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20% off $30 $50 and $100 iTunes Gift Cards @ Target / Officeworks


As seen in the most recent Target catalogue;

20% off $30 $50 and $100 iTunes Gift Cards @ Target
Excludes variable card and $20 iTunes cards
Expires Weds 18th Nov

Could possibly be Weds 25th Nov as ad also features in a future Target catalogue available here

Also thanks golferpat for pointing out Officeworks are matching, so have included them here too

20% off $30 $50 and $100 iTunes Gift Cards @ Officeworks
Excludes variable card and $20 iTunes cards, however they do have the $20 for $18 (10% off)
No expiry date that I can see, assuming as long as there is an active deal, Officeworks will be matching it

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Target Australia
Target Australia

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    Nice spotting Op, great stocking fillers for the iPhone iGnorants :-)

    if anyone's a Costco member they have $50 itunes cards for $38.99

    • +1

      typical android fanboy comment, always have to add these comments in!
      i expect to be downvoted by all the androiders so bring it on :P

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    It's like people don't realise Officeworks (OW) has 20% off iTunes gift cards all the time? The $20 is even $18, not quite 20% but still :)

    • I doubt very much that it is all the time. More likely they are price matching Target or whoever else has the promo running.

      Even so, was not worthy of a neg vote.

      • Admittedly my fault for negging cause its still technically a deal. I think Officeworks has 20% pretty much all the time to avoid price matching competitors at different times - Link says Lowest prices every day - also side note part of the iTunes theme is $18 for a $20 iTunes gift card.


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          Thanks, I've added Officeworks in to the deal

        • @Firey1989: No problems :) If I could retract the neg I would, was a douche move on my part.

        • @golferpat: u can cli k on the vote and click revoke :)

        • @vip69: Thanks. All done :)

  • Where are you Big W ? Time for your counter-strike with 25% off iTunes cards. The 1-day only 20% off iTunes card last weekend is disappointing.

    • I'm sure there will be many more of these deals over the coming weeks.

  • -1


  • nice, can these be used for apple music subscriptions?
    maybe i should wait for a better deal as going by the comments its not as good as previous ones!

    • There's nothing in the comments about previous ones, so not sure what previous ones you are referring to.

      iTunes Cards / Store Credit can be used to fund your Apple Music subscription as per this

      • Oh nah i meant that the previous deals have been slighlty better than this one!
        Thanks for the link though!

  • Thanks OP. Just grabbed a $30 for $24 at OW.

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