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Pioneer SW-8 Subwoofer @ BoomBeats $159.99 Free Shipping


Good cheap sub from the popular Andrew Jones budget range at Pioneer.

Link to Pioneer USA page for full specs etc:

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  • Hmm I bought a pair of the speakers which offer a lot of low down bass. I don't know if a sub would improve it much?

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      Neither do I.

      especially without any info to go on…

      • blind leading the blind really

        38hz 8" allegedly 100w

        for the vast majority of bookshelfs it will do something

        for floorstanders? questionable

      • Ha I bought a pair of the Andrew Jones bookshelf speakers. I originally thought I would match them with this subwoofer. However the bass the speakers offer seem sufficient.

        • Mate, if you're happy with what you've got then I don't see any reason to spend more money. I'm happy with just 2 speakers.

          Most mainstream music is produced with "normal" speakers in mind, and voice/instruments are almost completely covered by what you've got, so you won't be missing out on much. As others have stated it's mostly the "sub-bass" which a subwoofer will help with. Even your mainstream "bass" electronica (i.e. dubstep) has very little fundamental sub-bass.

          A few situations where you might want a sub:
          Games & Media - Especially action games/movies the bass helps with immersion.
          Electronic music - not regular pop/hip-hop but more IDM type stuff.
          Because… - good reason. It will extend your bass lower, and this sub looks like a good match for what you've got. As long as you can hook it up to your amp.

          *** Looking at the whirlpool thread below, this BoomBeats site looks a bit dodgey. At least pay with PayPal for easy refunds ***

        • Ha I bought a pair of the Andrew Jones bookshelf speakers. I originally thought I would match them with this subwoofer. However the bass the speakers offer seem sufficient.

          Really, the only time an 8" sub is worthwhile is when you use small satellite speakers.

          If you have proper main speakers, you're better off saving for a larger one - that way you'll notice much more of a difference.

    • I doubt your speakers go low enough for "sub" bass, or at least at a competent level. Most tower speakers cap out at 60hz-80hz which means you're missing out on anything below those numbers without the sub.

      What I do with the subs, is note down the lowest frequencies your speakers can do (usually a sticker behind it), and then use the filter to set a cut-out at the lowest frequency of the speaker.

  • I think this is a good deal.

    Speaker can match the quality of subs, just maybe the output amount of speakers will peak earlier than a dedicated sub.


    Might wanna read this b4 buying.

  • No dedicated sub in? Hope would you normally connect this, split the sub out to LR?

    • Can't comment on the seller but this sub is a clone of the Energy ESW-C8. http://www.energy-speakers.com/docs/common/ESW-C8/ESW-C8_OM....
      Several connection options including sub in.

      • Good info, for anyone who comes across this who had the same question:

        LINE IN/SUB IN – These inputs are an RCA type LFE/stereo/mono input. If you
        are connecting your subwoofer to a pre-amp/processor with a LFE or
        Subwoofer pre-amp output, connect a single RCA cable to the LFE/Left input.
        If you are connecting your subwoofer to a stereo pre-amp or processor, such
        as in a stereo music system, use stereo RCA cables and connect to both the
        LFE/Left and Right inputs.

  • From the last time a boombeats deal was posted:

    "Do not buy from boombeats, they are fraudulent and will hold your money for a week then tell you they run out of stock and try to scam you by replacing your product with an inferior(but more expensive on their website) product.

    This is speaking from personal experience when trying to buy these HD 700:


    By they way those normally cost $699 and so that was an amazing price, unsurprisingly they still list it as in stock despite telling me they ran out of stock and never offering for me to wait until get stock nor did the website at any time update the website to say out of stock.

    Although to be fair, I can confirm they did eventually give me a refund but they just held my money for around 2-3 weeks."

    The only thing to add would be that the HD700 now retails for $599.