google image 'Hi res Disney Frozen/Peppa Pig', use the image and these will make a great Christmas present/Stocking filler - nobody will know they aren't genuine!

    Direct link to customisable purse https://www.cowcow.com/Create/AjaxDesign.aspx?DesignId=15385...

  • Thanks heaps OP, ordered a few for Xmas pressies

  • Edit: I was misinformed, as the code looked like a referral (as you can set your own referral). I have been told by the moderators that it is fine (referral code was replaced with non referral), so I have revoked my neg.

  • How open are they to printing copyrighted images? I know places like Officeworks will not print an image unless you own the copyright or it's public domain. I'd like to order some cartoon characters for my daughter, but will they print them?

  • How do you set delivery to Australia. I don't see the option when selecting country in the checkout?

    • +1

      Its near the top of the list. I know this because it took me a while to find it too.

  • Anyone else with a VW GTI trying to find a high res tartan image?

    This is the largest I can find but cowcow says it isn't high res enough: https://www.scotweb.co.uk/images/tdesign/gallery/57734.jpg

    • +1
      • Thanks. I checked those.. none of them really come close. Since its just a basic design is there a way I could make the image I linked above larger without making it turning to crap?

        • +1

          how about this? -just blow up a tad.

          view as a raw image then save.

        • @altomic: Perfect, thanks! Ordered 2.

          How did you find that?

        • @daveaus: just took the image you provided. saved to desktop. opened it in Paint. dragged the image to a larger size. saved to tinypic.

  • -1

    Now I can finally have cheap Legend of Zelda merch

  • thanks!! have given it a go - see how they turn out!

  • -1

    Why do you need to give your address when you pay with Paypal?

    • Because paypal are SCUM

  • invalid coupon code?

  • "Coupon code invalid"
    Well, that was a waste of time…

  • code just worked for me… :)

    • Where do you enter the code?
      I'm trying on the checkout page where you enter your address and payment details under "Coupon/Gift Certificate Code".
      Is this right?

      • Weird. Just tried again and it is now working.

  • +2

    Mine arrived today!!! Unbelievable!

    • mine still says "processing", did yours arrive without any email about them sending it out?

      • +1

        no emails apart from the Paypal payment confirmation on the 24/10

    • +1

      How were they?

  • Do they do velvet-lined sausage wallets?

    • sausage wallet? LOL

  • I just got shipped email last night, I did custom designs so I guess it takes a while.

  • I got my shipped email on the 3/11/2015 but haven't received them yet?
    anyone else in a similar boat?

  • Yep same boat

  • I've still not received a shipping confirmation. Hopefully soon!

  • Mine arrived yesterday.

  • Mine arrived today. Instead of the three different designs I ordered I got 3 purses with identical designs. And the paperwork that came with them shows a different design that was on one of my orders.

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