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JB Hi-Fi Online Warehouse Clearance Sale


JB Hi-Fi are having an online warehouse clearance sale. There is no time limit on the sale but assuming its until stock lasts. There are a few things I liked for myself thought i'd share it with everyone.

I have attached the link with this post, hopefully you guys find something good for yourself.

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  • -7

    Terrible website. Tried in multiple browsers to add harddrive to cart, kept just shown greyed out outlay. By the time I figured out that pressing + on the main screen worked it was out of stock. Who designs this crap?

    • +7

      It was already out of stock if it showed the greyed out outlay.

      • +3

        Then there is something seriously wrong with their site when it kept showing that it was in stock. I was trying across multiple browsers, and all said in stock but wouldn't add to the cart from the item's page.

        Schrödinger's website; where items are both in stock and not in stock until you try to order :-)

  • $44 Guitar. Can't see any other bargains

    • perfect timing. Was just in the market for one! cheers

    • +28

      Don't buy a $44 guitar, it'll most likely just ruin any interest you had in it because it'll sound like ass.

      • +2

        ^ I second this. It'll likely sound awful.

      • +1

        beware of the el cheapos as they r crap and go out of tune in a few minutes. stores know this and have at laugh at suckers every time. bring an experienced guitarist with you when you buy. i was burnt b4

      • +19

        But if you've got no intention of playing it, will it look cool in the bedroom?

        • +2

          Probably, until you friends came over and ask you to play

        • +22

          @paradoxez: I can't right now, I have tendonitis in my wrist. It's a common injury among serious pretend guitar players.

      • +11

        The donkey or ass, is a domesticated member of the horse family, Equidae. The wild ancestor of the donkey is the African wild ass, E. africanus.

        Never heard a guitar will sound like ass, must be fun to play it.

        • +5

          Well, you can buy one for $44 at JB Hi Fi.

        • @Saaaaaad: Visited the store and play it, nah it didn't sounds like one

    • +2

      Yamaha C40 is a perfect starting nylon string acoustic. $150

  • +9

    Was every IT item of any interest already out-of-stock at the time the email went out?

  • +4

    Mostly garbage

  • +1

    Bose MIE2i are a bargain at 45 however a few things are selling out fast

    • I managed to get a pair of these when the email came through, pretty pleased. Free shipping too.

      • Me two bought a pair of those and the sennheiser mx271 plus the sony $5 ones. Great deal not sure why so many negs.

  • +1

    JBL SB400 cinema sound bar $169 is good price when HN is selling it for $999
    Edit: al seems out of stock. Don't waste your time deal expires immediately after OP posted it here.

  • Stock level counter is inaccurate and things went out of stock the moment they appeared.

    • I assume it would work similar to a fuel gauge, say for example there is only one pair of headphones in stock, the counter would show full, then when that one pair is no longer in stock, it would say empty.

      I hope this made sense.

      • That does make sense, but that's not how this one works. I guess everything sold so quickly that it couldn't update or in time or wasn't working in the first place.

        • -1

          That doesn't make sense. In e-commerce, there are stock trackers that are updated in pretty much real time whenever stock is sold. Especially for a brand like JB, this would take less than a minute to show on their page.

        • +2

          @DeadlyCords: And most of the stock was gone in a whole minute.

  • There was some awesome deals there for a few minutes (500GB portable drives for $11, 1TB for $25, External Blu-Ray Combo Drive for $10 etc),but it looks like they were snapped up in one shot / very limited stock :(

    • i reckon they had one or 2 of each.

      When i jumped on them, the counter was right to the top, refresh page and out of stock

      Bait and switch lol

      • +3

        What are they making you switch to?

        • Anything else in the sale, retaillers have been done for that any time they've had a sale with basically no stock

        • +1

          The rest of the crap.

        • +4


          I don't know about you or anyone else, but if the item I wanted is out of stock eg. The Xbox, it doesn't make me go "Oh well I'll buy a new kettle and play with it instead". I just close the tab and move on with life.

        • @Ughhh:
          @ $49, it's much cheaper than an Xbox.
          It also has more descriptive words than the xbox.

          Alur Peace & Quiet Silent Boil

        • @rompastompa:

          It was an example….

        • @Ughhh: I realize that, and agree with you.

          I thought it was a good comparison as the kettle was on the clearance list too, so someone may have disagreed with you and looked for an xbox then bought the kettle ;)

        • @rompastompa:

          Yeh true, well hope they don't look too hard for Xbox's, otherwise, the next thing they know is that they just bought 10 new kettles!

        • @Ughhh:

          Yeah, but they still wasted your time, in the hope that someone would buy. It's dishonesty in order to benefit themselves a little while hurting you (and thousands of other people) a little.

        • -1


          This is usually what happens when there's a really good deal. Site crashes, things go out of stock really quickly etc. You win some, you lose some. I remember a couple of years ago there was a deal where a 6 pack of wine could be bought for $4.80 delivered. Took many page refreshes and time to finally get through checkout. Some people got it, others missed out. Would it be a 'bait and switch' for them, just because they missed out?

          Also, if you weren't on the JB Hifi webpage, where else or what else would you be doing? Im guesing on Ozbargain, looking for other crap to buy?

  • +3

    Picked up a Lenovo 10' Yoga tablet $99
    Macbook Air 11 1.4Gz for $898
    Great deal!

  • Very bad prices on cameras compared to last sale

  • https://www.jbhifi.com.au/whitegoods-appliances/kitchen-appl…

    Normally around $79-$99 pretty good deal for $49

    • +1

      page is gone

  • +1

    Got two cameras, ex display, really cheap.

    At least i wont cry if they break.
    Samsung DV300F Dual View Compact Digital Camera (Ex-Display^) - $69
    Olympus TG-320 Tough Camera (Red) (Ex-Display^) - $49

  • Got a leather iPad case for $8.

    This is cheap: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/cameras/Lenses/sony/sony-e-mount-5…

    • ipad mini or ipad air? - you're talking about the apple official ipad 'case' right? if so that was a bargain

  • Does'nt seem like a bad deal 2TB for $69


    • Where is this, cant find. Link broken

  • All the ones i want to buy are out of stock

  • +10

    Horrible deals, every time you'd go to add something to cart, you'd go the cart and it would say it was out of stock, ended up with nothing this sale. Get your shit together, JB Hi-Fi.

    • +1

      yeah it's like winning gold lotto getting one of those good items. There must be very limited stock which is not updated promptly.

  • +4

    Yep. The good ol bait trick from JB lol. I get the email and straight away go to check it out (I was browsing Ozbargain at the time), I see the Logitech UE900 for $150 and go nuts. I click on it and it's no longer in stock :@

    Nothing else on there interests me. Sometimes I wonder whether I should just unsubscribe from their mailing list.

  • +1

    Lots of stuff are ex display. Last time I received a camera and was missing a lens, and product was covered in finger prints.

    • +1

      same experience. I got the camera and was missing the battery…. protective sheet was off in the box. and customer service was non-existence.

      • Yep, I rang around different stores and 1 store (1 hour from my home) said they had the same camera in store and that it was a complete unit. Got to the store and it was missing the same exact lens.

    • Can you get a refund in this case?

      • Yes. I did in my case

    • +2

      i wouldn't touch an ex-display camera with a ten foot pole

  • +4

    Everything showing up, when you click on it, some rubbish about having a happy life. hit refresh, still showing as in stock. Click again, gone. Finally find something not sold out, says heaps of stock, add to cart fails. try other browser, fails, try third browser, fails. hit refresh, all sold out.

    Possible bait and switch. no stock of anything. cant be sold out that quick. possible error with site. Something is dodgy with this sale…

    • -1

      Why are you refreshing so often? Now you know why you missed out…

      • -1

        Riiiiiight. That's exactly why I missed out. Refreshed too often… I'ma gonna stick a pin in that, ok.

        As a network technician, what would be your recommended delay between clicks to yield the best clicks to purchase results?

  • +7

    Used refurbished goods at normal refurbished prices. Where's the deal?

    • +2

      As their slogan goes…. "JB, you've done it again"

      • +2

        Or, "JB, you are f-wits"

  • +1

    Check the surveillance camera prices and this is far more expensive than average prices on ebay including shipping. This is typical Australian sale :)

  • +11

    Pfft… No VCRs.

  • +1

    I've had enough trouble just getting their website to work, over the last few days.

  • +2

    If you are going to have an online clearance, expect the traffic to go along with it. Hopeless.

  • When did u sale started? anyone know?

    • I got the email at 9.01am (Melb)

      • Interesting, I got the email at 9.08am (Melb)… you got a 7-minute headstart on me! Didn't matter anyway, so busy at work today, didn't get a chance to check personal emails until I got home this arvo… there's just some usb cables and some uber expensive camera kits left on sale.

  • picking up kitchen appliance.

  • -7

    Just picked up an Xbox One for $125 :D great sale thanks OP

    • Selling fast

      • +1

        ALMOST SOLD :)

  • +2

    Samsung monitor for $75… but link doesn't work https://www.jbhifi.com.au/computers-tablets/monitors/samsung…

  • Some Dick Smith style practices exhibited by Jb-Hi-Fi here.

  • +2

    Be wary of ex-display and refurb items, and be wary of "new" items as well.

    Look up the previous JB Clearance post. Plenty of people received cameras with missings bits and pieces. So check the packaging and items carefully, and prepare for the potential hassle of going in and getting a refund.

    • Thanks I'll triple check the two cameras bought see if there are missing items

    • Just got mine this morning. The box was beat up and the contents didn't disagree with the box. Missing: charger, manual, warranty card, and cables. Fingerprints all over the place including on optics. The battery was fully charged though, so it can be used as a disposable without a charger lol.

      The return was a hassle at my local JB, but no dramas in the next suburb. But the audacity for them to put $250 ticket for something like that..

      PS: pos kept for the OP, but I'd give triple negs for JB!


  • There were alot of bargain but very limited stock…… still bought 3 items, i wanted to buy external 1TB HDD at $40 ………

  • Is this legit or is JB Hifi just Price Baiting again?

  • +2

    JB substituted a different colour for items bought last time on clearance. Email to support did not elicit the courtesy of a response. Most of the camera gear is current market value (though you do get a warranty). I don't enjoy the JB experience.

  • -1

    Sorry but if their clearance only has 4-5 items then it's not a bargain.

    • -1

      Some people got some great bargains.

      For me decent was sold by the time I received the email. :/

      • -8

        Doesn't matter. As long as I clicked it and is sold out then is not a deal. I have the rights to neg it due to the item I bought is sold out.

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