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Xiaomi Mi4C Advanced Edition (3GB RAM 32GB ROM) USD $248.45 (AUD $345.59) @ Everybuying


Seems like Xiaomi has sale for thier products world wide and this is a good reason to buy thier products before christmas.

Everbuying is offering the lowest price for this Snapdragon 808 dragon.

Comparisons are at par.
Have a look here @ I have been following Trinket for a while with his reviews and it seems that 4C is at par with LG G4. https://youtu.be/rI4ZBpRvwII

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    It's a good price but it's currently out of stock (this is a pre-order for the 8th of Dec).

    Even if you assume they actually get all the stock they need on Dec 8th you'd be looking at another 4-8 weeks from then.

    So you'd probably get it late Jan, early Feb if everything goes well. Later if it doesn't.

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    very limited 4G band coverage , no 700 MHz for Telstra or Optus

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      Its very rare cheap asian phones to have band 700. Taiwan's ASUS Zenfone 2 does but that's about it.


      Delayed comment but for comparison: iPhone 5 and 5s don't even support this band (B28, 700mhz). iPhone 6 and above does. This limitation is not a dealbreaker.


    it's on sale because all the new phones are being launched today.

    Redmi Note 3 is out, check the news later on today.

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    Surely that's not actually 32GB of read-only memory.

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      for some reason phone manufacturers seem to get away with calling it READ ONLY MEMORY when thats not even true at all…. go figure

      if it really was a ROM, you wouldnt be able to store and delete stuff off it….. over and over again

      it would be like a CD, read only!