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30% off Dyson Direct RRP


Do you own an old Dyson vacuum ?
Are you looking for a new vacuum (or possibly other items too, ring and confirm what this applies to as I didn't check) ?

Well, I've the deal for you.
Direct from Dyson Australia and including free delivery, comes a deal that I was offered when seeking details regarding warranty upon a currently owned vacuum and asking about trade show specials.

By providing the serial number of an eligible vacuum that you own, you will get 30% off RRP.
For example, a very early DC0* qualified.

This brings $800 items down to approximately $560, otherwise a whole heap of Eneloops!

Now there's no link I can find, yet calling their 1800 number and inquiring about this should result in honouring of the deal.

To note, they do NOT offer a pick up service, period.

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  • what is an eligible vacuum???

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      One that sucks.

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        get out.

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          Can't. Sucked in.

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        "my job" is an eligible vaccum

  • Hmm, DC45 doesn't come down much, but the Dyson V6 would come down to $419? That's $70 cheaper than staticice gives me at the moment. Maybe worth going for that one.

  • I recently refurbed my DC19 Turbine but I do need a new turbine head (I have ordered the torx to try and refurb it). Just found the issue, still might need a new head though. Would be great if this applied to spare parts.

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    Sounds like this offer from the Dyson website:

    DC01, DC02, DC03, DC04, DC05, DC07, DC08, DC11 upgrade offer 30%

    That's not the only one, but there are different terms for each of the upgrade offers. See the link for details.

    DC16 upgrade offer 30%

    Also I see this one:

    DC05MH upgrade offer 50%

    How to claim is term #3:

    3 This offer is valid for purchases of new, in range, full size machines only and must be completed over the phone with our customer care team. 1800 239 766

    • Ah, lame.

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    I like Dysons, but they frustrate me too.
    They don't use bags and the filtering (HEPA) filters just about any particle you can name. I used my Dyson on a large house for 8 years before the motor packed in. I repaired the motor with an $8 bearing and an hour of effort. Also, the unit is lightweight and easily directed. I've only had 1 accessory break (which is superb reliability) as I didn't treat the Dyson with tenderness.

    The bad side; my friend bought the DC05 with "no loss of suction", but it lost suction very quickly. I bought a DC08 with "new root cyclone and no loss of suction", and it was good for about 6months before it couldn't suck the skin off a rice pudding.

    With the DC08, I had to spend 5min disassembling the main filter (root cyclone) and wash the inner pathways. They got clogged with anything remotely damp or sticky (eg. Santanas). This took me an hour to clean, then 4h drying before I could re-assemble. Then, the Dyson returned to full suction power. If I did this every 6months, the vacuum worked well (although the filter (a sponge) needed washing once a month). The filter took 5 minutes to clean and 4h drying.

    Also, emptying the thing was a pain in the butt. You had to align 2 rims very carefully. Even after 8 years, I still dread this hurdle, also, the dirt often clogs in the pores in this main chamber. Thankfully, a dustpan brush unclogs it easily and quickly.

    Good news! Dyson have announced their new model has no loss of suction! It's supposedly the first model. "All others lose suction.
    Only Dyson Cinetic™ science doesn’t". Please excuse my sarcasm on this claim.

    • We bought DC25 in 2008, it did not lose suction and still working properly without any breaks. Pretty good for a house with small pets.

    • Our DC08 HEPA must be over ten years old now and still sucking like Windows Vista. Turbo head has died though and they are pricey to replace. About time I cleaned the filter, thanks for the reminder.

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    I sold my dyson on Gumtree because it was just collecting dust.

  • Nice vacuums but very noisy.

  • Vacuuming is a pain in the ass and Dysons make it as good as it's gonna get.

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      If its hurting there, you're doing it wrong…

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    Dyson are the Apple of vacuum cleaners.

    • What's the Android of vacuum cleaners?

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        Godffreys $99 vacuums

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        and finally broomstick for Nokia… reliable and your parents can use it.

  • anyone tried or verified this?

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    Beware of buying it from Dyson Direct (dyson.com.au). I bought V6 Absolute during their sale in September, when I received it, the box was damaged looked like a the box had been handled a lot, some cardboard pieces were torn. To me it looked like they sent me a product returned by previous customers. I had to make few phone calls to get it returned back, finally after almost 2 months after 4 phone calls, I received my refund back which was yesterday. Meanwhile I bought same product at better price from Myer and I received free toolkit. I had terrible experience with Dyson Direct purchase and will not be buying thru them again.

    • Are Dyson Direct products in the way like clothes and accessories we buy from the DFO ?

      • I didn't use the product delivered by dyson direct and returned as is, however looking at the packaging seemed heavily handled box or most likely customer returned box. To me it looks like they repack returned products and sell it off by during discount offers, maybe I am wrong.

    • I had the same issue with box being opened and not in New factory condition. I'd prefer to buy from a normal retailer if possible.

  • So I have a DC54, am i eligible to get 30% of hot+cool fan?

    or only vacuum to vacuum discount?

    • Edit. Can't even call them they are experiencing a high volume of calls.

      • Were you able to find out? Was wondering this myself.