Rise of the Tomb Raider. Who's buying it, which platform?

So I'm pretty excited for this game. First one was amazing but I think this one might suffer in the sense that we won't get to see the character develop to the same extent… When Lara first gets the grenade launcher and screams, ”I'm coming to get you mofo's!", I got goosebumps.

Anyhoo, I have a 360 and a PS4, gonna get it for 360 cause it comes out a few days after my last exam my work will be shutting down a few days after that until early Jan.

Anyhoo2, anyone in the same boat as me and doesn't wanna wait 12 months to get it on PS4 or even a few months to get it on PC?


  • Meh. Even though your response doesn't effect me at all, I still feel let down…

    • why? i played the previous tomb raider on pc and it was an epic game and i had alot of fun playing it.

      • I used to ”backup” blurays. But now with internet quotas being what they are, no point. I use my laptop for everything but it's not really cut out for tomb raider.

  • I'll get it eventually. Fallout 4 will be taking most of my time.

  • lol u miss out on so much material with the 360.
    Get it on PC mate.

    Or just sell ur ps4 and get a xbone

    • LOL, sell your PS4 for an Xbone to play a times exclusive that will release later in a definitive version on PS4, you guys kill me.

      • Sell your xbone and buy a Wii-U. So you can forget all these multiplatform timed exclusive malarky games and play Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival, which is EASILY going to be game of the year, all years. It's like monopoly, but you have to buy all the pieces individually for $18. 10/10 GOTY All years.

        High concentration of sarcasm

  • I played Tomb Raider 2014 on the PC. Didn't have TressFX on as it made it a lagfest, but playing it on 1080p with 60FPS made it a pretty darn enjoyable experience.

    Some scenes were a bit dark though.

  • PC of course.

  • PC.
    (This could have been a poll!)

  • PC when it comes. I would like to get a PS4, but not for this game.

  • I'm just going to buy it on XBox 360. It's going to be the same game. I mean, Lara's not going to have a whimsical lesbian interaction with a ghost in one version and not the others. A game is a game, no matter how it looks, and I couldn't be assed waiting 12 months.

    • I've only seen a couple of screen shots but it looks pretty decent. They are developing it separately for 360 and xbone, ie not just a scaled back version. Guess they had to, hardware is completely different.

      Lesbo scene will be DLC.

      • I only opt to wait/buy on a different platform where it's cheaper or significant game changes. For example, the Nemesis system from Shadow of Mordor was nerfed on pre-gen consoles. So I got it on PC :D

  • Well, I wanna play it, I already have 360. And when they release it next year for PS4 next year,it will likely be GoTY edition

  • Xbox One for me.

    • Something I mentioned earlier in a different post, the one thing Xbox had going for it is that it's backed and pushed by a major company that aren't about to just give up on it. So even though they've sold a quarter of the consoles, the section in your shop is the same size and whenever there is a sale involving heavily slashed AAA games, your chances of getting a copy are much better on xbone than PS4

      • Meh. I buy my games digitally. I'm not a friend to discs. I have a 3TB external drive connected to my Xbone so I don't have to constantly delete stuff.

        I also own a PS4. I just prefer to play my AAA games on Xbox because I prefer the controller.

        • Yeah,not about to buy to both current gen consoles even if that means I gotta play tomb raider on 360

        • Digital is so expensive. And ps4 games all install to the hdd anyhow.

        • @jonathonsunshine: The few PS4 discs I've bought still need the discs to work though.

          Digital isn't expensive if you buy during sales, from OS stores etc. Usually it's a difference of a few $$ which I'm happy to pay for the convenience of not playing around with discs. I never sell games anyhow that that isn't a consideration.

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