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Airpower Air Tools - $19.86 - Supercheap Auto


Supercheap has their Airpower range 50% off at the moment

Picked up an 1/2" impact wrench, is surprisingly decent for 20 bucks.

Good use for that blackridge air compressor we've bought in one of those recent specials haha

Not available in WA

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Supercheap Auto

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  • *not available in WA

    • updated, thanks

    • I am in WA and just ordered some of these. Just add them to cart and select your closest WA store for in store pickup. I chose Osborne Park and it said the store had stock and the price stays the same. Just received my confirmation email. No problem.

  • Also in the 04/11 through 22/11 catalogue http://images.lasoomedia1.com.au/imageicon/sca/prod/j0056922...

    WA not excluded in that one :)

    Pretty sure I saw these in store today as well (canning vale)

  • If you are after an air drill, might be better to go with this one on sale:


  • Don't intend on buying this but what's the difference between an air drill and a regular battery/electric drill?

    • Functionally, there is no difference except for power source. With air tools, you need an air compressor to run them. Automotive workshops are an example of where it's commonplace to run air tools.

      • Don't forget that air tools arguably sound a lot more "Pro" during operation, due to the cool high pitched whirring noise they make!

      • Could you explain why they would be more commonplace in workshops? Wouldn't an air compressor require an electric source?

        • Could you explain why they would be more commonplace in workshops?

          Each tool has FAR more power per kilogram of weight.

          No risk of electrical shock.

          Lower cost per tool, as the "engine" is shared. For example, to get the same grunt as that $20 air rattle gun would cost hundreds of dollars in a 240V electric tool.

          Wouldn't an air compressor require an electric source?

          One compressor (out the back) runs an entire workshop of tools. Each usage position just needs a plug-in air line point.

          That single compressor can be massively powerful, and the air tank means that there is a big reserve of power (literally a huge storage battery) that means peak energy demands are easily covered.

          This is kind of similar to the concept of sharing Lithium Batteries in cordless tools (eg: Ryobi One+), but on a more extreme level.