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GTX 980 Ti $858, GTX 970 $423, R9 390 $437 and More Popular Cards Delivered (AUD) from Newegg


Recently Newegg started shipping certain items directly from Australia, hence a lot of their items now have shipping prices in the reasonable ~$16 ranges. On top of the already low (usually) prices they have over local offerings, it makes for some decent deals. I've had a quick look through their graphics cards section and noted down some popular current generation cards with a decent saving over local prices. These are all in AUD with shipping costs to Sydney area included:

GTX 970
EVGA ACX 2.0+ $423.61

GTX 980 Ti
EVGA SC+ ACX 2.0+ $901.82
MSI OC $858.40
Gigabyte Windforce 3 OC $859.11

R9 390
MSI Gaming $437.53
PowerColor PCS+ $437.93

R9 390X
HIS $550.53

R9 Fury
XFX Triple Dissipation $788.82

R9 Fury X
XFX $938.01

I've only included ones that are what I believe to be considerably cheaper than what we can get from the likes of PCCG/MSY, etc. When browsing for other items you don't know if they're shipped from within Australia (and thus with cheap shipping) until you've added it to the cart, but I've made sure all the ones in my list are. I'm sure there are other bargains to be found in the likes of RAM, motherboards, etc. if you're willing to search around for a bit :)

Please make sure you're searching from the Australian portal for AUD pricing: http://www.newegg.com/global/au/

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  • +12 votes

    If anyone has a 1440p or 4k monitor and plans on playing demanding games, don't buy the GTX 970. My GTX 970 is driving me mental when I play Triple A games, so I had to downgrade my monitor to a 144 Hz 1080p monitor. The 144 Hz is heaven, the 1080p, not so much.

    • 1080p at 144hz is 35% more demanding than 1440p at 60hz.

      • -2 votes

        Refresh rate is a separate property of your monitor: how many times per second it can 'refresh' the screen, regardless of how many frames are being fed to it by the graphics card, or what type of image is on the screen.

        • Are you noticing a difference between a 60 hz monitor with 60 fps and a 144 hz monitor with 60 fps?

          Edit: because there shouldn't be one.

        • @ChillBro:

          You can definitely tell the difference if you play games with high FPS, especially when there's G-Sync monitors and FreeSync ones. There's a massive difference, especially for games like CS:GO. Personal opinion.

        • -8 votes


          ERmagerd, forget about the refresh rate for a second. That can be easily reduced to suit whatever hardware you have. I am talking about graphics performance.

          Having less FPS than your monitor's refresh rate causes screen tearing. I don't ever encounter that, because I know when to adjust my monitor's refresh rate and that's totally irrelevant to what I am talking about.

        • @tendollar: ERmagerd, you do not get screen tearing because the game frame is lower than refresh rate. You get screen tearing when you have no v sync and frame rate is higher than your refresh rate

        • -1 vote


          That makes sense, but why won't tearing occur if FPS < refresh rate.

          Tearing can occur whenever the video card is rendering frames at a different rate than the display refresh rate. So Tearing always occurs unless v-sync or g-sync is on. I guess I should probably say higher refresh rates remove tearing faster. I don't use V-sync in games. THe experience is often terrible, because of mouse lag and the capped fps.

        • @DAOtmc:

          So you reckon Gsync 60 hz monitor > 144hz/120hz 1080p 3D Monitor?

        • @tendollar:

          R.I.P, pretty sure you're talking about screen tearing from not enabling V-Sync.

        • @rodinthink:

          Yes, I highly recommend G-Sync, simply because of how smooth it is. You might want to check out some videos on it, as instead of trying increase intervals, G-Sync technology and Freesync allow for well… SYNCING of each time the output of the video is. But for your PERSONAL use, I would highly FIRSTLY recommend to go to a store and test out a screen playing CS:GO. Quick spin and motion games tend to show their true colours a lot when it comes to G-Sync vs High Refresh Rate.

          But my personal opinion is DEFINITELY go for a G-Sync panel, granted you're running Nvidia. Otherwise go with Freesync which is Team Red.

        • @DAOtmc:

          But for your PERSONAL use, I would highly FIRSTLY recommend to go to a store and test out a screen playing CS:GO

          Good idea

          ~But you will be wedded with NVIDIA /AMD GPU , restrict your GPU choice flexibility

          I heard there is alternative. Instead of Gsync/Free sync in the monitor, it will Gsync with GPU directly. Not sure what does it called , I forgot. I watched in from Linus

        • @rodinthink:

          Those videos are very good. You probs either watched techquickie or ncix tech tips. But tbh for me i'm Team Red and I experience Freesync. But ive used GSync a lot previously with a 980Ti Lightning Edition. Which was insanely beautiful. I'll PM you if I find the alternative monitors youre talking bout.

        • @DAOtmc:

          What did you talk about yo? I'm with Team Red ;] but wedded with NVIDIA because of 3D Monitor 120 Hz which only support NVIDIA GPU.
          That's why I said it's not a good idea to be wedded with 1 side as you don't know which side will dissapoint (even though I think NVIDIA is the one who most likely)

          Also I changed from FX 8350 to 4790k and been quite dissapointed with intel performance except for GTA V because of CPU bottleneck. I open like heaps of apps and chrome tabs & experienced stuttering sometimes if I open heaps apps.

          However with FX 8350 OC to 4.4 - 4.5gHZ it's smooth like butter but not good for some game as it bottleneck with High End GPU. Let's see what AMD Zen will surprise us

        • @rodinthink:

          I think itd be better to have gone Skylake though especially since you seem like you might want to overclock with the K-Series. And how many GBs of RAM do you have installed? As well as are you using an SSD or HDD? But yeah pointless to change to Skylake at this point. What GPU are you using at the moment?

        • @DAOtmc:

          16 gbs , SSD 850 pro 256, MSI GTX 970 with Asus VG278H

          True. Not a good idea to change to team red now. I'm just wondering if DirectX 12 can combine VRAM if you SLI/ Crossfire. If yes , problem solved

        • Yeah it can, but speculation is that it'll get "patched" by Nvidia AHAHAHA. But those are some solid specs. Mind if I ask your MOBO? Are you currently overclocking your CPU and GPU or?

        • @rodinthink:
          I've experienced the same problem going 8150 to 3570k.

          So i'm not the only one.

          Then I went back to 8350 and its perfectly fine again.

        • @DAOtmc:

          Sorry for late respond m8,
          yes NVIDIA technique of "monopoly"

          I swapped it with my m8 so I have not that much choice, Z87-G45 GAMING blue version. Only able to crossfire not SLI :( quite dissapointed , but I heard there is Crossfire/SLI Hack that enable you to SLI in CRossfire onlu motherboard. Have you ever heard about that one?

          I only OC my GTX 970 get extra 3-6 fps in Withcer III , even though I find some area in witcher III shadow is extremely annoying because it blink like mad pussiieeeee. Am I the onluy one? 4790k is good enough for gaming, no point to OC

          PS: I reckon we kind of spamming this forum lol. Prepare for offtopic comment band.

        • @bao28:

          Yes, if you have a high-end GPU, AMD 8350/8150 will dissapoint you in some game that Doesn't utilize 8 core (especially online game that utilize mostly 2 core. This is when Intel cheap CPU G-3258 played well, OC it like crazy)

        • @rodinthink:

          Ahahaha who knows. But it's still about PC components etc. And I see, a Z87 would probably be the best bet unless you got a Z97. I personally don't like the price/performance ratio for Nvidia products. They're pretty expensive compared to AMD's ones. I guess the only thing you should do is think whether you're reverting, or whther you'll go to LGA1151 for Intel and if so, as well as whether you'd single GPU to a single monitor. If so, go with whatever brand (G-Sync vs Freesync) you are compatible with (Nvidia vs AMD). I'm building a LGA1151, GTX 980T system in 1 week, i'm filming it as well if youd like to see how it performs.

          Chasis: Phanteks Full Tower Enthoo Luxe
          PSU: Corsair RM850 (80+ Gold)
          CPU: Intel i7-6700K
          GPU: Gigabyte Windforce OC GTX 980
          RAM: GEIL Super Luce 2400MHz DDR4 (16GB - 8x2)
          MOBO: Z170-AR Asus SLI
          Cooler: H100i GTX Corsair
          SSD: 256GB Samsung EVO 850
          HDD: WD Green 1TB

    • Damn, I have a 1440p/144Mhz screen and a 280x, runs many games well but not Fallout 4 (does anything?) and probably not some others. Im probably just going to hold out for next gen, sometime early/mid next year Id presume

      • Depends on what you play. A 280x let alone a 970 is fine for 1440 at low settings or older games. However it performance will not be great for new games like witcher 3 or fallout at highest settings.

        • Looking at benchmarks nothing is good for Fallout 4 at highest settings.

          Actually my main problem is the FPS being clamped to 1/3 my refresh rate in Fallout 4 on my current settings, it will NEVER go above 48fps (144Mhz monitor), when I set my refresh rate to 60Hz it clamped it at 20FPS.

      • Fallout 4 is not optimised for AMD cards. It may get a patch in the future but somehow, the game engine is favouring Nvidia GPU's.

        Even though the game engine is actually quite old (it's what Skyrim is running).

        • Yeah, it's really badly optimised. I had to uncap the FPS and then cap it through a third party program to 72 FPS otherwise as soon as I would enter buildings my FPS would just completely drop. So random.

        • I have no clue what they meant when I read this, but they apparently use Nvida Gamework or something like that (hence why the minimum spec for the game with AMD card is far higher than Nvidia one.

        • Its terribly optimised even on Nvidia. Playable but crashes consistently at 4k with 980ti sli

        • @kaneissik: I'm using an R9 390 and have no issues in Fallout 4 at all. What third-party program are you using to cap the FPS?

        • High FPS also breaks lockpicking, physics, melee speeds and pipboy for most people too, yeah the engine is old and janky and we were directly lied to about it.

        • @Minotaur:

          I never had any issues either on the first day I played but then I started getting problems.

          The program I use is called RivaTuner Statistics Server(this should be independent of Afterburner) which is installed along with Afterburner.
          The program looks like this. You add the application, on the right you set the FPS limit and make sure you put the 'application detection level' to at least medium; sometimes it won't pick up the program and cap it. Either use their on-screen FPS or use Steam's.

      • Hey Hellman,

        I'm looking for a new monitor soon with those specs, do you mind telling me the make/model?

        • ASUS MG279Q, paid $850 for it (no ozbargain or such deal). Its a Freesync monitor not Gsync if that matters to you, but the Gsync version is ~$300 more so not worth that cost.

          I love this monitor, so damn good compared to my 26" cheapo TN panel I had before.

    • The 144 Hz is heaven, the 1080p, not so much

      Hmm… Not sure what do you mean with this. Did you mean 1440p/4k not so much?

      Sure thing, AMD GPU works better with monitor resolution which have more than 1080p

  • thanks might look into the 970, haven't paid >$200 for a gfx card before…

  • Assuming warranty would involve sending it back to the US?

    • Not sure about the other brands but for EVGA you can return it to Taiwan for approximately $20-30 (from what I have read).

      I got my EVGA 980Ti from Amazon for ~$760 during the Amex sale and I'm hoping Amazon will cover the shipping cost should anything go wrong.

      • I just can't see auspost charging $20-$30 to ship via airmail to taiwan..

        A 2kg package to taiwan is $58 with tracking.. without tracking it's $50..

        • its around $35, I sent mine a few months ago, Registered post. 2kilos for my 980gpu. Only send the gpu in a different box/packaging. EvGA has the best warranty hands down.

        • I sent my EVGA GPU to Taiwan for warranty last year, couldn't get them to ship it for less than $60 at Auspost (even that was much cheaper than all the couriers). It was a big, heavy card though.

          So yeah, hopefully you'll never have to do it, but keep that in mind when comparing prices with bricks and mortar and online stores within oz.

      • Amazon only pays for return shipping if its within 30 day, after that you need to deal with the manufacturer. I had to send my crucial ssd all the way back to USA for warranty.

  • Core i5 6500 is $274, after shipping its $290 which is still $5 less expensive than MSY pricing.

    Not bad at all, Newegg!

    • Local stock is worth the extra 1.7%.

      • I must be half asleep then. I guess despite shipping from Australia, there's no Australian depot warranty?

      • Uhhhh… maybe. CPU are pretty reliable but have fun trying to get a replacement under warranty at MSY.

      • With ACCC and 10% GST, Local stock is better for some people.
        Last time I used TRS scheme for MSI gtx 970 :

        1. During ebay 20% off from PC Case gear
        2. Free witcher III game from NVIDIA
        3. Can claim 10% GST

        That day was a good day

  • Awesome! Some great savings to be had. For example the Gigabyte Windforce 3 OC which is $859.11 shipped from NewEgg. Same card from PCCaseGear is $1065 shipped using standard AusPost ($1049 + $16 shipping). Definitely gonna check NewEgg first from now on. Cheers ;)

  • far thats cheap for a 980ti. maybe i should get another one and sli it…

  • I just purchased a Gigabyte 980ti WC3 OC from there last week, turned out it arrived DOA… Now going through the process of an RMA, I'd probably advise it's worth buying such an expensive card locally as the RMA process is a pain.

    • Is Neweggs return policy not quite forward and comprehensive like Amazon etc?

      • Well it's just taking time, they say that the RMA number only stays active for 14 days. I'm just waiting for them to process a return label for me.

        • Ah, would be awesome if they'd be proactive and send you out the replacement first (temporarily charging your account of course).

    • Are they charging for return shipping? Does it have to go back to the US or somewhere in AU?

      • Pay via Paypal and if you need to return something, you can use their Refunded Return service which will reimburse the cost of shipping up to $45.

        More info: https://www.paypal.com/au/webapps/mpp/returns

      • I don't think they will be, only money lost will be the shipping fee to get it here in the first place.

        • I bought a R290 from amazon which was DOA and they didn't offer any return postage reimbursement, so it cost me $75 to return it.

          I won't ever buy an expensive card from overseas again. The faffing around isn't worth the savings, when i can just return the card to my local store and get a warranty job without costing a cent in time and money.

          I can certainly see the allure tho, but yeah.. never again.. hopefully newegg don't drag it out for months..

        • @Vladdo: Well, that's a shame.. They gave me a prepaid DHL priority label for return shipping. I'm still never going to expensive PC components overseas again though.

  • Need some advice on GTX 750 Ti. Msy is selling substantially more expensive so I'd like to know if its a deal or I might be missing something.

    For example the Asus GTX 750 Ti (ASUS GeForce GTX 750 Ti GTX750TI-OC-2GD5 2GB 128-Bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 HDCP Ready Video Card
    1150MHZ Engine Clock, GPU Tweak Streaming) here at newegg: http://m.newegg.com/Product/index?itemnumber=14-121-855 is going for 119.

    Msy lists 2G GTX 750 Ti Asus-PH / Asus-OC as 179/189.

    That's quite a difference.

    • You're on the American Newegg portal, it's showing USD.

      • Ahhhh hahaha. Thanks OP. Changed to AU site and shipping is insanely high.

        Any general advice on the 750 Ti? Looking to get it either way, and looks like its back to MSY.

        • Are you talking about the $20 rebate card? I think that's also US only :( Here's a link to the item with AUD: http://www.newegg.com/global/au/Product/Product.aspx?Item=14...

          What games will you be playing and at what resolution? The 750 Ti is a low-mid tier card. It'll be more than enough for the likes of CSGO/Dota/League but if you want to play more demanding games such as GTA V, Witcher 3, etc. you'll have to turn quite a few settings down.

        • @konakona: actually I am looking to play fallout 4 and sc 2 on the highest settings available haha.. Was researching and apparently this is the best value for money card, and a huge improvement over my current GT 640.

        • @lawyerz: Oh haha, a huge improvement over the GT 640 for sure. You can probably still max out SC2, but to play Fallout 4 comfortably on the highest settings will likely require a GTX 970 at least.

        • @lawyerz:

          Hey, I upgrade graphics card about every two years and last night ordered a 750ti from Amazon. Saving over Aus was maybe less than $20.

          I got the MSI OC one. Cost $10 US more than Asus OC but I'm boycotting Asus due to a bad RMA experience.

          This card is no where near enough for top settings in the latest games but I did buy it for fallout 4 - just a budget thing.

        • @spillmill: thanks all. Any advice on the diff between what seems like the every company's own version of the card?

          Asus vs MSI vs gigabyte vs zotac vs evga?

          I looked at Asus simply because it had higher clock speeds than gigabyte.

          And… Is 970 worth the double in price? And don't get my started on how many options there is for 970. It doesn't get any more confusing than this.

        • @lawyerz:

          There's a Tom's HW article covering a few of those. Zotac runs a bit hotter than MSI and Gigabyte. Not sure about evga. Asus is usually a safe bet with their directCU coolers.

        • I built a small portable desktop pc a couple of months ago using an i3-4170 and Gigabyte GTX750TI, mainly just because I wanted low power, light and small and cheap, but I have been using it as my main gaming station now, I'm running Fallout 4 on High settings 1080p just lowering shadow and lighting quality a notch and it runs great, microstutter stuff indoors but I believe that's the game itself with the problem

        • Removed.

  • Thanks 970 check

  • Daymn too late, been waiting weeks for an overseas delivery from Amazon that was not much cheaper.

    Good deal!

  • sooo attempting. but i will wait for boxing day.

    i have 5760x1080 setup, might have to get a 980ti to reply 3 way 660ti. i know it is horrible that is why…

    but the coming or ongoing gaming title are:

    monster hunter x
    bloodborne DLC
    rise of tomb raider
    even MGS pathon pain

    so i will wait. still so many console title i havnt finished…

  • Nice price but I might wait for black friday and see what deals pop up.

  • Damn! Those 980 Ti prices are ridiculously good.

    I'm building a new PC in December and this is so tempting. I'll have to do a lot of price hunting on newegg over the next month.

    Thanks for the post.

    • The cards were actually a bit cheaper when amazon had 15% if you had an amex card. The AUD was also worth a few cents more then so the 980tis were under 800.

  • I'm drooling

  • Really tempted to grab the MSI R9 390 as my XFX 7970 just fried today. What are the chances of it dropping further for black Friday and Cyber Monday?
    First time shopping on Newegg and I'm unfamiliar with how far they go down in prices. $437 isn't bad considering PCCG have it for ~$519.

  • Those buying the GTX 970 and 980 Ti. Dont forget that there is an Nvidia Bullets or Blades promo going on.

    Those buying the R300 series cards, AMD is giving away Dirt Rally

    • (Looking to buy GTX970) Just checking, on the nVidia coupon code entry page, where would I get the code from?

      • Either the retailer slips the code in the box or you will have to email them to get it. Once you get the redemption code then you go to Nvidia's website to select which game you want.

        • Nah Nvidia have gone stupid lately and make you upload the receipt to the website instead. When I bought during Batman coming out and then also when MGSV came out it was receipts only no code slips.

  • Is $423 as good as I'm likely to get for GTX970 in the next couple of month? Few sweet games out/coming out and it's time to retire my GTX570.

    • If you are gonna wait a couple of months, you might as well wait for the new Pascal cards to come out….

      $423 is super good price for a 970. Comes with one free unreleased game…

      • I'm also waiting on Pascal… Hopefully it's at least 5 times better than Maxwell


        • Jen Hsun Huang already said in a conference that the performance of pascal to be 4 or 5 times the workload of maxwell is "CEO maths". LOL!

          I got a feeling when Pascal comes out, it is gonna try to burn a hole in people's pocket. Anyone looking to pay 500-600 bucks for it will be utterly disappointed. May probably cost as much as a Titan X.

        • @KaTst3R: my pocket already has multiple holes. I'll just wait for a bargain next year I guess. Honestly I was hoping to pay around 400 for the 970 successor the 1070 or whatever its called. Oh well

      • I haven't been in the loop with what's on the horizon, when available, for similar performance to what the 970 is giving, should I be expecting to pay a notable lesser amount?

        If not I might stick with the 970 whilst the stellar price is around, I'm not one obsess with max settings, my 570 has been with me for 4 years and to be frank has been pretty good.

    • nvidia typically release their x00 series cards in the middle of the year. The majority of the time, you are better off buying whatever it is you need at the time. IMO waiting for the new releases only if you are within 2-3 months, there isn't even a guarantee that newer cards will be all that impressive. Even then, you could be looking at a partial/limited launch in Q2/Q3 (as has been seen with the Fury's and their HBM)

  • I have asked this Q elsewhere, what do I need to build a gaming PC assuming I can get most parts from US (i am in US for a week). Thanks to 'konakona' the graphics card is sorted ;)

    • For the tower you need

      Graphics card

      You can also get a dvd drive if you want, but I don't think many people consider that a necessity anymore.