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Quest Bars - 25% off - Cyber Monday


Hi All,

First time poster.
Quest has their Cyber Monday deal on ATM.
25% off for orders $39-$249
Postage is $14.95.
It's on until 7pm tonight i believe.

If I've left anything out let me know.

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  • So I added $58 worth and got this message "Coupon Not Applied
    To qualify for Cyber Monday discounts you must meet the following criteria:
    Your subtotal must be between $39.99 and $250.00 USD"

    Am I doing something wrong?

    At the top it says "Due to overwhelming demand, Quest Protein Powders are not eligible for Cyber Monday discounts. We'll make it up to you with a future Powders sale very soon - promise!
    Cyber Monday's discount requirements:
    Available only on orders between $39.99 and $250.00 USD
    Free shipping only available for US customers (discount available to all countries)"

    I havent added protein powder..

  • I did tests the other day and shipping was $25 per box. 5 boxes $125 shipping, ten boxes $250 shipping. Anyone getting the same/different results?

    Edit: it has been fixed, $14.95 shipping. 5 boxes for about $94 shipped.

    • Keep in mind it's $US.

      Compared to iHerb, it works out to be about $5 cheaper per box. iHerb is incredibly fast and reliable shipping however.


      • You might get greater % off with iherb, but they don't stock s'mores yet.

        On that note though, anyone ordered directly from Quest before? How long does shipping take to Aus?

        • My mate and I buy from iherb all the time and split the shipping. The last order was placed on Thursday night and arrived on Tuesday.

        • @ebosh: Yeah, iherb is amazing for how fast they ship. I experience similar shipping times (using DHL). But I'm wondering how long shipping takes direct from Quest.

  • Are quest bars better or rxbars?

    • Never tried rxbars… sound tasty. Should be easy to make at home though

    • Never tried. Completely different product though. 12g of protein vs 20. A lot less fibre. Higher sugar. Higher carb. Rx fit in the category of 'food bar' while Quest is a 'protein bar'.

    • RX you could make yourself with a blender at home easily. Chuck everything in a blender then roll them into runball sized balls in coconut. BOOM!


      Dates, Egg Whites, Figs, Almonds, Unsweetened Coconut, 100% Chocolate, Natural Coconut Flavor.

    • Quest has low net carb content, excellent for low carb diets.

    • rxbars don't seem to offer anything special, Woolworths also sell bars made from "dates" you could just buy these and mix them with some protein.

      I'm curious about what diet you are on that allows you do have so much sugar, even if it is natural sugar. These bars are basically sugar + egg whites

  • 5 boxes for $108USD shipped.

    • Shipping for
      up to 10 boxes should be $14.95
      up to 20 boxes should be $29.90

      Discount will only apply for maximum of 10 boxes though

  • this is indeed a good deal if you're looking for quest bars
    HOWEVER, there is alot of controversy surrounding the health claims of the manufacturer (particularly in regards to how they classify the fibre and carbohydrate content) which put me right off making a purchase the other day.

    it would be much more preferable to get your protein from whole food sources, but failing this, from a protein powder as minimally processed as possible.

    • I'll check that out. I've been eating Quest bars for years and have often wondered myself about the Carb/Fibre calims

      • Running incredibly sciencey tests, I have confirmed the fibre content. (My poop is fluffy).

        As I understand it though (will read more of the article), some guy has laid the claim, requiring no proof that his claim is true.

    • Inasero, whey protein is a whole food source. It generally has better bio availability than most so called 'whole food' proteins. It is a by product of cheese manufacturing. Would you say milk, cheese, cottage cheese, etc are not whole food sources? I'm sick of gullible people like yourself dragging whey protein through the mud.

      • woah calm your tits bro, i was just saying its preferable to get it from whole sources
        of course i wouldn't discourage people from taking whey protein if they're finding it difficult to reach their macros

      • Also for me, I like bars for their ease of storage/taste and transporting them.

        Often I won't be home for the entire day, but might workout in the middle of the day, a bar is an easy and cheap way to get some protein, go ahead and find a palatable and cheap form of protein that you can store without preparation in a backpack for half a day.

      • so many bro's

    • Victory Bars have been recommended in place of Quest Bars I believe (similar macros):

      They are currently going for CYBERMONDAY 2 For one special here at

  • Has anyone tried the new S'mores flavour? I order 4 boxes of them… I'm expecting they'll be chocolatey with some crunch inside…

  • Your order has been received.


  • Normalish price, you can get it from iHerb for the same sort of money anytime, only a few dollars cheaper for cyber monday. iHerb shipping is also cheaper!

    The chips are delicious

    • Iherb 5 boxes @$26.78= $133.90-10% = $120.51+ $9 shipping = $129.51USD shipped.

      Vs $108USD shipped.

      Yes DHL vs UPS, but at the moment you can get 6 boxes on sale vs 5 from iherb for the same price. So pretty debatable it's a normalish price and only a few dollars difference.

  • I'm getting AUD 65 for 2 boxes delivered and 1x smores bar… works out to about $2.60 per bar.

  • Can anyone please rank the flavours they've tried? I want to try some more but hard to justify spending $100+ on protein bars, haha.

    So far my rank is:

    Choc Chip Cookie Dough: 10/10
    Cookies and Cream: 9.5/10
    White Choc Raspberry: 9/10
    Vanilla Almond Crunch: 7/10
    Double Choc Chunk: 6/10

    I'm keen to try Mixed Berry Bliss, Banana Nut Muffin, Apple Pie, maybe Coconut Cashew.

    Please let me know asap so I can place an order. PS. I know taste is totally subjective.

    • Peanut Butter Supreme owns all. ………….. IMO and I've tried all flavors except Smores

    • For some reason I prefer the taste of Strawberry Cheesecake and Mixed Berry Bliss over all the chocolate ones.

    • Banana Nut Muffin 7/10 - taste exactly like its name with real banana taste
      Coconut cashew - 2/10 - doesn't taste strongly of either more like just solid coconut oil taste and plastic texture edible but not enjoyable

      • Ended up ordering a few boxes, and a pile of single bars. It still gave me a bulk bar discount, similar to buying the 12 sample pack.

        Can't believe I just spent near $200 on protein bars… but at least I saved $58!
        /OzBargain logic.

    • LOVE the ones with "bits in them":
      Cookies and Cream (personal favourite)
      Choc Chip Cookie Dough
      White Choc Raspberry
      Double Choc Chunk

      Really enjoy:
      Lemon Cream Pie
      Peanut Butter Jelly
      Peanut Butter Supreme (very similar to Jelly, but less sweet)

      Good, but won't order a full box again:
      Strawberry Cheesecake
      Mixed Berry Bliss
      Chocolate Peanut Butter
      Banana Nut Muffin

      Good, but won't order again:
      Vanilla Almond Crunch
      Coconut Cashew

      Doubt I will ever order a full box:
      Apple Pie

      Got S'mores on order. Being that it has "bits", I'm sure I will love it.

      • Yeah I love ones with chunks, but found the double choc ones I received had no chunks, and were really salty.

  • Does discount work for the chips?

    EDIT: Dammit they don't ship to Aus

  • Thanks OP! Bought 5 boxes!
    Saved $30USD. Great value.

  • idk man 2.60 per bar seems expensive, i can get cherry ripe for a dollar each at 7/11.

  • So done.

  • Really wanted to try S'mores so got that and the Double Chocolate Chunk.

  • Missed this - will try shoot them an e-mail and try my luck

  • Contacted Quest - got the discount 25% ;)