Quest Bars

With Black Friday coming up I was wondering if anyone has scoped any deals on Quest bars?



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    They had 25% off last Cyber Monday so might see the same this year.

    • Man I'm hoping so bad that this happens again! :)

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        I bought some from Coles. $4 EACH.
        And I still ate them both. My gluttony is priceless.

        • They don't have Quest bars at Coles do they??

          Ended up buying a few from the devil (COTD).

        • Yeah I got some from cotd too since they were cheap. But definitely gonna stock up if the cyber Monday deal goes ahead again. Last time I spent $150 or so I think, and it was definitely not enough.



          Sorry Woolworths.

          They had
          - Double Chocolate Chunk (Good but I prefer peanut butter ones - those are DELICIOUS)
          - S'mores (gross - tasted SOOO processed)

          In the health food aisle with vegan bars.

        • @Beethoven:

          Peanut butter ones are heavenly. The cashew one too. Instant quest boner.



          I spent $50 on 2 boxes off iherb and was in love. - Peanut butter + chocolate and Double chocolate.
          They tasted sooo good but not processed so I didn't have that gross feeling the next day.

          I want to try different flavours but don't want to take the risk of buying a box and hating them.
          Hence the absurd $4 charge I paid. And yet I still ate the S'mores one which tasted gross and made me feel ill the next day.

          Any recommendations? Apparently white chocolate and raspberry is pretty good.



          Coconut cashew -
          I will have to try them thank you.

          Initially I wanted to work there hoping for free bars but then thought - no way I would be HUGE.

        • @Beethoven:

          Looking at my last order…

          Chocolate brownie was good (microwave for 15 seconds)

          Apple pie was delicious (microwave for 15 seconds)

          Loved coconut cashew

          Double choc as you said was alright, maybe a bit dry with the chunks in it.

          oh and Peanut butter supreme was fantastic. yum yum



          SO MANY OPTIONS!!!

          * Chocolate Brownie

          * Peanut Butter Supreme

          * Apple Pie

          * Chocolate Peanut Butter

          * Coconut Cashew

          • S'mores - GROSS
          • Mint Chocolate Chunk
          • Cookies & Cream
          • Double Chocolate Chunk
          • White Chocolate Raspberry
          • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
          • Vanilla Almond Crunch
          • Cinnamon Roll
          • Mixed Berry Bliss
          • PB & J
          • Banana Nut Muffin
          • Strawberry Cheesecake
          • Lemon Cream Pie

          • Sampler Sweetened with Stevia & Erythritol - Box of 12

          • 6 Flavor Sample Pack - Box of 12


          Thank you for the tips :)

          I died with the peanut butter and chocolate one. I love nut butter and anything.

          If they made an almond butter and dark chocolate bar I would become 950kgs.

        • @Beethoven:
          Yeah my mate reckons white choc rasp to be his favourite, and my wife loves it.
          All of them are best when grabbed out of my glove box on a warm day.

          Here's my personal ranking, though YMMV:

          Choc Chip Cookie Dough: 10/10
          Cookies and Cream: 9.5/10
          White Choc Raspberry: 9/10
          Smores: 8/10
          Apple Pie: 8/10
          Cinnamon Roll: 7.5/10
          Peanut Butter & Jelly: 7.5/10
          Chocolate Brownie: 7.2/10
          Peanut Butter Supreme: 7/10
          Banana Nut Muffin: 7/10
          Vanilla Almond Crunch: 7/10
          Chocolate Peanut Butter: 6.5/10
          Lemon Cream Pie: 6/10
          Double Choc Chunk: 5/10

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          I LOVE your ranking and the 0.5 differences. SAVED for future purchase decision making!

          How much do you think you have spent on Quest bars to have such a precise evaluation?

        • @Beethoven:

          Haha, I hate to think how many I've eaten! My mate and I generally order together, yet his last him half the time. The greedy bugger has been known to eat 4 in one day!

          I tend to have a mood for different ones, and go through phases. Sometimes there's variation in batches too. The first time I tried Smores I wasn't impressed, but the second had a great variety of textures throughout, though it was a bit fake tasting compared to other flavours.

          I'm always impressed with how well they recreate flavours - eg Banana Nut Muffin, Apple Pie really taste like the real thing.

        • @tazmaniak:

          Yeah if I was eating it for the Macros alone I probably wouldnt be spending the cash but theyre so goddamn delicious. If I have a big supply Ill tend to go through two a day on the return commute to work between meals.

          Usually $150 at a time. But I don't spend money on gym fees (free weights/squat rack at home) so I try and justify it to myself :D

        • @theworks:
          Yeah I spend about the same and have a great gym at work.
          I went on holiday to Europe recently and brought about 12+ bars with me. My wife thought I was crazy but it allowed us to conveniently stave off hunger when on trains and such.
          They all got eaten.

          I recently booked flights and considered just taking Quest bars to eat on the plane. But really, a 10hr flight on Jetstar is brutal enough that I could justify a 'proper' meal.

        • @tazmaniak:

          Oh god I had the s'mores last night. I hated it.

          For sale: 11 s'mores Quest bars.

        • @theworks:
          That sucks you didn't like them. Pop em on gumtree or if you get stuck let me know and I'll buy them, but it's probably not really worth the postage costs.

  • Sales is on guys, get about it!