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Win 1 of 4,000 Uniqlo AIRism Products - Collect Prize In-Store (VIC/NSW)



Closing Date 11/11/2015


Description T-shirts worth $14.90
No. of Prizes 4000
Total Prize Pool $60,000.00

Entry Requirements

Open To VIC, NSW
Entry Limit One per person
Entry Methods Website
Prerequisites n/a

I entered this Comp and received an sms confirming I had won. Might be a limited instant win comp. Prize to be collected in person at a uniqlo store.

Was 3,000 units, but now 4,000. Not sure if win rate is the same as before.

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  • +1

    Great find.

  • Great comp, instant win too

  • Woohoo, got the sms. Thanks Op.
    I've changed the comp to instant win so that wins can be recorded.

  • Thanks OP, nice find. Instant win! :-D

  • winner!

  • Win!

  • thanks OP! won 1 too..

  • just won!

  • Everyones a winner?

    • I also received a "good try" ribbon for my efforts…

      • You didn't get a code?

        • I meant, I won too, just like everyone else. ;-)

        • @penfold1251: oh ahah this should get a deal post!

  • think so

  • Winner here too.

    So it seems to be less a game of skill and more a game of "first in, best dressed" (pun intended). I spent far too long composing a decent response to the question, submitted it and received an SMS within (literally) 2 seconds of submission. In other words, there is no way a human read my 25 words and thought, "yeah, let's send them a code".

    I did include the words "AIRism" and "cool" in my submission, so perhaps they were on a list of keywords that triggered a "winner" response from the system… but that seems to be overthinking it somewhat and possibly more complicated than a 3000x$14.90 (RRP) giveaway needs to be.

    In short, my experience suggests if you enter ASAP then you'll win, regardless of what you actually submit. The terms and conditions support this as well (i.e.: the competition runs until 22 Nov. or until they get 3000 winners). YMMV!

  • won.. thanks OP

  • instant win. thanks OP

  • +2

    I considered putting it up as a deal but in the ts and cs said that there was judging, so I didn't want to mislead if it didn't work. :) hope everyone enjoys their winnings.

  • A win for me too :-) Thanks OP

  • The codes are different for everyone right ?

    • I think so, mine's UPXFR9393, what's yours?

      (I'm in WA)

      • Yes they are different.

      • Mine's different, but very similar. Not a random hash, looks incremental?

  • am surprised this isn't ozbargained yet

  • Thanks so much bluedufflecoat instant winner here!!

  • Won also, thank you

  • just got one!

  • Thanks OP

  • Got a code straight away.

  • Thanks easy win!

  • Thanks

  • Thanks OP. Easy instant win.

  • got a code instantly.

  • Winners - you can mark this comp as entered and mark yourselves as a winner :) Buttons are under the comp image.

    • done. thanks for the heads-up.

  • Nice….my entry was an instant win!

  • Nice win :) got it for the whole family

  • Got it as well :)

  • Whoo, won! Anyone hasn't won yet?

  • Winner here! :)

  • Yup, got one. Thanks!

  • Thanks, got one ! No skills involved. This is part of the sms i received.

    Thanks for entering! To redeem your AIRism: Head in store by 22 Nov, choose a $14.90 AIRism product, take to counter & show code……

  • Thanks, winner here

  • Instant sms win.

  • Instant win, thanks

  • won, thanks!

  • +1

    Does this happen for anyone else?


    Something went wrong. Please try again

  • i keep getting a "we're sorry. something went wrong. please try again" error :(

    • oh no… ozbargained?

      • i dunno…quite possibly they have run out?

        • nope, just entered and won.

        • @chickenface: cheers, just got my code

  • Both my partner and I won :)

  • Site is working now. I entered my details and won. Just got the code on my phone.

  • Us too….thanks OP!!!

  • Also won. Thanks op!

  • Winner

  • +1

    I'm loving that everyone is winning… And still winning. Makes me happy.

  • Easy win. After submitting, got a confirmation straight away.

  • So what should I claim? The Airism underwear or the t shirt?

    • Ended up getting the underwear. They actually had a promo 2 Airism product for $19.95 so ended up getting 3 pairs for $19.95

  • Thanks! Went to this store for the first time yesterday, interesting mix of clothes.

  • Winner winner chicken dinner


  • Winner, thanks OP

  • Won as well!

  • I'm surprised that 3000 hasn't been exhausted since this comp has been out for a while. 1131 clicks just from OzBargain and that's not counting entries coming from facebook and other sources. I hope Uniqlo hasn't stuffed up the comp. From the T&C

    All eligible entries will be judged by a representative of the Promoter at Level 15, 385 Bourke Street, within 12 hours of entering during the Promotion Period.

    Each winning entry will be notified to by SMS to the mobile provided in their entry within 12 hours of winning a prize. The unique SMS code will be required to be presented instore for the winning entrants to be able to collect their prize.

    Yet everyone is winning instantly….just hope that all SMS codes will be honoured if they have given out more than 3000 by mistake.

    • Just picked up my price from the Uniqlo store, They're managing it with a Google Spreadsheet, the lady said they're up to 7000 lines so I don't know. Either way I got my shirt. Pretty nice fabric too :)

      • I guess they gave out more than 3000 in the end ;) Thanks for letting us know.

  • +1

    Yay just won too!

  • +2

    The Comp is active again… 4,000 prizes up for grabs now.

  • winner here :)

  • Won and collected today.

  • winner :D thanks

  • I "won". Thanks! :)

  • Got mine!

  • Unfortunately, the competition has now closed. To be the first to know about new arrivals, special offers in-store events and more, subscribe to our e-newsletter

  • wow just made it, all out now

  • Unfortunately, the competition has now closed. To be the first to know about new arrivals, special offers in-store events and more, subscribe to our e-newsletter

  • +2

    No Uniqlo in WA :( but at least we have free potatoes.

  • Got it from the Emporium Uniqlo, but had to wait 10 mins as the poor manager was checking his phone for my code and couldn't find it.

  • Claimed from uniqlo emporium today, quick and easy process.

  • Collected today. Just remember to redeem by 22/11, everyone.

  • I just tried using my code at Emporium and they advised me it's already been used. Anyone else have this issue?

  • Anyone want my code. Just let me know.

    • me? :)

      • Sorry, gone already chief.

      • +1

        Just PM'd you.

  • Do they require ID or just the code? Am gifting a code to a friend.

    • I think they did ask for my name. The code they ticked off their spreadsheet (online).

      • they didn't ask for names for me

  • I have a spare code if anyone still wants it. First PM gets it.

    • Gone

      • +1

        Thanks !

  • Spare code if anyone wants? PM me :)

    EDIT - And gone!!

    • it's already expired end of last week so the code no longer works

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