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Champet Pet Shampoo Free Sample


Heard this free sample was available when listening to Vega this morning.

Fill out the form on their website to be sent a free sample of "champoo" for your pet.

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  • never used this before….is it any good?

  • -1

    haha, people actually listen to Vega?

  • cool, give it a go

  • they didn't even care to mention it's suitable for Cat, Dog, Lizard, Mice or your wife…

  • david its suitable on all animals and also your wife.

    i have used the rose one on my dog for over a year and its great especially the cologne. my dog has severe eczema so he is constantly scratching and stinky coz he gets all pussy when he scratches. this is the best shampoo i have found that works and makes him smell nice for about a week.

  • +1

    Wow they delivered the sample Quick.
    Time to wash the cats.

  • Haha.. my sample arrived oozing over all the other mail. Smelled good… but couldn't try it out (damn)!

  • Lister55 if you give them a call they will probably replace your sample.

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