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SanDisk Ultra Fit USB 3.0 Flash Drive: 64GB $25, 128GB $48 Delivered @ PC Byte


Again, cheapest price anywhere. Limited to one of each per customer, and will be dispatched immediately from PC Byte's Sydney warehouse. Simply apply coupon ARSEFIT at checkout & select free shipping. Enjoy :)


Sandisk 64GB Ultra Fit USB 3.0 Flash Drive $25
Sandisk 128GB Ultra Fit USB 3.0 Flash Drive $48


Sandisk 64GB Ultra Fit USB 3.0 Flash Drive
Sandisk 128GB Ultra Fit USB 3.0 Flash Drive

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    Got excited for a moment and thought it was for a 64 gb sd card, still good bargain though.

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      I got all excited over the coupon code.

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        If you got that recent ARSEPLUG, then you better make sure it is ARSEFIT :P

        That previous deal:

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          Make sure that it's the right size so you have a TIGHTFIT

        • @cpho: If it's too tight then the coupon code ArseReam should help alleviate the tension

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    Great deal. The $48 128gb is even cheaper then the $58 deal from Harvey Norman last weekend.

    EDIT: Just bought one. Free delivery etc. $48 all up.

  • thanks ordered the 64GB

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    God damn it TA. STOP IT!

    You are sending me broke >.<

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    Good price, but this is a TERRIBLE product. The heating issues cause a lot of headaches and is not recommended for prolonged use. Had to return mine back to OW (Thankfully the staff were very helpful in the returns process).

    Overheating is a well known issue with these drives

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      Dont believe this forum. The issue doesnt occur in 5 minutes. Its 5 seconds. Be warned.

    • Works fine in my car storing MP3's. Never had an issue.

      • I guess it depends on what you use it for (or you got VERY lucky). I was trying to use mine to watch movies on my TV screen

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          I can confirm that it gets unusually hot after a short time. I'm a bit worried to use it in case it wrecks my usb slot.

        • Hi steff, We've sold hundreds of these and never had any returned. Are you sure your TV USB port isn't generating a lot of heat and heating the flash drive? We've even just tested these units here in store and they are perfectly fine with no heat issue.

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          @francesca2148: Thanks for the reply Fransesca, but a quick google search will tell you otherwise. I'm currently using this TDK drive on the same setup and hasn't missed a beat since day 1

        • @Circly: here did you get yours from? If its from OW most of the staff are already aware of this and offer a refund straight away

        • @francesca2148:
          I hope there are no issues and I'm sure we will hear about them if there are. Personally I hope that my 128gb does not and I'll make sure people know that there are none if that is the case.

        • @danielh: Thanks for the support. As I've said, we've had no returns and never been made aware of any issues. We've literally sold hundreds, and we stand by all our products as you may be well aware. If you have any problems, we're here to help.

        • @francesca2148:

          If I am able to find my proof of purchase for wherever I got mine from, I'll be your first to do a return I guess. I was going to try and deal direct with sandisk.

          EDIT: Just stumbled on it, from Shopping square :)

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          If you really want to experience the issue, id suggest you try using one yourself. Plug it in, transfer a movie file or something large, and hold the USB. You will be able to feel the temperature rise to a very very uncomfortable level. I suggest removing your hand at this point before it burns. It will cool down quickly, just not as fast as it heats up.

        • @uradox: Good Luck

        • +6

          @ATangk: Testing one unit at the moment, seems to be doing fine. We will be here to help if there are issues =)

        • @ATangk:

          I might be wrong but…if you are holding it with your fingers to test the heat….aren't you contributing largely to the overheating issue? Judging by the size of the usb drive, with enough fingers over it to feel the heat one would have to be covering a significant amount of surface area used to actually dissipate heat. Put your laptop on your bed where the vents are on the bottom the thing could potentially burn your skin.

          I'm not disputing the heat issue as I see it come up all the time when one of these go on sale but I'm just questioning the testing methods of some people. I'm curious enough to buy one for my car for music and see how it goes.

        • -2

          @francesca2148: Not many people bother with return process, did you actually test the product?

        • @Ryugen:
          No, even if you don't put your hand to it, its very noticable when you go to pull it out. It burns your fingers if you try right after copying files.

        • +1


          Hi Francesca,

          I second Steff's comments, and I did in fact buy one of these (16gb version) off your company in the past, and it overheats within about five to ten minutes. I never returned it because frankly, I only use it for my docs and thus don't use it for long periods of time - I can assure you though that your stock is not any different

        • +1

          I used the 32gb version of this drive today - copied a 16gb image of a hdd to it and it got very hot. Not sure if it was hot enough to damage anything, and didn't really think much about it at the time. It's the hottest I've ever felt a usb stick, and in hindsight I probably should have investigated a bit.

        • @francesca2148:
          I bought mine from you guys - and it sure does get hot
          Not sure how worried I am about it for certain uses but I won't leave it permanently in my lappie ike I planned to

        • @danielh:
          Just to let everyone know I got my 128gb USB key yesterday and tested it with copying 40gb of movies across. Took about 70 minutes and I found no issues of excessive heat.

          I had it plunged into my USB extender and I think that was a usb3 port from memory.

          After spending 70 minutes copying, I ejected it for a heat check and it was semi hot but I could easily put it in my hand and press my flesh into it without an issue. The end of the USB key was made of plastic and I think I read that it was metal for others in the Sandisk forums. Maybe they changed the build since the reported issues .

        • @francesca2148:

          Purchased one off you guys and received it yesterday.

          I'm transferring 20gb of data to it over usb2 with the drive in an unpowered hub. It is ridiculously hot, if I manage to get my finger onto the steel portion I can hold it there for about 3 seconds before the pain sets in lol. The issue does seem to be with sustained writes.

          That said, I'll keep it. It should do the job but if you were writing a large amount of data to it constantly I'd recommend against it.

      • +2

        I've got the 16GB version. It doesn't work in my car. It got hot very quickly connecting to my laptop or my mobile phone (through OTC cable).

    • must depend on the luck of the draw. I've had no issues with my 32 GB and 128 GB drives.
      They do get a bit hot.. but I've copied multiple GB at a time with no problems.

    • +3

      I bought 2x 16GB ones and have also found the get very hot very quickly. Plugged it in and I was worried about overheating about 1 min later when I needed to remove it. Good price but would only use it for transfers, not continuous use.

    • I bought one from Amazon last time and it gets so hot that my finger got burnt

      • They do get hot quickly but the one I got from Amazon still works. And I have it plug into my laptop for most of the day.

    • yes they get hot, but "terrible product" is a bit strong

      fwiw, I use mine for all my virtual machine images. so yes it gets a decent workout.

  • +8

    I attempted to ARSEFIT one of these, but it disappeared. Doctor tells me to be vigilant over the next few days, lest it reappear unexpectedly.

    • +1

      go to the airport with some glad bags filled with flour and tell them you have more and need to go to tokyo. they will find it for you really quickly. :)

      • +1

        Bicarb works better than flour…

        • +2

          Cocaine is even better. You don't even need to talk to them, the sniffer dogs come right to you!

  • Thanks OP bought a 64gb!

  • +2

    great deal but i got too many usb hanging around
    off topice: u3 64gb micro sd pleaseXD

  • Thanks just brought a 64 :)

    My concern is the heat issues that i just read about in steff's post….
    If this happens to our units will pc byte refund us? hoping so…

    • You brought a 64 what where?

  • Bought! Thanks OP

  • Looks like it would go missing easily if I bought it.

  • Cheap but not worth taking the risk in my opinion. I'd be worried the heat issues with these drives will cause damage to the USB port.

  • Well done PCbyte.. but i already have USB flash drives up the yinyang.

  • +1

    Any deals on:…

    Looking to pull the trigger on this, hoping something below $80

  • Got it…….thanks OP

  • +6

    I've bought a few of these in the past due to great prices on ozb :)
    Just the other night though I had an experience that will prevent me from ever buying them again.
    This was my facebook post:

    It didn't catch fire though, that was just me caught in the excitement of the moment. It did have the smoldering smell and it did burn the tips of my fingers pulling it out. Fortunatly it didnt damage my new imac, otherwise I would have been smoldering.

    This was after 15 minutes of copying some films to it, to bring it to work the next day. IMHO these things are pieces of shit.

    • Dammit. So cheap.. But not gonna get one now. Don't want to risk damaging my computer

      • +2

        There are reasons why things get so cheap. Reasons like product design flaws.

    • Yeah not quite the same level as uradox, but definitely enough to burn my fingers on the metal. Minutes before that the transfer speed went to almost nothing as well…(I have a PQI one that is almost the same size and it works fine).

      The Sandisk seems ok when you aren't doing large/sustained file transfers to it, but anything more than 5 mins it hangs terribly and gets super hot.

      I have a 128GB from a Amazon deal and 2 x 32GB from HN - So far 128 is the one that gets super hot, haven't used the 32GB's for anything other than boot drives for freenas/OMV etc, but am watching them closely after the incidents on here and around the net.

    • This reminds me of the joke about Murphy's law, where the ten million dollar computer will blow to save the five cent fuse. How much would it cost to replace a usb plug on a laptop? $200? $300? I would say that's the end is the laptop if you don't have other working usb ports. My laptop power supply chord pulled on the plug in the laptop, and that was the end of the laptop.

  • Rep,
    Any deals on SD cards (Sandisk 64GB+)? Need to get some.

  • Anyone know the write speeds on the 128GB model?

  • Is the Sandisk extreme faster in terms of read/write?

    • +1

      For sure. Once you get a Sandisk Extreme you don't really want to use anything less.

  • it heats up less in a usb 2.0 port :)

    • I am actually using my two as boot drives for HP Gen8 Microservers. The internal port is only USB 2 so they don't draw as much power or get as hot, also the port is not enclosed so has better cooling. It was only when I plugged it into a USB3 port for setup that it felt so hot.

  • -3

    Nice code fitting an arse. Nice arse fit

    Not sure why anyone woule neg this

    • +2

      Go read the comment.

  • Coupon code "ARSEFIT" is not valid.

  • +1

    128G model is on sale for US$28 at Amazon for the next 24 hours.…

    • +1

      Plus US$5.05 = US$33 which is equivalent to AU$46.xx. Roughly the same price but with two weeks shipping and maybe harder warranty claim.

  • +1

    I am sure the store rep can beat the Amazon deal too

  • Wanna get one to use as a plug-and-forget TimeMachine backup drive for an MBA but all these heating issues are putting me off :(

    • thats what I was thinking too. son mac air, plug it in and scholl work is never lost like what happened a month ago (air failed, year of school stuff lost)

  • Word of warning: the 128gb version gets so so hot the aluminum/steel can burn your fingers if using alot to the point windows can't detect the device and file transfers fail. .i keep my file transfers limited. ..

    • if its hot enough that it burn you then it is faulty. return it.
      amazon reviews are good, only a couple say hot and sandisk say thats not normal.

      when you say a lot do you mean you use itfor say movies and stream from it for hours - just wondering what people use it for to get hot. I have been looking at one to keep plugged into a mac air for music and backups.
      so music would be playing for a while.

  • +1

    Guess its luck of the draw. My 128Gb 'Ultra fit' gets warm, but no where near 'hot' and especially not hot enough to burn skin or melt anything.
    I've had a 32Gb 'Cruiser' and they never got even warm. Must be the design flaw or increased density of the 'Ultra fits' that cause them to get warm.
    (Edit: Wow. @Uradox That's crazy. Might do some 'rigorous' testing..)
    What was @Francesca2148's results?

    • +2

      Hi Draxxx,

      My unit gets warm, but not 'hot'.
      Warm seems to be normal, as it's been plug in for quite some time during testing?


  • Do these have a hole in them to insert a lanyard so you can carry them on your keyring?

    • Yes they have the hole, but do not provide lanyard. I bought a 32GB a few weeks ago during an eBay sale (wish I'd waited) and use that with a lanyard.

  • When do you put in the code?

    I tried to purchase as a Guest and pay via Paypal and it seemed to want to charge me full price… :(

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