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MH4 Ultimate $39, FIFA 15 $20, Battlefield H $29, NFS 2015 $69, Dishonored $39 + More @Target


Target Entertainment Deals. Starts Thursday

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate 3DS $39
Minecraft Story Mode PS4/XB1/PS3/XB360 $49
Shovel Knight PS4/WIIU/3DS $37
Dishonored Definitive Edition PS4/XB1 $39
Super Smash Bros 3DS $47
Tomodachi Life 3DS $39
iPad Air 16GB $469
Call Of Duty Black Ops III PS3/XB360 $59
PS4 1TB + COD: Black Ops III + The Crew + 3mth Stan $497
XB1 1TB + GOW + Rare Replay + Elder Scrolls + Ori & The Blind Forrest $479
PS4 500GB + Elder Scrolls + 3mth Stan $438
Chibi-Robo Zip Lash 3DS + Amiibo $59
3DS Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Bundle $229
Harry Potter Complete 8- Film Collection $45
Star Wars The Complete Saga 9 Disc Collection Blu-Ray $79 - Available 11/11
Seinfeld The Complete Series $69
Xbox One Halo Controller $79
Need For Speed 2015 PS4/XB1 $69
Rise Of The Tombraider XB1/XB360 $69 - Available 10/11
FIFA 15 PS4/XB1 $20
Destiny PS4/XB1 $20
Battlefield Hardline PS4/XB1 $29 - PS3/XB360 $20
Hyrule Warriors Wii U $55
Zelda The Wind Waker HD Wii U $55
Mario Party 10 Wii U $49
Pokémon Alpha Saphire Or Omega Ruby 3DS $47
Captain Toad Treasure Tracker Wii U $49
Mario Kart Wii U $55
Disney Infinity 3.0 Figures $14

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Target Australia
Target Australia

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  • +1

    No Fallout?

    • +2

      Yeah but it's $64

      • +2

        That's still pretty good. I've got credit at EB and they haven't given a definite answer if they will be matching JB's pre order price of $59.

        • they(EBGames) are price matching buddy….I pre-ordered mine yesterday or day before for $59

        • +1

          Ebgames are crap they will price match now and later when you pick they want that day price to be matched so basically they only price match on release date as it happened to me

        • I'm in the same circumstances; have credit but my local EB Games won't price match with JB HiFi until they can 'officially confirm' the price match. The guy who served was a bit of a douche about it too, sort of making it out to be some big mystery whether they'll do a price match on a $59 game or not. If it was $590 I'd be more sympathetic, but they're fully aware of JB HiFi's price (he saw website price @ JB) but maintain this no price match BS until offical confirmation.

          I don't have much of a right to complain though, I should have just voted with my feet.

        • They are price matching the JB preorder price when you preorder in store. If you just go in on launch and expect it for JBs preorder then you will be out of luck.

        • Mate they will do price match now but idiots will charge you there own price or match with the lowest price on the launch day from any retailer. As it has happened to me twice not once they priced match on preorder and when I went to pick they refused to sell product at preorder price

        • -1


          as it happened to me

          Highly doubt that. When you price-match and pay a deposit, you've entered into a legally binding contract.

        • @anuryry: You actually just put down a $59 deposit, the price matching isn't done 'til you pick the game up. They could still deny you.

        • Will EB match Big W's $69 and $20 for the guide when bought together, is the question I have.

        • @noodlesfordaddy: I checked with them for this specific situation and they said that $59 it is ….as per JBs price …but its a pre-order price only.

        • @noodlesfordaddy: The agreement was reached when the price was set, whether the contract is adhered to is another matter.

        • @bargainhunter: The agreement only matters between him and the employee that served him originally. Different employee giving him the game come release will just see that he's put down $59 out of $99.95.

        • @noodlesfordaddy: All the shop's employees are agents of that EB. It may be wise to have some written arrangement but the original agreement still has standing, legally speaking of course. May be more trouble to enforce than it's worth though.

        • @bargainhunter: Why are you arguing this? Employee says "yeah sure we'll match it that's $59 thanks" but all you've done is put down a $59 deposit on a $100 game. For all you know you'll get there to pick it up on launch and be told "That's $41 remaining thanks". Read the rest of the comments here. What you want to happen or think should happen doesn't mean shit.

        • @noodlesfordaddy: Who's arguing? I was merely reinforcing Dagmar's observation of the legalities involved. If I did encounter the situation you have described I would be courteous yet persuasive and would likely prevail in the face of any ignorance or boorishness.

        • @bargainhunter: Yes but Joe Student doesn't know/care about the legalities involved, he's just trying to do his job and from his perspective, there's still money owing. I'm just saying what can happen, because they haven't actually matched the price in the system.

          Also in my experience the instant someone uses a phrase like "consumer law" I immediately hate them.

  • TRENT86, Do you have catalogue of some sort? Is the ps4 COD BO3 the special edition console?

    • Nah m8 just the new black console + game by the looks of it, the special edition consoles seem to be around $555 + at places

      • +2

        Cheers m8

    • +1

      In my opinion that is one of the most hideous consoles I have ever seen. Not sure how it got the green light

      • Most of the ps4 ltd edition consoles are just so ugly and clearly stuck together quickly than the xbone ones.

  • anyone played BF hardline?

    worth a 20?

    • +4

      If you have been playing BF4 stay on BF4. Much better.

    • +6

      If you have an Xbox One, I recommend going for EA Access instead (currently $35). It will get you BF Hardline plus 12 other titles.
      At this price, BF Hardline is a stretch; BF4 is a better game and can be found for cheaper.

      • nah just got a ps3.

        I have BF4 paid a 10 for it and haven't opened it yet.

        might hold off on it for a while then,


    • +1

      Might be worth $20 but it was garbage

      • I don't know about garbage…….
        Def worth $20

  • +5

    Finally need for speed price is coming down, was starting to worry it was going to release at $78 cheapest

  • +2

    Where is the actual page with all these products so I can have a look myself?

    • +4

      Don't you trust me lol j/k, the catalogue will prob be online Tue night :)

  • +1

    Fifa 15?? $20!!

    • Damn that's good price.

      Buy Fifa 15 for $20 or use the $20 toward PES 2016… decisions, decisions…especially for the new PS4/XB1 consoles most OzB people have recently bought.

      FTR: I play both FIFA & PES.

      • +1

        Definitely pes if you are a real soccer player mate

        • True. Been playing PES since the PS2 glory days.

          Stopped buying PES during X360 & PS3 generation because PES wasn't up to standard.

          Things have changed now. :)

          Luke from Kotaku AU says that PES 2016 is better than FIFA 16 this year.

  • Trent, how do get these catalogue's so early??

    • +3

      They just get put my letter box, sometimes wknds and sometimes during the week.

      • oh thought you might have special access lol, so was there black ops 3 price for latest gen or just old ones thanks

      • Damn, I wish I got catalogues in my letterbox. Is there anyway you can post photos of the catalogue from your phone? I don't mind if it's potato quality, thanks.

    • He gets junk mail ? :p sure Trent has his ways but usually they put the catalogues in your mailbox before the weekend.

  • +1

    Zelda The Wind Waker HD Wii U $55
    Hyrule Warriors Wii U $55

    Which is better?

    Will buy one of them at this prove, can never find either on sale.

    • +2

      Very different games. If you're into Zelda games like Ocarina of Time, then you'll love WW. Warriors is more action/fighting set in the Zelda universe.

      Personally I'd get Wind Waker, although not if you like to invert Y axis for camera. You can't do it and it drove me mad.

    • +1

      Windwaker is better I would say, but they are both pretty good. Hyrule warriors is great if you enjoy dynasty warrior type games

    • +1

      My Christmas present is sorted. Hyrule warrior!

    • If you have a 3DS, Hyrule Warriors Legends will be released next year and will have everything the WiiU version does plus new Wind Waker levels.

    • -2

      Hyrule warriors is a garbage dynasty warriors clone.
      Windwaker is a real zelda game.

  • Been waiting for a cheap Dishonoured for ages. Thanks OP!

  • Thinking about getting this: XB1 1TB + GOW + Rare Replay + Elder Scrolls + Ori & The Blind Forrest $479

    Do people think it is a reasonable deal?

    • +2

      There aren't really any big new release games there buddy. I'd probably look for a package with games like Forza 6, Halo 5, AC: Syndicate, Fallout 4, even Metal Gear Solid 5.

      • But I could sell those and probably reap back $100 right?

        • GoW you might get a bit for.. doubt much on the other two.

          Ori will be a DLC code. I'd want to check if the others are too.

        • +1

          @Putnum: Yeah that is true. I am dying to get an Xbox to play Fallout, but maybe I will need to wait on the Christmas deals. Bloody PayPal locked me out when I tried to buy the Target eBay deal ones.

    • The games themselves are a great assortment (Rare is a walk don memory lane, Ori is aresome Metroidvania-style game).
      But, as said, if they're not your style then you probably won't bet much trade-in for 'em.

    • Might want to check eBay target store - fairly sure they had the bundle for $469 yesterday. But agreed with other comments that probably go for newer bundled titles

      • $10 vs instant gratification.

  • +1

    wow might pick up MH4. practically a 2nd hand price!

  • +2

    Good price on chibi robo amiibo pack. Maybe chuck that on the list.

    • Done :)

  • +2

    Anyone considering Shovel Knight should be aware that the PS4 version is not cross buy (across the PS3 and PS Vita).

    Same applies for the game for Nintendo consoles.

    If you're considering Shovel Knight on a Sony console, the digital version might be better value because it's cross buy across PS4, PS3 and PS Vita with cross save support (especially if you have one or more Sony consoles)

    I'll probably get the retail (physical disc) Wii U version.

    Only bonus with the retail version is an actual instruction booklet and a code to download the soundtrack.

  • any mention for Black Ops 3 (ps4?) nvm ..its $69

  • Destiny PS4/XB1 $20 worth it?

    • thats the old destiny. not worth the buy. i think jb has it for $15

      • +1

        Jb has the PS3 Verion for $15 they don't sell the latest gen version

    • +1

      Definitely not worth buying vanilla destiny. The Taken King expansion is what the game should've been on release.

    • I bought thr xbox 360 version for 15 bucks couple months ago. I have played about 40 hours of it, mostly multiplayer. Its a great fps. But now that i have xbox one, might get the taken king

  • +2

    Too bad about the PS4 bundles, as I dont care about 2/3 games
    (The Crew is mediocre and who the (profanity) wants Elder the Scrolls)

    • I bought the bundle tonight. On the invoice eso was listed separate at a reduced price (from $89 lol) to $77. I asked them if I could return eso and it was no drama. So got the bundle for $400 (plus halo masterchief Edition for $10 which they also had on sale at target recently)!! Quite happy with that…

      • Sorry I was obviously referring to the xbox one bundle…

  • Hey guys is super smash bros 3ds worth buying?

    Looking to buy pokemon as well. MH4 is so cheap I'll probably buy it D:

  • XBOne play and charge $14, that's really good!

    • +1


    • +1

      its not the offical Xbox One Play Charge Kit- 1600mAh
      Its a generic third party one that comes with 700Mah batteries ( they dont last long at all )

      Much better off using eneloop rechargeable batteries that are 2000mAh x2 (4000mAh)
      On special now at dick smith -


      http://www.dicksmith.com.au/camera-accessories/eneloop-tones... ( these ones are made in japan )

      • Thanks lads, I ended up buying it and returning it.
        Then, happy having my $14 back, I spent $78 on Forza 6 :D

  • +1

    Fifa 15 & Battlefield have been reduced, links are in pst

  • Spewing shovel knight for wii u was available till they realised at the counter it's not till tomorrow.

  • mh4, did anyone get a copy ?? couldn't find it online. what about Zelda The Wind Waker HD Wii U iam guessing that is a long shot as well hay. man two of the games i wanted and its not online damit.

    guess i better luck nest sale.

  • should I wait longer for a better ps4 deal?
    cod bo3 i dont mind but if they replace the crew with fallout 4 than i might be interested lol

  • EB games won't price match pokemon if target doesn't have stock :(

    • They will have stock in store most likely

      • I went to target in brisbane city and none were in stock and the guys at eb games won't price match it cause target didn't have any in stock

  • Monster hunter is back in stock online

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