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Star Wars Battlefront $63, Amiibo Festival Bundle $58, Frantelle Water 24x600ml $5.50 + WKND Sale Deals & More @Big W


Big W Deals. Starts Thursday
Bonus 3 Months Stan with $30 Spend On PS3/PS4 Games, Accessories Or Consoles

Star Wars Battlefront PS4 Or XB1 $63 - Releases 19/11
Nintendo Wii U Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival Amiibo Bundle $58 - Releases 21/11
Nintendo Wii U Mario Tennis Ultra Smash $58 - Releases 21/11
Nintendo Wii U Bowser Or Toad Remotes $58
Nintendo Amiibo Figures Including New Animal Crossing Amiibos $15
PS4 Star Wars Battlefront Limited Edition Dualshock 4 Controller $88
Lexar 32GB USB 3.0 $16
50% Off Toblerone 400g $4.75
50% Off Cadbury Favourites 320g $5.75
50% Off Cadbury Dairymilk Gift Box 175g $5
50% Off Cadbury Marvellous Creations Blocks 270-300g $3.12
50% Off CADBURY Coco Gift Box 210g $6.50
50% Off Lindt Lindor 235g $7.85
50% Off Frantelle 24pk $5.50
50% Off Kenco 10 Piece Car Cleaning Kit $15
Star Wars Basic Extendable Lightsaber $10 (Save $7)
Star Wars Bot it! RS-D2 Game $19 (Save $6)
Star Wars Blu-Rays $19

Weekend Sale. Starts Saturday
20% Off All Toys & Bikes
25% Off All Blu-Ray DVD'S
65% Off Guinness World Records 2016 $15
50% Off Emerald Needle Pine Xmas Tree 185cm $40
50% Off Pepsi 24pk Can Varieties $9.50
50% Mistral Ultimate Kitchen Machine $194
50% Off All Schick Products
50% Off Celebrations 540g $9
40% Off All Emerson Men's Socks
Nintendo 2DS Console + Fossil Fighters & Puzzle & Dragons $139
Samsung Galaxy S5 $499 Save $200
2x 500ml Pantene Shampoo Or Conditioner $6.87

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  • +1

    $15 amiibos. I wish the yarn yoshis went to $15 too

    • They were 14 bucks last time at target.

      • +1

        Yoshi's? I thought those ones were normally closer to $20 there and the rest of the line were $14 as standard.

        edit: Actually I'm thinking of Kmart.

      • Yeah but target sold out everywhere around me and online. Yarn yoshis were $20 last sale at big w

    • there always 15 at kmart

  • +2

    Nintendo Wii U Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival Amiibo Bundle $58

    With two amiibo figures bundled, sold at $15 each, the game itself is only $28.

    • +2

      Yeah and also Amiibo cards included :)

  • +5

    Star Wars Battlefront PS4 $63, I was waiting for Big W to do a good price.

    If only that Star Wars PS4 controller was a little cheaper, I'd jump on it.

    32gb USB 3.0 $16. Great price.

    Also might pick up those cans of Pepsi for $9.50.

    Great find Trent, looks like Big W will be making more money off me for another week. Thank again OP

    • +3

      Comes down to $59.85 if you use Woolworths Gift Card from Cashrewards.

      Make sure you don't leave it to the last moment. It can take a day after purchase to receive the e-gift card via email. So buy it a day or two in advance before the start of sale.

  • +2

    What size is the s5? And can anyone advise is that a good price?

    • +1

      16gb, good price for local stock. Has been cheaper with imports, but at least you know you have your full 2 yr warranty and no issues with network bands.

  • A shame that it's a 19th release date for Battlefront while Origin unlocks it on the 17th.

  • +2

    The XBOX1 Bundle is very good as well $438 for XB1 1TB + Fallout 4 + Fallout 3 Download.

    • Been that price for a couple of weeks now :) today you got 10% off that price but now that's over :(

      • But i remembered previous deals doesn't mention Fallout 3 token download or did I misread there?

        • I bought that bundle. Included Fallout 3 token (since it's a hardcopy of Fallout 4) + 3 months of Stan.

        • +2

          Every copy of fallout 4 on xbox one comes with fallout 3 so yes all bundles had it

  • Those wii u limited edition remotes are $39 at Target if you can find stocks.my local Target has one each character left locked in the cabinet.

    • These are the new release ones and I can confirm they will be $59 @ target

      • Do you know Targets Battlefront price?

        • $64 But will probably match this

        • @TRENT86:
          Have you got a pic that you can share?

        • I have spoken to target through email and phone and they wont inform me of price of battlefront or the limited edition star wars controller
          But they did assure me they would be lower than any competitor, they are just waiting to compile everyones prices and beat them

        • @JezzaC96: Like I said it's $64, the controller is $94

    • +2

      The $39 deal ended a while ago. Back up to full price.

  • Target is selling the PS4 500gb with Elder Scrolls Online and 3 months Stan for $438


    Also they are selling the Star Wars 3D lights for $10 cheaper at $39


  • +6

    Good price. Games in Australia now are much cheaper than US.

  • Hmm the bonus 3 months stan looks good, i was planning on getting lego dimensions starter pack this week, just hoping $119 price stays after thursday

  • Just saw the big Scout trooper in the catalogue, if anyone sees them at a shop especially in SA please let me know, been searching for one here for ages! theres also mean to be a han solo (already have the stormtrooper han)

    • Example? And age

  • Look forward to seeing what Target does too, thanks Trent!

  • Excellent. I was worried I'd have to travel to my nearest JB, and I was a little concerned about their in store stock levels.

  • +2

    Seems to be a barebones game ready for DLC right?

    • +3

      I played the 10 hour EA Access full game preview you're more or less correct. I still had great fun but it is a little light on content. Whats more the matchmaking system is craptacular. Having said this though I will be getting the game…

    • +3

      This ^

  • 65% Off Guinness World Records 2016 $15

    How is this right when it is usually $20?

    • RRP I'm guessing

      • Yeah you are right, just looked at the brochure and it says it is off RRP.

  • What's the consensus on Battlefront? Is it a must buy for gamers?

    • +3

      My 9 year old is dying for it to come out. Only problem we don't own a PS4 or XBOne so it's going to be an expensive week!

    • +1

      depends on gamers…Getting bored after few hours of play
      Not much variety unless you spend on DLCs

      • +2

        There was talk that the game had no campaign mode. Is this still true?

        • +3

          yep. you can fight some waves of enemies by yourself, but that's about it

        • +3

          correct, no campaign mode, online only

  • All xbox console bundles sold out :(

    • Some stores should receive new Xbox consoles this week for the catalogue.

  • Just had to request a refund on Xbox for Battlefront, during the EA Access period I couldn't find a single game in any mode other than Blast, which is very average…

    • +4

      maybe there will be more players when the game is actually released..? I usually found a game in whatever mode I tried

      • -4

        Yeah, I just can't get behind a game that only has multiplayer, but literally doesn't supply that!

    • lucky you - I couldn't even find a game lol

      • Yeah, such a crushing disappointment. Maybe PS4 will have more players?

        • The game hasn't officially released yet. Its only a small number of people playing hence why you cant find many games.

        • @ekto: So its kind of pointless. No Campaign either.. =/

    • +4

      Seriously the game isn't even properly out yet and your complaining about server numbers?

      • Yeah, it's not good that it isn't set up to account for small numbers, what happens when the numbers eventually dwindle? You're left with a coaster! See Evolve for more info. A multiplayer only game is useless unless they can get everyone into a game no matter what.

        • +2

          You don't understand the concept of it not being out still….. it'll likely sell over a million on each console easily….

          Evolve isn't a great comparison, it was never going to be big.

          The numbers aren't going to dwindle to problem levels for years to come.

  • +1

    Laser 10-Inch Quad Core Tablet any good guys?

  • +2

    Star Wars Complete Saga Blu Ray $60!!! on the weekend

    • +7

      It's not really complete, new movie released next month…

      • +4

        Captain America, why don't you just leave me alone, you're supposed to be saving the world instead you're here trying to save your wallet.

        • +5

          I'm saving your world from an incomplete Saga.

      • +4

        and when you buy force awakens on bluray, the writing on the side of the case won't match up with the rest of the set when you line them up…

        • It's going to be a separate trilogy so it doesn't really worry me.

        • I have a mate this would bug for life. I might buy the set now then the individuals. Is the $$ worth the lolz

  • Does anyone know if Battlefront will come with the Battle of Jakku pre order bonus in the game case, similar to other pre order bonuses? Or is it something that is likely to be printed on a preorder receipt?

    • They all come with it just get it early if pre ordered at certain places

  • Is that a good price for a PS4 controller? I just bought a PS4 and need a second one.

    • +1

      If you don't care for style, then not really. $60 in Target 25% off ebay sale recently.

      • Ok thanks.. i'll wait for the next sale.

  • +1

    Hmm.. pre-ordered for $69 at JB … wonder if I should cancel that one and just get from BigW instead …

    • Yes then use your wish gift cards instead!!

    • +1

      Was wondering that myself or if JB will match it…

      • JB price-matched GTA V when I pre-ordered it for PS3. I hope they still do, but it was $68 when I pre-ordered it so $5 isn't the end of the world.

  • Does anyone know if board games are considered toys for the 20% on the weekend?

    • +1

      should be, it's under toys on their website

  • -1

    Help? pls!?

    OK, so have a ps4 and I am wanting star wars and wanting to play it with a friend in the same house/room
    - is this game suitable for that? can it be played multiplayer offline? can it be played multiplayer online with 2 people 1 console?

    or is it just for one player, online?

    • +1

      Maybe this will help.

      "Supports up to 2 players either in offline split-screen or online co-op modes. Players can work together to complete the campaign mode."


      edit: … weird thing is, Ive been reading there is no campaign mode.

    • It has offline splitscreen where you fight AI. As for online splitscreen, I'm not quite sure. Don't think there is a system link multiplayer at all.

      • "Supports up to 2 players either in offline split-screen or online co-op modes. Players can work together to complete the campaign mode."

        so there is an offline campaign mode?

        • Splitscreen - offline only. Online co-op is playing with one friend over XBL or PSN.

          "Campaign" is not the right term I don't think - There is no actual story I think I remember reading, it's just a survival type mode.

        • My understanding there is an offline "wave" mode… so you basically kill wave after wave of AI enemies that presumably get harder each wave until you finally die/quit.

        • +1
    • lol thanks for the net you legendary piece of work
      I am sure many on here would have found the resulting answer(s) to my question helpful.

  • I wonder if the 3 months Stan deal is stackable? Might make multiple purchases if that's the case!

    • +2

      Not stackable. Only works for new accounts. Of course you could create a new account after the first one expires if the code is still valid.

      • +1

        thanks for the reply..I was able to stack 3 years of netflix with an Optus deal a few months back, might just stick to watching that :-)

      • How does the Stan deal work? I purchased Battlefront from BigW today, didn't seem to get anything about 3 months on Stan.

        • It's a coupon they should give you with the game. Like seperate from the game case. If you didn't get it. Just head in to a big w with ur receipt and they should happily give you one.

  • Good price for Amiibo Festival, will be fun.

  • Frantelle is the worst water. It's like drinking from a pool. Tastes like chlorine.

    • If you're drinking from a pool, its not just chlorine……

      • Then filtered pool water?

      • Exactly.

  • +2

    Woman in my building ordered what looked like 10+ of those 24-packs of water. Saw the delivery guy bringing it up to her on the stairs… she lives on the 4th floor and we don't have an elevator. No soul that [email protected]^#^ has

    • +2

      what a bish

      • I'll say… I'm all for a bargain but that's too far even for me. That bloke deserved a $20 tip at minimum.

        • I'm sure she found a way to 'tip' him ;)

        • +2


          That's cause you don't know her… hahaha

          She's the kind of late 50s-chip-on-the-shoulder-I-know-I-know-better-than-you-so-respect-my-20-cats-despite-being-a-no-pet-strata-but-will-still-make-a-formal-complaint-when-you-take-your-couch-down-15min-after-curfew

          Or "she-devil" for short

        • @educalifa: Invest in some powerful speakers and especially get a subwoofer minimum 100W so that it can penetrate the concrete floors. Cause you're all about that bass and she will enjoy it too.

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